Know the angel of Adversity and save self from the misfortunes, heartaches

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Know the angel of Adversity and save self from the misfortunes, heartaches

mansema bogaboo


According to the Jewish mythology and the book of Jubilees, Mastema is an angel who is speculated to persecute the evil. He is an angel that is contemplated to test the faith of the souls on the powers of the cleric. He too carries out the punishments for God as well as in the ‘The Damascus Document’ also known as the Zadokite Fragments acknowledged Mastema as an angel of disaster.  Further, in the narrow sense of Qumran Caves Scrolls, the dead sea scroll likewise portrayed the character of this potent angel as the father of all evils.

In the ancient scripts, Mastema too regarded as the flatter of God. Mastema first comes in the scene or appearance in the narratives of the  Second Temple Period. In the epitome of the Hebrew, the word mastema represents hostility and abhorrence. An angel of enmity, Mastema assessed as the head of the demons effectuated by the fallen angels with women. It is clearly mentioned in the Jubilees that mastema tests he humans with the permission of the cleric and exercise his power.

In the sayings of the Bible and Quran, Mastema asks the cleric to test the faith of the Abraham on the powers of the god. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Issac if he truly believes the God. When Abraham gets ready to forfeit his son Isaac, Mastema stands in God's attendance but at the last moment stops him.

According to the Christianity, Mastema is Known as ‘Satan’ who works under the clerics’ command and fulfill his orders. In the ancient traditions and the holy books describes God as a soul who too possess human-like deeds or emotional behaviours. Like humans God likewise portrays love and affection in addition to the hostility, vengeance as well as envy. Furthermore, people too believe God as an autocrat who wish masses to adore and worship him. It is too believed that he sends his demons to create the vibes of fear in the intellect and heart of the multitudes and Mastema is one of his demons. But according to the monotheistic religion, Judaism and the book of the Jubilees, it is revealed that Mastema helps the Pharaohs and the Egyptian wizards to stand up against prophet Moses in Egypt.




As per the modern Christianity, it is explicitly stated that an angel, Mastema often known as ‘Satan’ is a dynast of the creator. Further, it is deemed that Mastema follows the clerics rule and punish those people who do not work according to his ‘lords’ plan.

It is pondered that Mastema asks the god to keep some evil spirits to check the beliefs of the humans. When God agreed to his request, the with the god’s permission he kept the one-tenth of the demon spirits to check the faith of people.

Mastema is speculated as an angel; they are the light, the spirit that guides the human souls to choose the right path. Further, they act as a friend at the time of stress. Since ages, angels are considered real and have a strong foothold in every religion.

We humans often think how they act as a friend we even don’t know them, their role in our life. But the creator of the universe has gifted a unique gift to connect with them as well as communicate to get their assistance. The gift is gemstones as their reverberating energies facilitate the communication.

The energetic vibes help to soul to reach the meditative state that contribute in realizing the importance of angel in he life. Moreover, the colors that proffers the color rays that attract the angel and make the communication or connection easier.

An angel, Mastema too acts as a friend who protects the soul from the misfortunes of the life.

Moreover, the power of Mastema likewise aid in choosing the right path, believe in the potential of the cleric and have patience.

Violet is the color that attract Mastema much. Thus, gemstones holding the violet color or rays are preferred to communicate with this angelic spirit

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