Interesting Facts about Yellow Gemstones

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Interesting Facts about Yellow Gemstones

Yellow gemstone jewelry has its own amazing charm! It does not only give a beautiful look to any woman but it also fills your attitude and personality with a bright perspective leading to positivity and optimism. While you might be planning to buy a new set of yellow gemstone jewelry or must be already enjoying flaunting its lovely beauty, we wish to share some interesting facts related to yellow gemstones. So here we go!

Gemstones by Color – Gemstones are often classified by colors. Every color of gemstone tells its own tale. For example, white hue defines purity and peace, pink defines delicacy and feminism, purple defines aristocracy and so on. Similarly, the yellow colored gemstones reflect vividness and cheerfulness. 

Yellow Gemstones and their Meanings – When it comes to talking about the yellow gemstones and their meanings, there is amazing information available for the same! Let us begin by saying that yellow gemstones symbolize:

  • Positivity
  • Joy
  • Poise & confidence
  • Energy
  • Clear expressive power

The yellow gemstones communicate with the ‘Solar Plexus’ which is the third Chakra. These gemstones are finding high popularity as they are considered good for luck, health, and wealth.

Yellow Gemstones List – Though you can come across many beautiful and gorgeous looking yellow stones and crystals, some of the most famous names in yellow gemstones list include the following:

  • Amber
  • Jade Yellow 
  • Sapphire (Yellow)
  • Fire opal (Yellow)
  • Diamond (Yellow) 
  • Citrine 
  • Chrysoberyl (Yellow) 
  • Topaz (Yellow) 
  • Zircon (Yellow) 
  • Tourmaline (Yellow)
  • Golden Beryl
  • Garnet (Yellow)

Yellow Gemstones – Some Important & Interesting Facts

  • Yellow Topaz Fact – The word ‘Topaz’ hails from the Sanskrit language and it means fire. Though the stone is found in many colors, the most popular hue for the same is yellow.
  • Yellow Sapphire Fact – When it comes to durability, we all talk about diamonds. But do you know that yellow Sapphires stand just next to diamonds in terms of durability. 
  • Sort out your health issues – Using yellow gemstones, you can sort out many health problems. For example, yellow Citrine is considered very effective for resolving issues related to digestion and kidneys. Also, Amber is a wonderful option for people who are going through the recovery phase after being sick. The stone provides coziness and also fills the patient with a positive energy.
  • Improve your will power – If you want to strengthen your will power and self determination, you can use yellow citrine. It will also invite success in your life.
  • Provides protection – Yellow gemstones are also loved and respected for the reason that they are believed to provide protection from any sort of negativity. For example, Jade and Citrine (yellow) are two famous names which are used since ancient times for getting protection from evil forces.
  • Improves your self confidence – Using yellow gemstone jewelry, you can enhance your confidence level. Converting your negative thoughts into positivity, these lovely stones fill you with optimism so that you feel more confident than before!
  • Let you feel stronger and energetic – There are times when we feel lack of energy. We also wish to get stronger while facing various situations of life. At such times, you can use yellow tourmaline that provides you essential energy and strength. 

Keep enjoying and flaunting your enchanting yellow gemstone jewelry along with all the above beneficial facts!

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