Why not let others watch your Watches to keep updated with the time.

By Gemexi Team | Fashion accessories
  • Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Why not let others watch your Watches to keep updated with the time.

It is not just your bracelets that can enhance the beauty of your wrist. Generally, girls prefer to wear diamonds or any other precious metal bangle or bracelet to go with their dresses. Considering the idea of glitter that goes bling, the branded watch companies have launched the writs watches as an accessory. The simple, plain and leather-strapped watches have got beautiful alternatives as wristwatches with metal straps. The color of the wristwatches is also a big concern. Nowadays, watches with the golden, silver or the matt finish are too much in.

For an evening party

A delicate wristwatch that goes well with your evening gowns. Your appearance with an evening gown makes you look very delicate and soft and hence, the watch shall be equally delicate. It implies that the wristwatch strap can be chosen of metal.


A much broader wristwatch strap for a casual look.

For a much casual outing lets us go for a broader strap that does not irritate you with your routine. The round dials golden, silver or the matt finish watches are too much in.


Colorful funky wristwatch for a  girls day out.

How about wearing the wristwatches with the floral prints or the ones with the beaded straps. Many options in colors and types of wrist watches are available that almost look like a broad wrist band or a bracelet.


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