The second sign of Zodiac, Taurus (The Bull) is all about reliability, loyalty, ambition and sensuality. The physical pleasures and the material goods are the luring point to those born under this star sign.

This sign of the Zodiac belongs to the element of Earth and demolishes a special fixed quality in their persona. These folks are grounded by nature and tend to move slowly to achieve their goal. While, their fixed quality allows them to be stable, strong-minded and resolute, that helps them to concentrate more for their objectives in life.

Taureans love to be comfortable and they are fond of being surrounded by all the soothing and royal pleasures. Taureans are dignified at heart whether it is about being enjoying a delectable royal meal and wine, or about being enjoying the finest art work.

The mascot of the Taurus sign is the bull, and really there are various attributes of the Taureans which are quite identical to that of the bull for example their lazy attitude. Taurus is ruled by the lovely goddess, Venus who is considered to be the goddess of love, pleasure and beauty. One can see these traits in most of the Taureans especially women.

The personal mantra that is believed to be followed by every Taurean is that if you do not succeed once, try and try again. To others, may be a Taurean appears to be a little sluggish and lazy, but just a wave a red flag, and then see. Taureans gets charged the moment they are nagged for something.

A very special quality that a Taurean man has it in himself is that whatever the situation may be, or whatever problems he is going through, he meets every challenge on time with pride and determination. A Taurean man is a perfect epitome of strength, courage, persistence, and diligence. But, the red alert here in case of Taurean man is that provoke him at your own risk. He has a lot of temper, which he will never hesitate to unleash. If any decision is taken by a Taurean man, no one has the strength to undone or deny it.

Taurean man is always a workaholic one with lots of patience. If he knows that he will reap excellent rewards later, he would be happy to be a beast of burden for a time period. Taurean men are the appreciators of the finer things of life, and are always surrounded by the comfort and luxury things. Fine food, expensive wine, good life, literature, classical arts, etc is what a Taurean man strives for.

The traditional and prudent Taurean man has the qualities that make him thoughtful and sweet in the eyes of everyone. With big eyes, warm heart, and a little slothful nature, and shy charm, he appeals everyone. He likes to know that what to anticipate from his life, career, and love.

The Taurus man is trustworthy and adamant, and excels in whatever task he takes on. With resourceful and creative eyes, he enjoys the stability of his day-to-day routine; he would do great as a singer, musician, architect, artist, or dealer of the antiques.

Generally sweet natured, but if provoked a Taurean woman is more fiery and hot-tempered; more than a Taurean man.

A Taurus woman is caring and tender, and she may have some firm opinions that cannot be changed. The sensible and patient Taurus woman has winning qualities; however, she can be explosive, stubborn, and short-tempered at times.  But the temper of the Taurus woman is rarely seen as she aims for balance in life. She aims for colourful and comfortable surroundings where she desires all the beauties of the nature.

A Taurean woman is clever, but she is not interested in proving herself on every stage of life. She likes security and safety for her future and her kids. A Taurean woman is basically unadventurous unlike Taurus man. She does not like changes. She prefers to maintain a status quo. Whatever experiences she learns from her life makes her more strong and tough from mind. She is unlikely to make the same mistakes twice.

Taurus is ruled by submissive Venus, and is a reflexive, more of a feminine sign. Her appeal is attractive, earthy, sensuous and practical. The main challenge that a Taurean woman faces is to learn to share. The Taurus zodiac sign rules the throat, and hence it is believed that the Taurean woman have melodious and musical voice. However, the throat of Taurean woman is weak and for this reason they must take care of it from pressure and stress. To maintain balance between her mental and physical health, a Taurean woman must retain balance in her life.

Taurus Traits, Personality and Characteristics

The true admirers of beauty and exquisiteness, either in home, or office, or anywhere, Taureans are born with the hint of royalty and beauty in their thinking. The value of harmony is too much in the lives of Taureans, and for this reason they always try to jeep their mates happy.

Most of the Taureans are generally well-built, and it’s no surprise that they love to use their brawny personality on the field of play. Hoops, mountain climbing, hiking, basket ball are their favourite pastimes. Taureans are generally very down to earth people and these games keep them connected with the earth. Not only the outdoor, but indoor activities, like ballet or opera also attracts them.

When it comes to love relationships, Taureans are romantic, devoted, and a little possessive about their partners. The sensual nature that they possess, embraces the power of reconciling any mistake in this world. Taurus is believed to rule the neck and the throat.

To be more precise the positive and negative traits of a Taurean can be described with few adjectives, like generous, witty, reliable, trustworthy, down to earth, patient, and persistent. On the other hand, the negative traits are stubborn, lazy, possessive, frugal, self-indulgent, and materialistic.

  • SymbolThe Bull
  • ElementEarth
  • GroupEmotional
  • PolarityNegative
  • Favorable Colors Pink
  • Chinese CounterpartSnake
  • Ruling PlanetVenus
  • Cross/QualityFixed
  • House RuledSecond
  • Opposite SignScorpio
  • Lucky GemEmerald
  • Taurus DateApr 20 - May 20

Taurus Stones

The stones which are recommended to Taureans are:

  • Taurus Birthstones

The people who are born in between 21 April – 21 May are considered to fall under the zodiac sign of Taurus. The birthstones that are suitable for Taureans are Diamond and Emerald.

Diamond is usually considered excellent stone for the people who are born in April. It is an extremely beneficial stone in uniting body and mind. Diamond purifies and invigorates the sensory organs and brain functioning. The high vibrational energy of Diamond heals and takes care of all the chakras of the body. The people who think that their dignity and self-worth is lost, they must wear diamond.

The other birthstone that is relevant for Taureans is the Emerald. This stone is also beneficial in treating various diseases and ailments, whether emotional or physical. Moreover, the elixir made of emerald is really advantageous for human benefit. It is believed to activate and heal the heart chakra through which it makes the wearer express and speak things with confidence and clarity. Taureans are very good speakers, and this sign is believed to open the throat as well. For this reason, emerald becomes a great stone for excellent-communicator Taureans.

  • Other stones for Taurus

The other stones which are excellent for Taureans are:

  • Rose Quartz: This gemstone basically works as a healing stone for Taurus. The Energy of Rose Quartz can facilitate in soothing a troubled mind when people are facing problems in their lives. It helps Taureans to think wisely and astutely.
  • Rhodochrosite: This is a very valuable gemstone for Taureans as it can help them develop their positive traits and values. Taureans often get worried about the financial matters and their economic future, and hence Rhodochrosite assists them in changing their negative attitude into wiser and more positive one.
  • Agate: Agate as the birthstone for Taureans is proficient in bringing their fantasies to reality. The stones, like Agate help the Taureans to live up to their dreams and abilities by reinforcing their prudent approach to life.

The various other stones that are considered great for providing beneficial properties to the Taureans are Zircon, Chrysocolla, Aventurine, Citrine, Obsidian, and Malachite. 

Taurus Compatibility

The zodiac signs that are considered to be perfectly matching with Taurus are Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn. The union of Taurus and Scorpio makes a special and composite connection with one another. Both of these signs balance weakness of each other and they make a wonderful relationship of passionate love. Though, Taurus-Virgo, both of these signs believes in reality in their life, as they can be devoted with one another in their true relationship.

Furthermore, if Taurus and Capricorn make a love match, then it will lead to a practical and sensible partnership. The grounded and persistent persona of both of these sign will heighten up their relationship.

However, the least compatible Zodiac signs for the Taureans are Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini.  The union of Aries and Taurus does not represent a strong affiliation with each other, as Aries tend to move in their life rapidly, while, Taureans prefers to go much slowly. Although, the bond between Taurus and Sagittarius can face ups and downs in their life, hence they need to be little patient with each other.

Additionally, when Taurus and Gemini get closer with each other in a relationship, then it will unleash some dynamic changes in their partnership, and they need lot to learn about how to get along with one another.