Cure Bloating Problem in Just Three Simple Steps

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Cure Bloating Problem in Just Three Simple Steps

Know your Stomach


We all know that the stomach is one of the most significant organ systems of the body. It is predisposed to absorb the most of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food by digesting and absorbing the food we take in. It too carries out different roles to preserve the overall health of a living organism. 

It is scientifically demonstrated that it can carry up to  1.5 liters of nutrient and fluid. The stomach is known to exude important hormones along with other hormones to modulate the functions of the stomach in addition to the functioning.

Figure out the issue of Bloating ( Medical reasons and Lifestyle)

Today, dysfunction of the abdomen is the standard issue, as upper abdominal pain, and bloating may affect up to 25% of the population each year. The warning signs of the trouble should need to be taken a substantial check as these symptoms can cause suffering moreover can reduce the quality of the life.

Bloating Problem may crop up due to different reasons and the mechanism going on in the stomach, as these mechanisms can pass to a change of symptoms. Bloating also contemplated as Abdominal fullness transpire due to filling up with the excessive gas in the digestive tract due to several reasons.

Sometimes the air we swallowed in not belched out, and it then goes through the gastrointestinal tract and is expelled through the anus as gas (wind/flatus). The excessive galloping of air give rise to hiccups, and this is the first indication of the bloating issue.

Today the diet we intake or the food we eat such as beans and broccoli including drinks like carbonated drinks and beer may cause the bloating issues. It should be noted that food intake and a bloating problem may vary from person to person, as digestive tract as well as inner lining that balance the acid reflux differs.

Constipation is the another sign that leads to bloating, the reason may be the side of the medications as well as the supplements we are taking in. These may include medicines that give relief from the narcotic pain. Moreover, the vitamin and iron supplements lead to bloating. Sometimes the medications we are using to cure our constipation too leads to acute stomach illness.


Hormones are the another factor that leads to bloating, change in the level of hormones in the body cause bloating. 

Irregular menstrual cycle in women in today's world considers the primary reason of bloating in women. 75% women in the world feel bloated during their menses due to retention of fluid.

Pregnancy may also cause the bloating issue as weekend muscles of the abdominal region either due to pregnancy or abdominal surgery.

Obesity occasionally causes bloating, but there are other serious medical problems too that lead to bloating as well as excessive accumulation of gas. Some serious troubles that cause extreme bloating can be regarded as bowel obstruction and liver issues in addition to diseases related to gallbladder as well as cancer.

Aside from Medical treatment look for the alternative methods to get the bloating issue healed

Gemstones hold the propensity to heal the physical body along with emotional and intellectual torso.

 The charismatic gemstone Citrine act as a powerful gem nugget due to its powerful healing and cleaning properties. It is too regarded as a regenerator that elevates the off-putting energies from the overall body. 

Citrine invigorate the physical torso by healing the bloating issues in addition to the menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms. Further, it is speculated to mend the other bloating symptoms like balancing the hormones, curing the troubles related to gallbladder and kidneys. It too kindles digestion as well as pancreas and the spleen. It likewise mends hot flashes, moreover balance thyroid gland along with the activation of the thymus.

Citrine too speculated to counteract on the infections, body fatigue as well as strengthen the abdominal muscles. It too helps to digest the food properly from overcoming the trouble of Bloating.

citrine jewelry

Aside from mending the physical issues, it too heals the emotional and intellectual troubles to stabilize the overall body and make the living healthy. The propensity of Citrine helps to clean the aura moreover, balance the energies of the environment. It is too predisposed to trigger and balance the chakras, especially the color power of this alluring Citrine cleans the blockages of the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakra. Furthermore, the reverberating energies of the stone trigger the crown chakra to open up the intuition. 

citrine jewelry

Emotions play a vital role to heal the physical body of a soul, so keeping emotions stable and grounded is necessary to lead a joyous living as well as experience the healthy body. 

Disturbed emotions can affect the eating habits too as distressing emotions tends to release the hormones that are related to emotional eating rather than general hunger. The vivacity of the stone too root out the negative feelings from the deepest level of the emotional heart and make the soul strong to handle the situation and control the eating habits. Citrine makes the soul emotionally balanced.

citrine jewelry


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