Styling hacks every girl needs to know

By Gemexi Team | Styling Tips
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Styling hacks every girl needs to know

Most of the times we girls are in a hurry. We are either running late to work, for a movie or a date. In such a situation it becomes a little difficult to perfect everything from makeup to hair. But, there are certain hacks that can help you get ready instantly and still look amazing. Have a look.

Give a cool texture to your bangs

Just spray a volumizing spray on your hair, section it into small parts and then scrunch them with the help of your fingertips while you blow-dry them for setting the spray.


Get your parting straight every single time

The key to getting a straight parting every single time is zipping your comb quickly from hair-line up to the crown of the head. Slower you will do it, shakier your parting would be.


Taming down extremely curly hair with the help of a flat iron

in case you have super curly hair and wish to get soft waves, just break down your curls with the help of a flat iron and bend your wrist forward, backward as you go down the strands.


Switch your parting seamless sly from sides to the center

In case you have a prominent center parting and wish to wear a side parting, then just wet your hair at the original parting. Creating a new parting and then wet it again. Finally, in order to lock the new parting, just blow dry it.


Get a chic style, cool bends by just holding your curler horizontally in place of vertically

Grab about a one-inch section of your hair. Then, begin from the midshaft of the hair, twist & wrap it on the barrel by holding your curler horizontally. Hold your hair in place for some time and release for loose waves. In case you wish to get tighter and spiral curls, just hold the curler vertically.


Fill a spray bottle with a foaming mousse for aerating it

 Stripping the mousse off its air with the help of a spray bottle makes it more liquid than foam while still retaining the same volume-boosting features.


Pin 2 braids together for creating a look of an intricate braid-there is absolutely no need of spending time in creating a masterpiece. Just make two simple braids. Secure them with the help of hair tie and tie them together with the help of bobby pins.


Create a messy and wavy hairstyle

Spray a texturizing spray on your hair liberally and fist over your hands like you grip rope. This would create very sexy look.


Blend in synthetic clip in hair extensions

Synthetic hair has a very unrealistic shine most of the time


So try these very simple and very easy tips for getting the perfect look in no time. You just need to think of styling hacks and you can do several things in much lesser time than what you do in a very long time. 

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