PICK Feng Shui playful colors to create a healthy kitchen

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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PICK Feng Shui playful colors to create a healthy kitchen


The kitchen is that part of your house that satisfies the appetite of the entire family. It is a place that brings kin together and contributes to creating a rejoicing aura around the dining table. Colors not only bring life to your colorless life but too to the kitchen area. The grandeur of colors when used or applied according to Feng Shui adds meaning to desolate areas of your lovable and charming house.

There are a lot approaches to cater to color in your life and kitchen, but the thing is how will you come what or which color suits you, your kitchen as well as your home. In Chinese culture, Feng shui holds great importance and the colors are selected as per the Bagua Chart. The location of the Kitchen in a house tells which color to choose to make your living peaceful or can say bringing euphoria in your life. Bagua is often mentioned as the Feng Shui energy map that serves to beget glee in the inner soul along with the spirit.


There are two types of Bagua one is traditional and was employed by the Chinese antecedents, and another one is Western feng shui Bagua also regarded as BTB. To explain the functioning or principles of both the styles, they can be specified as the readings of two different schools with the same theme but with different access. The choices of the color may vary in both the approaches but the effect is the same.

 At this juncture, I am sharing some tips to choose the color for your kitchen no matter that Bagua proposition it will follow that will benefit you for sure.

A kitchen is a place that platter you with the feeling of appeasement as well as attaining gratification instantly. Thus, sit down and calmly think of the direction that you want to in a kitchen area. You should too define the Feng Shui energy map of your home and select the color for your kitchen accordingly, irrespective of the Bagua school you wish to follow.


If you have decided to furnish your kitchen in the South Area of your home then as per the Feng shui Bagua area, this region specifies Fame and reputation. Center top is speculated as to the Western Bagua area or say location. If your kitchen is in the south direction of your house, then it is contemplated as one of the most auspicious places in Feng Shui. The Fire Feng Shui Gemstones and colors in addition to element energy work well in this region.

The kitchen situated in the south direction demands fiery and wild colors ranging from intense red to sunny yellow or the prepossessing dusk orangish color. The bold and beautiful vibrant colors evoke the positive energy in the aura and platter liveliness in addition to the feeling of fulfillment in the spirit. Apart from the bright, vivid colors wood elements including gemstones can be used. Colors like Green and Brown symbolize the wood energy and is considered best for using in the kitchen area or painting your kitchen walls. SAY BIG NO TO COLORS LIKE BLUE AND BLACK they are not good to be used in the south area.


If you choose the South-West area for your kitchen, then as per the Bagua Chart of Feng Shui the area denotes love and marriage. Love and Marriage are the top right corner of the house as per Western Bagua Chart. Now, according to the Chinese tradition Southwest region of the house is adjudged good and prosperous. Generally speculated as to the area for Love and Marriage, it is placed for earth elements, but fire elements provide a nourishing effect on the earth elements so while choosing colors one needs not to worry if wished to choose bright colors. Bright hues include various tones of red and yellow. Further, girls who love pink can choose pink as a hue for their kitchen walls.  Purple and orange shades go well with this area of the house or in your kitchen located in this area. Earth elements such as brown and green colors or décor items are excellent to use here.

AVOID USING WHITE, GRAY, BLUE AND BLACK in the Kitchen located in the SOUTHWEST direction.


If you wish to create your kitchen in the West direction then handle things with little care as this area in feng shui is related to Children & Creativity. According to Western Bagua culture, this region is regarded as the mid-right area of the house.

As mentioned above, if you wish to set up your kitchen in the west direction of the house then you need a little attention and handle things with little care. Using fire elements in this area can weaken the energy of metal energy. Thus, it is advisable to use earth element colors such as White, Gray or other earthy tones as kitchen walls or as kitchen decors.



Northwest direction needs extra care and attention if desired to organize your kitchen in this location of the house. As indicated this location according to Feng Shui is related to blessing and the feeling of compassion as well as the sense of serving others. Western Bagua state this location as the lower right area of the house. The combination of North and West to form the North-West corner or region covers the metal energy, so it requires using more of the earthy tones and the earth elements. Colors like white and gray works well in this region.

AVOID FIREY AND WATERY COLORS in The North-West region of the home


If you prefer the North area of the house for your Kitchen, then frankly speaking it is not the choice as you have to manage Feng Shui colors in a proper way and artistically. In traditional Feng, Shui keeps this area for Career & Life Path and as per Western Bagua, this region is assessed at the lower center of the house.

The kitchen located in the north area needs to balance the energies of the colors along with the elements. Keeping the Water element in this area is the best selection, as it proffers happiness in the aura. Using Blue, black, gray and white colors along with the colors of the fire element helps to attain balance, strength as well as health. Using the Metal element to balances the throbbing energies of the north area.

Northeast is the area of Spiritual Growth & Cultivation according to Feng shui Bagua and a lower left location of the Western Bagua. If you think to set up your kitchen in this area, then it’s a nice option as well as the same as choosing the Southwest area for your kitchen. Both the areas share the same element energy, i.e., earth element. You can make your kitchen bright and lively by using bright tones such as red, yellow and orange.

AVOID BLUE, BLACK, WHITE as well as GRAY in The Northeast direction of your house.


East area is good but while selecting the color, you need to take care of, as too much of blazing, glaring and bright colors because too much bright colors can disturb the balance of the Wood element. As per feng shui, this area denotes Health & Family and the Western Bagua shows it a mid-left region of the house. AVOID using too much Fire element hues in addition to décor, USE Feng Shui Earth elements like green, light blue and brown. The white color is too a strict NO.

The kitchen in the Southeast Area works and needs attention the same as a kitchen placed in the East direction, as both these areas of the house share the same energy, i.e., the energy of the Wood Energy. In the cultural and traditional Feng Shui Bagua, this area is related to Wealth & Money as well as according to Western Bagua it holds top-left location or direction of the house. Filling the space or walls with the Wood element and decors are the best choice. Use the charismatic tones of the light blue to bring peace in life. Decorate your kitchen with colorful fruits, vegetables or with herbs and flowers to attract abundance too.

Small tips are feasible and viable to use as well as magnetizing peace, opulence, and riches in life.

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