Choose your bedroom color in three simple Feng Shui steps

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Choose your bedroom color in three simple Feng Shui steps

To start with let me ask some question, do you feel affection for your bedroom and want to adore it? Do you feel blissful and nurtured in your bedroom? Are you satisfied with the color you earlier choose for your bedroom or wish to change? It is already known to you that colors hold a significant effect on your happiness as well as welfare, thus needn’t you feel like surrounded by the soothing colors all the time. More often than not, surrounded by the pacifying and beautiful color in the most relaxing spot of the household, i.e., your bedroom.

If your answer is definitely yes, then my next obvious question to you is “What color you think is best for your bedroom?” or “what is the best Feng Shui color for your relaxing place, your bedroom?”

I can suggest you to find a best bedroom color and is fun too to choose. Open up your closet and look for the color you wish to wear most of the time, or else the color that have the most. It might sound bizarre and funny, but at times can hep you pick the best color for your bedroom walls. Indeed, you can too prefer the color that can't be painted on the walls or bedroom walls, but no issues this is how you will learn to opt the colors for your house. If your favorite color is black, and your choice can be seen in most of your dresses colors then don’t be said, black is good but surely not for the walls, especially bedroom walls. Black color walls give an impression of some artistry and work well, if either you are a talented designer or a fashion world person. For a common people, it is big NO from my side.


Now from here the role of Feng Shui starts, the potent tips of ability to solve issues helps to focus on your overall health in addition to your love life. The bedroom is not only a place to sleep but a place where you can relax either by sharing beautiful moments with the family or making love to the soul mate. Feng Shui is the renowned ancient art that acts like the best guide that helps to choose the right color for your bedroom.


Feng Shui and the color of Feng Shui is an interesting subject to explore. It is too speculated as an ancient concept that caters the power of colors and their energy into your room as well as in your house. Colors are acknowledged to offer light or known as a synonym of light, thusly like bright colors too infuses light into the inner soul as well as proffer in the surrounding for attaining the well-being. It is surmised colors in your surrounding space offers the vibrant energy and makes you more active and lively to imbue the liveliness of the moments.

Colors and mix of vibrant tints do not mean you need to go back to the kindergarten to feel those cherished moments again as once lived in the childhood. Do you ever remember the moments we all spent as kids, propelling self all day long in the ocean of vibrant colors? Often, art for choosing the best color for your abode is used. Feng Shui is that best choice that help to find you the way to create harmony in addition to the sense of comfort. Feng Shui is that art that help you to cross the ocean of confusion by assisting you in selecting the supreme color that suits you as well as the direction or corner of the house.


Various alternative methods help you choose the best color not only for your bedroom for your overall home with Feng Shui.

You can determine the best color for you bedroom based on the Bagua (Chinese traditional energy map of the areas of the house) area your bedroom is situated in. There are two methods to choose the best Feng Shui color for your bedroom; Former is choosing the best alternative shown. The colors vary from all tones of the skin means from light ceramic to coca-rich chocolate hues. Later is choosing best bedroom color as per your feng shui birth element. You can choose either of the ways to create a good energy in your bedroom. Preferably, you should work in three underneath mentioned steps to find out the best color for your bedroom.


Step 1: Classify the energy map often Bagua of your Home as well as  specific areas  of the house


Expound the Bagua of your home and check what colors best suits your bedroom. Remember bedroom too describes you. As per the Chinese tradition, Bagua holds the distinct color(s) for specific areas, thus aid you in choosing the best available alternative colors for your bedroom or the region it is situated in. Bagua once understood well help you as well as your home to magnetize the positive vibes and constructive energies from the surrounding to fill your life with opulence and zeal.


Step 2: Discover the best color that suits you and enhance your personal power/energy.


In general, there are five elements in the feng shui and among these five, one element defines your personal energy. To explain in a clear way, I mean to say particular colors support your energy, but on another hand there are colors when chosen without proper attention can weaken you and deteriorate your potency. It is advised to select the color as per your birth element. According to the feng shui birth element, it tells you the colors that well suit you and the colors which show adverse effects if used. For an instance, if your birth element is wood, the colors like red or pink would not be a good choice to be used in the bedroom as a bedroom wall.

Step 3:  Skin tone would be the best alternative to decorating your bedroom and its walls.


Varied skin tones help you maintain the healthy vibes in the aura of the bedroom. Your or your soul mates skin tone would offer a significant effect in enhancing the positivity and attaining the liveliness of the life in your love and routine life. Colors that resembles the skin tone proffers the nourishing and warm energy all around, specifically in the nighttime to take your romantic life to the another level.

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