Heart Chakra Meditation And Healing Techniques

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Heart Chakra Meditation And Healing Techniques

We cannot live without love, compassion, and beauty. These are as essential to life as oxygen. Without love, the world would seem incomplete, everyday a daze and every moment a burden. According to traditional Hindu belief, the fourth energy node in the human body directs and balances the heart. Known as the heart chakra or Anahata, it is the reason why we feel emotions of love and compassion. There may be many instances when life may seem to be a burden and energy levels may be low. It is at times like these that the heart chakra truly shows its powers and enriches us not just emotionally but also physically and spiritually. The meaning of heart chakra indicates that this energy node has incredible power to put our life back on track, to focus our heart to do things compassionately and to love fiercely. 

It is because of heart chakra that we have the capacity to love, to let go of our ego for our loved ones, to experience unconditional love, to forge a bond that is unbreakable, connecting to the higher self spiritually, appreciate the beauty in everything and build and maintain meaningful relationships. It is also the fourth chakra that works as a link between the upper and lower chakras. It is the integration point that connects our needs to involve both in earthly matters and spiritual endeavors. 

Heart Chakra Meditation

There can be numerous occasions when your heart feels heavy and you may be in an emotional turmoil. It is at such times that you need to sit back and put your heart right back to track. Meditation is one of the best techniques to calm and relax your heart. Meditation helps in healing problems related to the heart. Meditating every day helps not only to help the heart calm down but to also become aware of your emotions. You can reflect better when you meditate. 

One of the main purposes of meditating is to open the heart chakra. Opening the heart chakra helps you to, first understand your needs, and then meet them. It enables you to love yourself and others around you better. With regular meditation, you can take complete control of your emotions and be less frightened by them. You will also learn to accept and move ahead in life. 

But there is more to meditation then just healing the heart chakra. In fact, an opened heart chakra helps to balance all the other chakras. In time you will find yourself in a better state mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Other Healing Techniques for Aligning the Heart Chakra

Apart from meditation, you can also make use of other healing techniques that will help balance your heart chakra. Some of the heart chakra healing stones that work to align the heart chakra far better include clear quartz, pink quartz, jade, and green calcite. 

You can also regularly wear heart chakra jewelry so that you are always at ease and well-balanced. 

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