Net-a-Porter Founder Resigns After Merging Company With Yoox Group

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  • Posted: Thursday, September 3, 2015
Net-a-Porter Founder Resigns After Merging Company With Yoox Group

After the successful merger of Britain’s Net-a-Porter with Yoox Group, the former’s executive chairman Natalie Massanet has tendered her resignation from the company. The resignation move came just after UK’s Competition and Market Authority gave the green signal to the merger. 

News of the merger broke out in March this year when the London-based online luxury retailer decided to form the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group with the Milan-based online retailer. While the merger was being finalized, it was understood that Massanet would assume the role of chairman of the new group, while Federico Marchetti, Yoox CEO would be the group chief executive. 

In the official statement released by Massanet, she showed her happiness of the current shape of the company which she’d started 15 years back. She also said that the merger with Yoox Group would make Net-a-Porter a “bigger, stronger and superbly well positioned” company under Federico’s leadership. She ended her statement saying that she would remain a loyal customer of the online store and continue to be excited about the new chapters of the business. 

Marchetti, on the other hand, while speaking to a section of the media, said that he looked up to Massenet’s achievements. He took the occasion to congratulate her and wished her all the best.

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