Experience the top 8 powerful gemstones used in Feng Shui since ages

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Experience the top 8 powerful gemstones used in Feng Shui since ages

Improve your energy with the aid of eight potent gemstones that are utilized in the Chinese tradition since long times. The world of gemstone seems to be fascinating and when integrated with the Feng Shui culture, it adds weight to the vigor of the gem nuggets.


The resonance of the vivacity of the Feng Shui gems and their style of working assist the soul in attracting the energies of their use. Further, release the rest in the surrounding for creating a protective aura all around.

 They too fortify as well as clear the personal energy field of every soul by obliterating the pessimistic vibes from the inner and the outer spirit.

Colorful Butterfly Brooch

In the Feng Shui culture, gemstone plays a vital role due to their specific properties. The tones of the stones are regarded as their ability to proffer protection, love along with the grounding energies to soothe the inner psyche.


Multitudes of the East usually follows the Chinese tradition due to the influence of Chinese culture. People often use Jade amulets, wu lous made up of jade gem and money frogs in addition to the mandarin ducks made up of rose quartz.

pulseira couro bracelet femme black lava stone

All these things symbolize the sway of the Chinese inheritance, but the most interesting things is people of West too realize the power of Feng Shui and the gemstone energies associated with it.

 Today, aside from the artifacts as mentioned above, there are many other beautiful objects to employ the potency of the Feng Shui along with the gemstones.

Sweet Smelling Butterfly Colorful Crysta -Brooch

The vitality of both works effectually in space as well as enhance the energy of the surrounding aura to attract the positive vibes and the life serene and prosperous to live.



 Feng Shui jewelry not only brings enhance your attraction but likewise helps to accomplish the desires of the life. Thus, the beliefs of the ancient Chinese masses in the classical gem nuggets are generally used to augment the Feng Shui force. In the ancient Chinese culture some conventional gemstones that not only affect the current situation but too turns it to bring positivity and riches in the span of life. 

feng shui

Using the stone affiliated with the feng shui at houses or office makes a big difference to your live and your lifestyle. So, enjoy the potency of eight gem nuggets that speculated most potent in the Chinese tradition.


Clear Quartz

First and foremost feng shui potent gemstone is Clear Quartz that offers a variety of expertise in the spirit. Recognized for its versatility, Clear Quartz is contemplated to perform a mixture of tasks at a time. It can be contemplated like rooting out the negativity, clearing the energy blocks, shielding the soul from the evils as well as the intensification of the energy domain. The reverberating energies of the stone too attract love and release the feeling of anxiety and fear from the spirit to lead a calm life. Furthermore, it is acknowledged for its ability to render happiness and colors of love in the life. It too brings abundance in addition to the light that enthrall the inner world.


clear quartz

The definite vibes of the Clear quartz activate the latent energies of the office or the home and bring cheerfulness along with the opulence of the life. The interior decorators too use this potent stone due to its clear image and the clean but vibrant vibes that suit every surrounding to cater the tranquility in the living. It too aids in letting go of the tension from the aura along with the intellect keep up a calmness.

clear quartz

Clear quartz too brings freshness in the life, thus best to use as doorknobs, candleholders to soothe the hotness of the candle and a coffee table embellishments to convey bliss in the conversation. When worn as a jewelry gem nugget, it magnetizes love by enhancing your attractiveness and appeal.

clear quartz

According to the Chinese custom, it is placed in the area where the want for fresh vibes arises as its energies are crisp and clear. The clear vivacity of this enthralling gem boulder fetches the delight of the sunlight in addition to the coolness of the fresh water. When placed in the office or home area consider the Bagua Chart to enhance the efficiency of the particular field and draw the zeal from the surrounding.



The vibrancy of the stone is stable enough to make your soul restless. Thus, it is suggested to not to keep the crystal close to your bed or in the bedroom area.

clear quartz

The second most popular gem boulder that is used in the Chinese tradition is considered as the Rose Quartz that conveys love in the life.


Rose Quartz

The vitality and the exuberance of the Rose Quartz are appraised to cater the softness of the pink in the animation as well as the softness of the rock in the halo. It too infuse the loving and compassionate feeling and exert a pull to draw sweet love in the life.



 Furthermore, the energies of the stone too regarded to heal the distressing emotions and the hurtful heart. The verve of the Rose Quartz soothes the upsetting emotions and wipes away the nuisance of the past from the present life.

It too clears the feeling of disappointment along with the negativity that has closed the heart to accept the new love. Further, since ages it is speculated as the master healer in the matter of love and romantic affairs. It bings back the lost lovee and zest in life as well as release the clutched feelings that caters pain in the present situation. It too helps the soul to understand the real self, value the self and love the self. The reverberating energies of the pink-hued Rose Quartz directly work on the heart and pulls out the harmful to infuse the positive vibes to cherish the moments of life again.

The constant flow of the vibes that radiates love all around makes this nugget a proficient Feng Shui gem to evokes love.


Thus, as per the Feng Shui tradition the artifacts made up of Rose Quart is kept in the bedroom of the newlyweds or the couples. It enhances romance and the romantic vibes while making love, it should be held in the direction according the Bagua chakra. Tumbled Rose Quartz, heart-shaped rose quartz or two mandarin ducks made up of Rose Quartz is used to infuse the zeal in the love relationships. Moreover, this captivating gem is appraised as a symbol of the committed love.


Third widely used and most popular gemstone in the Feng Shui culture is reviewed as amethyst.



It is evaluated as a gem nugget that evokes the spiritual knowledge of the soul as well the dark violet tints of the stone makes it a proficient gem of demonstration. It too provokes the hidden meditative skills to connect with the energies of the cosmos.


 Apart from purifying the inner and the outer soul, it too holds the propensity to cleanse the energy of the surrounding aura that magnetize the spiritual experience. It likewise augments the ability of the meditation as well as feel the exuberance of the religious experiences.

The color intensity of the stone varies from light mauve tint to cerulean, and each hue is known to express its distinct presence and expertise.

Hence, in the Chinese tradition the play of amethyst colors plays a substantial part in the healing procedure. The vibrant vibes of the stone help to transmute the negative energies into positive to attain the highest meditative state as well as fetch peace in the intellectual torso to lead a calm life. The powerful energies of the varied colors of the Amethyst grounds the free energies of the soul and poise the spiritual power to connect with the light energy of the cleric.



It is a stone of personal growth and the enhancement of the personal strengths to know the real self. So, according to the Feng Shui tradition it should be kept in the Spiritual Cultivation area according to the Bagua.

The fourth most amazing and the powerful gemstone used in the Feng Shui is Jade.



Jade is judged as the most vibrant stone in he culture of the China, since ages it is looked upon as the magnificent gem nugget that not only heals the issues but too draws opulence in the spirit.

In the history of China, masses use this gem as jewelry to enhance their beauty as well as attract auspicious moments in the life.

Moreover, it is used as the money frogs that attracts wealth and laughing Buddha to magnetize everything positive in the span of life.



The soothing vibes of the appealing Jade renew the lost verve as well as revitalize the chirpiness in the spirit by obliterating the subdued energies from the inner soul. The greenish tints of the Jade too harmonize the forces that help to balance the overall torso within the atmosphere. It is predisposed to hold the vigor of the wise woman who is loving, happy as well as accepted of the optimistic energies.

jade earrings

In the Feng Shui, the profound and vivacious green tints of the Jade pondered perfect to bring health and wealth in the spirit. The Bagua chart explains the area, where this captivating gem nugget needs to be kept, generally it is placed in the Money & Abundance area. The different colors of the stone contemplated to be used for the solving the diverse purposes of the life, like blue hued jade is kept in the career direction to get growth in the career.

Brown tinted jade is reviewed to attract the blessing f the elderly people as well as it too proffers the ability to help people. A charismatic fifth stone that holds the energetic vibes that make the life lively so is widely used in the Feng Shui to keep the firm check on the evil and the evil energies.


Tigers Eye

A master protector, it is a stone that transmutes the off-putting energies into the sanguine energies and makes the soul feel lively, protected as well as balanced.


The alluring stone aside from proffering the protecting guard too nourish the soul and makes the soul vibrant and stable.


It is too pondered as the grounding gems that links the energies of the soul with that of the earth, thus in feng shui it is kept in the earth direction.

The Bagua circle describes the area that nourishes the life as well as brings fortification. According to Feng shui tradition, it is too kept in the creativity area to augment the creative skill of the children. Further, in the field of love and marriage to protect the couple from the evil’s eye.



Pyrite is the Sixth most adorable stone that makes the life opulent, thus contemplated as the famous feng shui money cure.

Often speculated as the fool’s gold, it is a gem that caters money in the life in addition to the prosperity.

brown pyrite ammonite

The zips of this enthralling gem nugget improve the energy of the office or home area to attract riches along its positivity.

 Pyrite too brings optimistic vibes in the office premises as well as the discipline to attain the goal in time. The grounding energies of the stone too regarded to guard the inner soul.

brown pyrite ammonite


The gold color makes this boulder a stone that brings a potent reflection of the metal Feng Shui element.

 As per Chinese tradition and Bagua chakra, it is kept in the Money & Abundance area of home or office. Further, it is proved beneficial for the masses ho have Water or Metal element as a feng shui birth element

Seventh Most fabulous stone, Carnelian to bring warmth and wisdom in life.



In the Chinese culture and Feng Shui, it is highly regarded and loved for its proficient abilities to heal the troubles as well as bring wisdom in the spirit.


The earthy vibrations along with the nourishing vibes help the soul to express self clearly as well as infuse the optimism in the life.

The yellowish-orange tints of the stone assure to imbue the calming vibes in the inside torso to make the soul vibrant and happy.



The potent energies of the stone help to strengthen the power of the individual. Moreover, it too activates the physical energy as well as the first and second chakras harmonize the free, unused energies of the inner soul.

Carnelian is too predisposed to harmoniously blends the vivacity and powers of the fire and earth. Furthermore, the blend o energies offer the advantage to the Bagua areas of Personal Growth & Spiritual Cultivation as well as Love & Marriage area.



Eight but the most dexterous stone, Ammonite is known for its unique qualities in the Feng Shui culture.



Ammonite can neither be conceived as a gem boulder or a crystal, but still in the list of fan Shui gems it is acknowledged due to its extraordinary attributes. 

brown ammonite pendant

It is a fossilized shell hat holds the energy of the living being along with the power of Nature. The grounding, clearing and potent vibes of the stone clear the blockages and help in the proper flow of the energies in the overall torso.

brown ammonite pendant

The vibrant colors of this fossilized compelling shell uplift the sagging energy of the surrounding aura as well as enhance the physical torso. The reverberating energies of the shell too speculated to be kept in the Health Bagua area of the home to maintain the healthy living of the family.

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