Aquatic-Themed Bijou with The Vivacious Tints of The Sea

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  • Updated On Oct 9, 2019
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Aquatic-Themed Bijou with The Vivacious Tints of The Sea

The marine color jewels are the latest trend in jewelry and is recognized by the leading jewel house Tiffany&co., so seen in its latest collection. The company in its new chosen collection theme showcase summons up the hues of water in the designs.

tiffany tanzanite and diamond platinum bracelet

Tiffany's Tanzanite and Diamond Platinum Bracelet


Tiffany widely uses the combination of Lapis Luzli, green tourmaline along with the mother of pearl and aquamarine as they all holds the tints of the water or associated with the creatures of the sea. In the year, 2013 company too captures the liveliness of the ocean in its designs. The colors of the gemstone are chosen in such a way that they portray the appearance of the sea.

Tiffanym lapis lazuli and green tourmaline jewelry

Tiffany's Lapis Lazuli and Green Tourmaline Jewelry

The talented designers of the Tiffany explore the emblematic fascination of deep blue. Craftsman of the Tiffany uses the art style of the 1920s and 30s in his vibrant designs. Artisans ingeniously as well as artistically combine the sea color gems to create an amazing design pattern.

In the designs, large pearls are crafted in the sautoir-style (chain or ribbon style) neck pieces. This pattern grasps the charisma as well as the elegance of the 1920s. Tiffany showcases its elegant collection in “The Great Gatsby” as well as in the collection of the Ziegfeld.

Ziegfeld Heart Locket

Ziegfeld Heart Locket

The continual utilization of the sea hued theme allows the leading jewel stores to use the luster of greenish tourmalines and pearls in their creations. Combinations of these gems with diamonds in rings, pendants and neck pieces too allures the esteemed customers.

Tiffany Diamond and Pearl Bracelet

Tiffany's Diamond and Pearl Bracelet

Sapphires are like the maelstrom when set in the pendants, and their eddy gives a look of crashing waves. The radiance of the yellow diamonds with the combination of the blue tinted stones gives a delightful look. Jean Schlumberger is the renowned artist of the 20th century was too inspired by the vibrancy of the sea hued gems, so fabricates the designs that consider in the field of jewelry designing as a gifted talent.

Jean Schlumberger Sapphire Diamond Platinum Gold Ring

Jean Schlumberger's Sapphire Diamond Platinum Gold Ring

Jean Schlumberger has started his career with Elsa Schiaparelli, but his work got a worldwide acceptance when he started his work with Tiffany. The jewelry designed by him still adorns the necklines, wrists as well as the fingers of the beauties. The designs are too conceived one of the most fashionable jewelry in the world today.

Diamond and Gemstone Bracelets

Diamond and Gemstone Bracelets

The look, as well as the feel of Jean's designs, is lavishing. He designed some mesmerizing turquoise bangles along with hand carved designs embedded with Pearls and Lapis Lazuli. His creations further adorned with detailing of gold chain to give an inkling of the entangled tie.

Jean Schlumberger White Enamel and Turquoise Bangle

Jean Schlumberger's White Enamel and Turquoise Bangle

Schlumberger's show-stopping creation is his latest tassel necklace that is fabricated from turquoise and diamonds roped with a gold chain.

Jean Schlumberger Turquoise and Diamond Tassel Necklace

Jean Schlumberger's Turquoise and Diamond Tassel Necklace

In a history of sea hued gems, Aquamarine too holds a fascinating position. The beautiful jewels of Aquamarine seem to fashion the blue masterpiece. In Latin, Aquamarine is known as seawater, and its luminous tints summon up the pictures of the sea.

In today’s world blue is in demand due to its energies to ward off evil as well as turning enemies into friends. Furthermore, in traditions blue was considered a good luck charm. The tints of the blue may vary like the color of sea water, but the prominent properties it holds stays the same with the addition of the energies of the other color.

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