Difficulty in Absorption of nutrients trust the 7 gifts' of nature

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Difficulty in Absorption of nutrients trust the 7 gifts' of nature

Since ages, the power of gemstones has been tested to heal the physical issues of the soul in addition to the emotional and intellectual troubles. It is appraised to hold the energies that assist in expelling the pain from the physical body as well as infuse positivity in the emotional center. The metaphysical properties of nature’s gift, stones assessed to overcome the traumatic experiences faced due to a distressing physical body.


It is true that the properties of the gemstones cannot replace the importance of Doctors, but they possess the potential to mend the issue to the maximum limit. The energies of the stones at times does not let the situation come where the need of doctors arises. But when a physical emergency arises, it is always advised to consult a physician.


Combining the energies of the stone with the modern scientific healing methods helps you in the long run. Further, it is speculated that captivating powers of the stone keep the soul physically healthy as well as strong.

The potent energies of the gemstones can be used in the following ways:

  • When the stones are either rubbed or put on the area of the pain, then the resonating healing vibes of the stone works together to root out the annoyance from the particular region.
  • Placing the healing gem nuggets in the bedroom too cures the physical issues. Aside from this the stones can too be put in the areas where negativity is felt to obliterate the negative vibes and imbue the positive in the expanse.
  • The energies of the gemstone too can be worn as jewelry and feel the warmth of the stone on the skin. Meditating with them too helps the soul to get healed.
  • Nature has gifted us the seven charismatic gemstones that contribute in curing the physical illness through their reverberating energies.

First one is the alluring Apatite that nurturing the torso by ameliorating the flow of nutrients in the overall torso. Further, it is predisposed to let the nutrients get absorbed into the bones to strengthen the overall skeleton. The eminence of the stone too assists in resolving the troubles related to digestion as well as an assimilation of the food nutrients.


Apatite holds the propensity to cure the bone disorders due to an inadequacy of the nutrients, thus mends the joints, bone marrow as well as the overall skeletal system. The reverberating vibes of the stone contemplate to buttress the health of the overall torso, it likewise helps in restricting the emotional eating. Apatite also proffers the protective shield around the torso and save the body from infections. The precautionary vibes of the stone save the person from the cold and other viral illness.


The second stone is acknowledged as the stone of vitality for its ability to curb the detrimental environmental energies. The gem is regarded as the Blue Topaz as the bluish tints of the stone deemed to transform the water and the food intake for good and makes your torso steady.


It converts the energies of the water and make it more efficient, hydrating as well as nourishing that helps to oxygenate the cells to flush away the toxins from the torso in a dynamic fashion. It is too renowned to root out the plaque from the tissues and cells to regain the torso’s vitality. Further, the energies of the stone help in the absorption of the food nutrients properly to make the digestive tract healthy along with the overall consistency. The assimilated nutrients are reviewed to recover easily from the weakness and sickness of the longstanding illness. Further, the energy of the Blue Topaz speculated to slow down the aging and suggests the visual sense to take care of the health of the joyous living.

A third most incredible crystal that helps in enhancing the vitality of the overall torso is known as Clear Quartz. The clear, pure vibes of the stone proffer the vision of well-being as well as help you attain the desired physique. Furthermore, the vivacity of the stone too proffers the strength and serves to retrieve from the prolonged illness and injury.


clear quartz


It too helps in the absorption of the nutrients and inspire the soul to eat healthy food for attaining better health. The bright light of the transparent topaz too assist in obliterating the toxins from the tissues in addition to the cells for maintaining the healthy physique.


clear quartz

A fourth charismatic gem nugget that helps in taking up the nutrients and gain the vital health is acknowledged as Agate. It is a gem nugget that deeply nourishes the physical torso through its potent rays.


The earthy tints of this enthralling stone promote collaboration among all of the body parts to achieve the healthy living. The energies and tones of the stones connect the soul with the energies of the earth and gain the comfortable living.


The captivating energies of the fifth gem that is predisposed to suck up the nutrients from the food we eat are identified as Citrine. The yellow hues of the stone help the spiritual soul to attain the highest self as well as gain the fitness.


It too wipes out the mental tension to protect the soul against emotional eating. The energies of the stone too boost up cells flexibility along with the organs to gain the proper alignment of the overall torso. It aids in ingesting the nutrients to gather the strength to confront the challenging situations of the lifetime.


A sixth most fascinating gemstone that assists in absorbing the nutrients from the food is recognized as Yellow Sapphire. The energies of the stone save the soul from the harmful radiations of the sun that affect the skin and health in an untoward way.


Moreover, the yellowish vibes of this gem nugget mend the digestive organs and help in the proper absorption of the nutrients.

Now the last but not the least gemstone that helps in the digestion and the absorption of the nutrients is Bloodstone. The potent vibes of the stone reinforce the immune system as well as contribute to knowing the needs of the physical body.


Further, it is known that Bloodstone too empower the microorganisms residing in the blood stream to improve the immune function. It prepares the body strong enough to fight infections of all sorts. It removes the toxin from the physical torso and intensify the absorption of the nutrients in the cells.

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