Luxury Women's Watch Unveiled by Audemars Piguet

By Gemexi Team | Fashion accessories
  • Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2015
Luxury Women's Watch Unveiled by Audemars Piguet

Luxury Swiss watchmakers Audemars Piguet recently launched its latest collection of women’s watch in Hong Kong. Called the new Millenary Collection, the collection features Piguet’s new hand-wound 5201 movement. The latest collection is launched exactly 20 years after Piguet first released its now-celebrated oval design.

The Millenary Collection, which was launched in 1995, has been revamped in this latest edition. According to company sources, they have tried to give the old design a three-dimensional take, especially on the caliber. The neo-classical designed now has a sizeable oval case, and an off-centered dial that makes the watch very powerful.


Company sources also revealed that the Millenary Collection is a hand-wound watch which is made in 18-karat white gold. The gold case is further embellished with diamonds and set with a blue cabochon sapphire crown. The off-centered disc is made with diamond-paved white gold and the small seconds counter has white mother of pearls beaded on it. The strap comes in pearly dark grey alligators.

AudemarsPiguetadded that in watchmaking, art and design come together and have to perfectly play an orchestra. A unique watch can only be made when there is balance and perspective.

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