Rare and Reverential Pink Diamonds

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  • Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Rare and Reverential Pink Diamonds

In the world of diamonds, pink diamonds create its stanchion as the evasive nature of pink tints makes it a compact wealth on this planet. Diamonds with pink hues sporadically appear in Argyle Mine, as it is the only mine that supplies almost 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. Although these charismatic pink diamonds too appears in the mines of Brazil, Russia along with India.




Moreover, the produce of Argyle Mine is finest, the color saturation or so-called scale of the gem has no match. Pink Diamond speculates as a special gem and furthermore get a regal treatment from the jewelers and dealers for its top quality. The oddity of the pink diamonds labels them as awe inspiring. Pink diamond in the chronicle of the diamonds world contemplates as one of the most valued colored precious nugget. The annual yield of the pink diamonds represents 0.03% among other colored diamonds. The exceptional pink always holds an upper hand, when comes to the value of other colored diamonds, whether white, blue, yellow, orange or green.


pink diamond


 Top quality of pink diamonds was used in an exposition held in London to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee in 2012. In today’s modern world, the desirability, as well as enticement of pink diamonds, is reflected in the spiraling prices they pull off in auction rooms around the globe. They festoon the prices as in Hong Kong on 7 October 2014; the highest price is paid per karat. The flawless moreover fancy pink diamonds set a standard pricing for other vivid diamonds as well as the unusual tints of purple-pink engenders this diamond highly covetable. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded pink diamonds pristine for their unusual tints.  

pink diamond

Furthermore, the degree of purity is reviewed unblemished as top companies make out these precious pink diamonds from 19.54 karat rough to maximize the intensity of the color of the final cut. The craziness for these stunning pink diamonds are increasing day by day as jewelers on a continuous basis are breaking all previous bidding records. Today they are too termed as the "Graff Pink". Pink diamonds are the crystal heart as emerald-cut pink diamonds are likewise luring the luminary. The desirability can be judged from the incidence of the year 2012, when the record-breaking sale of the pink diamond ring of 9.00 carats was made (by Christie's of New York) at auction in America.  




Pink diamonds are the foremost preference of the world’s wealthiest, from Queen Elizabeth to the sultan of Arabs to the stars of Hollywood. The Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lopez's choses 6.00 karat pink diamond ring for her engagement. Anna Kournikova's a tennis player too chooses pink diamond ring for her engagement. The curiosity of this gem in ladies has raised a bar of jewelry preferences. Queen Elizabeth II is one of the greatest jewelry collectors and lover of diamonds. The mounting rarity of pink diamonds too adds allure, but if talk about color, tone and saturation are everything. Colors vary from candy floss (cotton candy) pink to rich crimson jam tints. Vivid tones at the end of the color spectrum makes pink hues as the most expensive because more intense the color more valuable the stone. The three most important factors that determine value is color, saturation as well as the intensity.

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