10 Wealth Feng Shui Tools for Home and Office to Attract Wealth and Gain Riches

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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10 Wealth Feng Shui Tools for Home and Office to Attract Wealth and Gain Riches

Wealth is an essential part of the life and is ruminated as a fundamental necessity of life. Further, the most popular keys of Feng Shui are mused as the applications of Feng Shui that help to magnetize opulence in the living. In the western countries, Feng Shui gain recognition due to its powerful applications that help multitudes to lead their life peacefully by inveigling luxury into life. Since ages, the wealthy class of people often seen using the potent energies of the Feng Shui for gaining financial security as well as profits.

Certainly, there is lots more to gain from Feng Shui than its opulence attracting appeal! Feng Shui can be employed to fashion the present life in a better by augmenting wealth and drawing harmony in a relationship. Furthermore, the energies of the FengShui products assist in building a successful career by opening the doors of accomplishment. It can too be expressed as, Feng Shui produce wealth in all its forms. Here in this article, we will focus on financial growth in addition to how we will maintain the riches of life once attained.

So now, here are some tips that help you maintain the existing as well as introducing new wealth. Thus, below are 10 wealth edificing Feng Shui essentials that will surely transform your life and home.


1.    Clear the clutter, find the open space for the proper flow of Chi energies.


Have you ever noticed the homes, offices and rooms of the rich masses, what did you discern- an open space, YES? Is it correct? You might feel strange but actually it is not. A profusion of open space is a key to magnetize wealth in life. A cluttered house, room or office hinders the free flow of Chi energy that hampers the infusion of wealth too in life. The luxury of openness in addition to the plentiness of free space to pull wealth energy into living. As per Feng Shui, open space means a space that allows to enter more, create more, enjoy more as well as explore more and remain empty to imbibe more.

Questions may arise in the mind, that those who are already rich can buy a big house, big office and can too keep professional cleaners. But, we common people can do one thing, i.e., stop giving excuses and release the confrontation mentality. Our houses and offices too have plenty of small spaces that possess the energy of wealth. What we need is to welcome the potent Chi energy into the home by releasing the mess and let it to move freely in the entire aura of the dwelling. More spacious the house, the more chances of the flow of more energies.


2.    Proper organization and no more untidiness in the house and office helps to draw wealth


Clutter, Mess and untidiness all are the pillars of stuck energy along with the soul of cluttered spaces. It is presumed that all those who live in the cluttered or muddled space often suffer from emotional and intellectual issues like fear, pessimism, anxiety and depression. Moreover, all these issues too blocks the flow of free, prosperous energy that brings luck and affluence in the spirit.

I understand, clearing mess is not easy and is not too easy to clear the untidiness in a single day. It takes time to get rid all your improper arrays. Now, what we all need to do is just commiting self to clear all the mess of the house and follow the clearing system of the Feng Shui. Just remember one thing that each item kept in the house deserves its own space otherwise we will soon accumulate the clutter again and block the flow of Chi energy.

The size of the home does not matter, what matters is tidiness and proper organization of the things for allowing strong and vibrant energies to move in and bring affluence in life. What places to clean? They are your Closets, container store as well as bed, bathroom and things kept in the home depot.

Holding on the things we needed and discarding rest is the best idea this in turn helps to prune off the time in searching the things we required and brought wealth. It brings money to an overall part such as monetary wise, emotional and physically wise.


3.    Choose the color used in the Feng Shui to attract WEALTH


Specifically, a color that denotes wealth in Feng Shui is gold, no other color as per Feng Shui matches the frequency in attaining wealth. Use this charismatic color in the house décor items such as lampshades, lamp bases, coffee or tea coasters in addition to the table cloth, trays or mirrors whichever suits you.

The energy and the vibes of the golden color make you feel harmonious as well as happy. Another important thing that need to be considered is that the energy of this hue will work more efficiently if connected with it emotionally.


Feng Shui energy is dynamic, thus apart from the golden color, another color that brings wealth in life is purple. Same concept of golden tint goes with the purple color, décor items of this enthralling color is a good option. Paintings, pillow covers, rugs, wooden shelves painted purple welcomes wealth into your home.


4.    Enhance the wealth area of your house


According to Feng Shui Bagua, every home has a particular wealth corner. The area is too regarded as altar or shrine or a sacred space of a house, this space attracts money in your life, thus it is required to decorate with the valuable possessions you have like jewelry, crystals and all. So, it is whispered that all the untidy things should be kept away from this area. The Feng Shui gemstone plant helps to draw wealth if held in this field.


5.    Wood Element or the vibrant plants

wealth feng shui tools

The allure, goodness of nature and the energy of the mother Gia is speculated to pull the opulence, wealth and abundance in the life. Thus, it is believed in ancient times that keeping the verdant and its energy in the form of plants or grass helps you to receive the blessings of cleric in form of affluence.

Bamboo is of green color, so advised to keep it as a token of wealth enhancer in Feng Shui. Money plant too works as the gemstone embedded in the plant holds the potential to draw luck and riches in life. East, South-East and the South corners of the house are recommended to keep green as they are the areas which attract wealth.

6.     Flowing Water or water flow should be maintained

wealth feng shui tools

In past traditions and even in the present scenario the energy of water is linked to the opulence of the spirit. Fountains are the best choice for attracting wealth and need to be placed in the best Feng Shui areas of your dwelling either inside or outside.

7.    Gemstones

wealth feng shui tools

Gemstones are predisposed to hold the potent Feng Shui energy and brings the abundance of the cosmos into the life. The holder of the earth energies, gem nuggets not only attract wealth, but too helps you to maintain it for a lifetime.


Clear quartz

It brings luck, power and wealth in addition to prosperity. It radiates out the positive energy that works together with the energies of the cosmos and fulfill the desires of the heart.

clear quartz earrings



Pyrite is predisposed to hold the power of the vibrant and golden Sun. Thus, assessed to bring the wealth due to its golden color and make the life happy as well as fill the room with opulence and joy.

pyrite earrings


Generally acknowledged as a  merchant’s stone, Citrine is used to draw luck and riches in life. It too helps to enhance your business and maintain cash in your cash box. A stone of success brings you the new opportunities to gain financial benefits.



A potent stone, Amethyst is viewed as an excellent gem that attracts abundance, opulence as well as financial gains in the span of life. It augments the chances to gain monetary benefits and attract luck.


8.    Feng Shui Images

Images holds an important place in our lives as well as plays a vital role to help us realize the significance of things in our life. They express our true emotions, our desires, our goals, and objectives. Therefore, they are believed to draw abundance, luck and riches in the life to enjoy the every phase and every moment of a gifted life.

water fall


9.    Mirrors and Wall murals are a wonderful technique used to pull wealth in life

Mirrors and wall murals holds significance in Feng Shui, as they help to magnetize financial growth and all other riches of life. They cater joy, luck and light in life choose a right path for obtaining new opportunities.

Mirrors And Wall murals

It proffers the power of adoring the qualities of self along with others and revise the skills by adding new skills each time. If mirrors a are with golden frame, then they are the best cure for obliterating the hinders on the growth path.



10.    Feng Shui Wealth Cures

Various other Feng Shui wealth cures help to attract wealth and affluence in life. They are mentioned below:

•    The Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha


•    real aquariums made to feng shui specifications



•    The feng shui money frog


•    Hangings and tassels made with Chinese coins

hanging and tassle

•    The wealth vase.

the wealth vase

Last but not the least trust the power of Feng Shui and enhance the prospects of attracting wealth and destiny in life.

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