Ammolite - The Most Influential Gemstone of the Millenium

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  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Ammolite - The Most Influential Gemstone of the Millenium

An Insight into Ammolite

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Biogenic gemstones simply look stunning and Ammolite is one of them! It looks like opal at the very first glance. A small region along the St. Mary River in Alberta, Canada is the source for ammolite and accounts for global commercial production of ammolite. The beautiful ammolite gemstone consists of fossilized shells of ammonites. These ammonites are mainly made of aragonite.

This gemstone is also called by other names including aapoak, gem ammonite, korite and calcenite. Ammolite got the status of official gemstone in the year 1981. This status was given by World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). The commercial mining for ammolite began in the same year.

The Colors of Ammolite

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The specimens of ammolite exhibit a superb iridescence of colors which resemble that of opals. These beautiful colors include red, yellow, blue, violet, indigo, green, crimson, orange and a few more. This iridescence occurs because of the microstructure of aragonite. And this is where this gemstone differs from other gems. Most of the other gems display colors because of light absorption. But ammolite creates beautiful mélange of colors when light bounce back from the piled up layers of aragonite’s slender platelets. The best part about the beauty of these colors is that they show a nearly complete range of colors that can be found in a spectrum. Some specimens of ammolite may, however, display limited hues.


Ammolite Gemstones

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The layer of ammolite which produces color is generally very slim. This layer is connected to a brown-grey base of siderite. Some extraordinary pieces can be cut into gems. The ammolite gemstone is sold in three types including naturals, doublets, and triplets. The “Naturals” type finds perfect to use in the form of earrings or pendants while the “Triplets” variety can be perfectly worked out into rings. The ammolite gemstone and ammolite jewelry should be handled with care. The cleaning should also be done with precaution. The ammolite jewelry should be protected and kept away from heat, hair-sprays, acids, perfumes or any other type of chemicals as they can cause harm to the dazzling luster of these biogenic gemstones.

Ammolite – Significance in Feng Shui

Ammolite 4

The ammolite gemstone finds great value in Feng Shui. The Feng Shui experts strongly believe that this colorful gemstone is a great influential stone and that’s why they call it, “The Most Influential Gemstone of the Millenium”. It is believed that gemstone provides positive effects on the body of humans. The stone not only accentuates the flow of energy in bodies but also detoxifies it. This gemstone is also known as the “7 Color Prosperity Stone” because it is believed to affect the wearer in various positive manners. The specimens which contain the awesome combination of green, yellow and red colors are given high significance as they are believed to attract progress, intellect, and splendor.

Ammolite Jewelry

Ammolite 5

Ammolite jewelry looks very rich, colorful and attractive. Its brilliant beauty immediately captivates the attention of anyone. The ammolite jewelry wholesale can be found online also. The rare ammolite jewelry can be found in form of ammolite rings, earrings and bracelet. This gemstone, when combined with gold and silver, creates a marvelous effect and produces unique jewelry items.  


Healing Properties of Ammolite

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Apart from its significance in Feng Shui, the ammolite stone is also believed to have many other mesmerizing properties. It is said and believed that this beautiful organic gemstone emits positive Earth energy. The stone also brings good fortune and prosperity. Ammolite is also believed to gift miracles in life. It finds its use in meditation also as it aids and supports the process of meditation. Many people also use this gemstone for increasing their strength and energy levels. The stone is also used for attaining positive results in health. Those who wish to bring happiness in their lives can also use this gemstone as it is believed to bring happiness in the life of the wearer.  

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