Every Birthstone Has a Story to Say - Do You Know Yours?

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Every Birthstone Has a Story to Say - Do You Know Yours?

It is common to see many people wear precious and semi-precious stones as earrings, studs, neckpieces and finger rings. Do these stones have any meaning or are they plain simple beauties that are adorned by us? You probably know the answer to this. In many civilizations, precious stones, also called gemstones, are believed to hold wonderful yet strange cosmological powers.


How The Belief Originated

There have been quite a few varying ideas on when and how people started believing in the significance of gemstones. Historians and gemologists, however, do say that the early traces can be attached to the Breastplate of Aaron as was described in the book of Exodus in the Bible. It is believed that the Breastplate, which is a religious garment adorned with 12 gemstones signified the twelve tribes of Israel. Set in four rows of three each, the gemstones then used were radius, topaz, carbuncle (in a row); emerald, sapphire and diamond (in another row), agate, Ligure and amethyst (in the third row) and onyx, beryl and jasper (in the final row). Mention of such an arrangement is found in both the Old and New Testaments.  



A possible connection between the twelve gemstones and birthstones were first studied in the 1st Century A.D by Flavius Josephus. It was he who said that precious stones had special healing powers. St. Jerome also made similar claims in 5th A.D.  However, it would be wrong to say that in modern days we have stuck to this connection between gemstones and their healing powers. In this model, one can have a collection of 12 gemstones and wear them at appropriate times. we don’t do this anymore.

Alternatively, in the Vedic tradition of India (a tradition which is still prevalent today), there are 9 gemstones, each assigned to one of the nine planets. A person is advised to wear one of the 9 gemstones according to his/ her state of health and situations in life.     

The modern concept of gemstones being regarded as birthstones came much later. Jewish gem traders in Poland and jewelers in Germany are believed to have created the first list of birthstones. This concept became popular in the poetry of the 15th Century. A modern list was created in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers and later updated in 1952.


The Birthstones and Their Significance

Garnet for January

garnet january birthstone

Garnet is usually a deep-red gemstone. However they are also available in all other colors except blue. Belonging to the silicate family and used since the Bronze age, garnet is the stone for those born in the month of January. Garnets are useful to prevent snakebites and nightmares. People who wear garnets have seen their self-image raising and their energy levels being boosted. Garnet is also believed to help one’s faith, love and constancy.


Purple Amethyst for February

amethyst february birthstone

The amethyst is a violet-purple variety of quartz believed to be useful for people born in February. It is a semi-precious stone and in ancient Greece and Rome it was considered an intoxicant. It was commonly used as a protection against drunkenness. It is considered to be one of the most affordable gemstones, though it’s price is directly related to the deep purple color. The deeper the color becomes, the more expensive it gets. If you are a February person, keeping a small rock of amethyst at home or office will bring positive vibrations.


Bloodstone for March

bloodstone march birthstone

Dark green or bluish green in color, bloodstones are so called because of the red speckles which look like blood droplets. Bloodstone is generally associated with youth, good health, love and hope. It has the power to reawaken love in a marriage, build confident and make a person generally happy.


Diamond for April

diamond april birthstone

Diamonds are regarded as one of the most precious stones known to mankind. It is deeply associated with eternal love and invincibility. For those born in April, diamonds help in driving away negative thoughts and emotions. It is also regarded as a strong amulet that safeguards a person from fire, water, poison, and illness.


Emerald for May

emerald may birthstone

When a person born in the month of May looks for faithfulness, happiness, health, improved eyesight and fertility, he/she should be wearing an emerald. Emerald is considered one of the precious gems and its fineness is judged by its transparency and intensity.


Pearl for June

pearl june birthstone

Pearls are organic gems made by oysters and mollusks. It is undoubtedly one of the most common gems used for ornaments. Pearl is believed to absorb negative energy and rebound positivity. Pearl also signifies chastity and stability in marriage.


Ruby for July

ruby july birthstone

Ruby is red in color and the gemstone signifies strength, mobility, harmony and peace. It  is also believed that a person wearing ruby can attract friends and good luck.


Peridot for August

peridot august birthstone

The sparkle of the light green peridot helps in warding off the evil and depression. A person born in the month of August is recommended to wear it as a pendant so that the precious gemstone continuously touches the body.


Sapphire for September

sapphire september birthstone

Sapphires are considered royal and prophetic. They are also called gems of gems. Sapphire is associated with wisdom, loyalty, dignity, purity and faith.


Tourmaline for October

tourmaline october birthstone

Tourmaline is considered a rare mineral stone as it depicts all the colors of the rainbow. It brings hope, creativity and innocence to a person wearing it. It also helps emit negative energies.


Citrine For November

citrine november birthstone

For a person born in November, Citrine means strength. It also helps heal the physical and mental condition of a person. it is also seen as a protector of travelers.


Shark Teeth for December

shark teeth december birthstone

Shark Teeth is associated with male strength. It displays proud masculinity and potency. Shark teeth also help in improving the immune system and also bring peace to the wearer.


Before you decide to wear a birthstone, it is wise to get expert opinion. You can check our website for detailed information on birthstones and find more about their healing properties.

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