15 Celebrities Who Wore Unique Gemstones as Engagement Rings

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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15 Celebrities Who Wore Unique Gemstones as Engagement Rings

Celebrities are known to be flamboyant and extravagant. They can easily catch the public’s attention by going quirky, being snobbish or simply because of their glamorous avatars. Many of the beautiful ladies who walk the ramp, act or are in any other glamorous profession knows how to behave quite like royalty in real life. When it comes to matters of matrimony, it is quite common to see the A-list celebrities donning uncut diamonds, huge solitaires on their ring finger. But they are quite a few celebrities who have happily ditched the most celebrated gemstone for a more unique and beautiful alternative. These celebrities have chosen (or were gifted) colored gemstones as their engagement rings and have effortlessly made heads turn! Let’s take a look at 15 such celebrities who have dazzled us with their engagement rings.


1. Penelope Cruz


When Javier Bardem popped the question to the beautiful Spanish actress, it was with a vintage three carat sapphire ring. The precious gemstone is surrounded by a halo of diamonds which make the ring look like a flower. No wonders Cruz wears it with pride.


2. Halle Berry


Halle Berry’s marriage to Oliver Martinex may have been a low-key affair but the magnificent engagement did all the talking. After all, not everyone can be seen wearing a stunning emerald and diamond engagement ring.


3. Victoria Beckham


She may not be the official royalty of Britain but she surely does behave like one. How else can you justify the fact that Posh Spice owns 13 engagement rings! From diamonds to emeralds, yellow hued baguettes to sapphires, Mrs. Beckham has it all.


4. Heidi Klum


For supermodel Heidi Klum, her marriage to singer-husband Seal in 2004 was ‘sealed’ with a 10 carat fancy yellow diamond. Also called the canary stone, the yellow pave set diamonds was help by four gold prongs. Unfortunately the couple separated in 2012.


5. Elizabeth Hurley


Elizabeth Hurley proved that her beauty could be accentuated by a ring. The ring in question was gifted to her by Australian cricketer Shane Warne in 2011. It was a square cut sapphire ring with two diamond baguettes. Though the couple has announced their split, the ring remains one of the most expensive ones worn by any celebrity.


6. Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton or Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is one lucky lady. Not only did she become a family of the British royal family but she also owns Princess Diana’s 18-carat oval blue sapphire ring. The ring is further surrounded by 16 glittering diamonds.


7. Jessica Simpson


Beau Eric Johnson made it special for Jessica Simpson by gifting her a 5 carat, 3-stone ruby engagement ring. The bright red ruby color that gets further highlighted by the two 2-carat pear shaped diamonds makes it the perfect ring for the talented and beautiful Simpson.


8. Jennifer Lopez


Lopez’s four engagements have ensured she has had her share of sparkling rings. But the one that stands out is the 6.1-carat pink diamond gifted to her by Ben Affleck in 2002. The pink diamond engagement ring is rumored to be one of the most expensive rings worn by any celebrity ever! However, the lady is believed to have returned the ring when they broke up in 2004.


9. Mariah Carey


Nick Canon chose a whopping 17-carat emerald cu, pink diamond for Carey. The specialty of the ring is that the pink diamond is surrounded by 58 pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds on each side. No wonder it is estimated that Canon spent nothing less than $2.5 million for winning Carey’s heart!


10. Blake Lively


Just as Ryan Reynolds won the heart of his fans by his acting skills, he won the heart of his sweetheart Lively with a light pink oval diamond ring set in rose gold and with pave set diamonds. The mere size of the pink diamond tells us that the ring is expensive!


11. Elizabeth Taylor


This leading yesteryear actress surely knew how to attract the paparazzi. She was a lover of bling and her men indulged her abundantly. In February 1952, during her second engagement and this time to Michael Wilding, she was presented with a cabochon sapphire. It is believed that the trend to gift sapphire for engagements began from thereon.


12. Anna Kournikova


She was once the sweetheart of the tennis courts but that’s not why she’s in the list here. When she was dating Enrique Iglesias, she was gifted an enormous Argyle pink diamond. It was a pink pear stone that surely captured the attention of many. The couple reportedly separated in 2008 and we don’t know what happened to the prized engagement ring.


13. Rebecca Romijn


Rebecca was asked the famous question by Jerry O’Connell with a 6-carat yellow split-shank engagement ring. The ring’s beauty is exemplified by a delicate stacked pave rings. Rebecca is believed to have altered the beautiful ring during her pregnancy and now it features a unique dangling setting.


14. Milla Jovovich


She regularly appeared in science fiction and action films but her engagement to producer Paul Anderson was far removed from her screen avatar. Her then to-be-husband popped the question with a three stone 19th Century ring. The three stones - yellow, faint pink and white diamond are set in rich yellow gold.


15. Kelly Clarkson

As the first American Idol title winner, she has won several hearts but the man to whom she gave her heart was Brandon Blackstock. The deal was sealed with a beautiful canary yellow diamond with a metal halo around the central stone.

The men who came into these ladies life surely knew how to win hearts. All the engagement rings mentioned above are precious, beautiful and not to mention very expensive. While some couple could not keep up the love ‘forever’, there are many who continue to bask in the love showered by these precious gemstones. Didn’t we tell gemstones were precious!

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