First-Ever Emerald Symposium To Be Held in Colombia

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Posted: Monday, August 31, 2015
First-Ever Emerald Symposium To Be Held in Colombia

Colombia will host its first-ever International Emerald Symposium to address the problems and issues facing the industry. The symposium has been organized by the Colombian Emerald Federation and will be held in Bogota from October 13 to 15, 2015.

The symposium is expected to see the coming together of all emerald producing countries, gemological laboratories, wholesale and manufacturing companies, luxury brands, jewelry associations and governmental institutions. The aim of the symposium is to share experiences, the organizers said in the statement.




In the program issues relating to promotion, production, enhancement, resource management, certification, manufacturing, technology, nomenclature, branding, and consumer education will be discussed. There will be presentations made by Benjamin Hackman, president of the International Colored Gemstone Association; Dr. Thomas Hainschwang, director of GGTLGemlab; Oscar Baquero, president of Fedesmeraldas; Gaetano Cavalieri, president of CIBJO, the World Jewelry Confederation; and designer Erica Courtney, among many others.

This is going to be the first time that international emerald producers will come together for a gathering to address issues relating to the emerald business. According to the organizers, the symposium has been planned in lines of what the diamond industry has been doing for the past several years. The symposium is being supported by Colombia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy.


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