Scorpio (The Perturber) is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, which symbolizes curiosity, passion and aspiration. The Scorpios holds their destiny in their hands, and entire life they work very hard, to make their lives more comfortable and easy-going. In horoscope, this sign signifies passion towards their desire and this zodiac is sort of mysterious.

This sign of Zodiac is stoutly associated with the element of Water and have a unique Fixed quality. The Scorpios are full of confidence due to their fixed quality and they gradually achieve their goals. The Scorpio-born are very good at manipulation, as they do their best to get the things done in their own way. These individuals are powerful, as they don’t quit their tasks easily.

Pluto is the ruler planet of the Scorpios, though Pluto is known as the God of the Underworld in ancient times, which makes people who are born under this sign motivated, insightful and attentive. These folks are fearless and they keep moving in their lives, as they are determined to achieve their success.

The Scorpio is all about passion and intensity, which also implies for the Scorpio men. These men are stern and sometimes serious, nevertheless curious and they want to learn about everyone and everything. They have kind of intuitive character, which helps them to unveil the real picture of others. Communication is something, in which they are brilliant, and can draw others attention very easily. These folks don’t like anyone to interfere in their matter, as they always want to manage by themselves. The Sun will rise from the west, if the Scorpio-born will be dependent on others.

The Perturber men always want to create their own destiny, since they are fearless, ambitious and motivated in their life. Self-made winner is something they always want to be and they work very hard for it, as their progress and success is always in their mind. The Scorpio-born are extremely good in making and managing money, as they know the value of finances. People who fall under this Zodiac always have a long-term plan and approach for their better future.

The Scorpios are ruled by the God of Underworld, that provides them some beneficial attributes such as intensity, enthusiasm and filled with aspiration. They are not the ones who forgive anyone and forget anything very easily, even sometimes they become resentful. Anyone who wants to deal with the Scorpio men, have to be little attentive and calm. These men are blessed with sharp memory and strong determination, which helps them to win consistently.

The charm, charisma and mysterious personality attract the opposite sex very easily. Although, these men take love as their passion, for which they are extremely loyal. Besides, they like to have numerous romantic clashes, but they will always stick to their commitment, if they feel true emotions towards their loved one. They always prove themselves as the perfect partner, as they consists intuitive and obsessive characteristics. These men are intensely loyal to their friends and family as they understand their single need and expectation.

Those who are born under this sign are extremely curious and always eager to try something new in their life. They are also adventurous and fervent by their personality.

The Scorpio women are inclined to be sexy, severe, affectionate and mysterious of the all signs of the Zodiac. They symbolize amazing charm, beauty and strength in their personality. These women have an extraordinary persona and tremendous energy levels, while they are deep as the sea and calm just like still water. The Scorpio women have intensely secretive impression; hence they should never be taken lightly. They are even curious and want to know each and every thing. Firmness is something they always follow in their persona, and they want their certainty to be remaining same.

Perceptive, controlling and sometimes quick-witted, the Scorpio women have deadly beauty in their personality that everyone gets attracted towards them. They are fearless and self-confident, and even they keep going while their life takes a complicated turn. They are strong enough to face each and every situation of life, since they never give up. These women carefully reveal their secrets, as they don’t want to open in front of anyone. They believe in reality and always seek for the clearness as uncertainty makes them feel uncomfortable.

In love and relationship, they have a propensity to play games with their partner as they are extremely sexy. The women of this zodiac love to do flirt with the opposite sex, and enjoy attention, but if they their someone special come onto their life, they adore to stay faithful and devoted towards him. The Scorpio women are sanctified with amazing reasoning power, which assists them to take correct decision at appropriate moment. Independent, strong, capable enough to take care of themselves, emotional and passionate are the phrases, which depicts about the persona of Scorpio women.

The Scorpio-women tend to observe things very smartly, as they never forget and forgive things very easily. Nevertheless, kindness is something they never forget to act and they always devour wise individuality in their persona. 

Scorpio Traits, Personality and Characteristics

The Scorpio-born signifies mysterious and determined personality, and they know very well, how to be success in their life. People get magnetize towards the Scorpios very easily, as it is very difficult to ignore the charm of these persons. This sign of Zodiac represents the Perturber, which symbolizes supremacy, strong-minded and courageous aspects in their persona. They work as hard as they can to satisfy their desires and aspirations. Intensity, passion ambitious defines the personality of a Scorpio-born.

Pluto is the ruler of the Scorpios, which is well known as the God of the Underworld; hence, it provides intense energy to the Scorpios. Pluto makes the people of this Zodiac, aggravated, incisive and responsive. The Scorpio-born can lose their temper and even can become rancorous when they don’t like anything. They are not afraid of anything; they are capable enough for facing every difficult situation. The Scorpios are not immature and sloppy, but they are fun-loving and passionate by their personal. People like to remain in their company, as they seem interesting personalities to them. 

The Scorpio-born belongs to the element of water, which signifies emotional temperament of them. Since, Water can be shallow and deep, similarly, the emotions of the Scorpio-born runs deeply in their heart. On the other hand, they are sort of mysterious and can amass plentiful secrets. These folks are clever and perceptive and sometimes they can see into things, which can be nuisance for them. The Scorpios are trustworthy and always stand by their close ones, if they have promised anything. They love competition in life, thus they are extremely devoted for their work.

Attractive personality, charming nature, intelligence, entertaining, passionate and trustworthy are some of the strength of the Scorpio-born, while manipulative, envious, fanatical, obstinate and suspicious are weakness of these individuals.

  • SymbolThe Scorpion
  • ElementWater
  • GroupIntellectual
  • PolarityNegative
  • Favorable Colors Dark Reds, Black
  • Chinese CounterpartPig
  • Ruling PlanetPluto, Mars
  • Cross/QualityFixed
  • House RuledEighth
  • Opposite SignTaurus
  • Lucky GemOpal
  • Scorpio DateOct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpio Stones

The stones which are appropriate for the Scorpios are as follows:

  • Scorpio Birthstones

The individuals who are born in between 23 October – 21 November are considered to be fall under the Zodiac sign Scorpio. The birthstone which is suitable for the Scorpios is Topaz.

Topaz is believed to activate the endocrine system of the Scorpio-born. This stone is known as a valuable gemstone, which also cures blood disorders and increases deprived appetite of the Scorpios. It is believed that topazes are used to balances emotions and calms needs. This stone is recognized majorly as a gem, which fills the Scorpios with spiritual transformation.

  • Other stones for Scorpio

The other stones which are suitable for the Scorpios are:

  • Opal: The energies those are associated with the multi-colored opal gemstone is similar with the mysterious persona of Scorpios. This stone reproduce the spiritual and transformative power in Scorpio-born, which enhances the intuitive perception and activates personal power. 
  • Tourmaline: This stone is known as the stone of purification, which helps the Scorpios and pacifying the feeling of anger, nervousness and unworthiness. This stone is also beneficial in treating fanatical and compelling behavior.
  • Coral: This stone is also known as the mystical stone for the Scorpios, since it protects them against, evil spirits, witchcraft, nightmares and accidents. However, it also inculcates intellect, self-belief and strength in the Scorpio-born.

The various stones which are apposite for the Scorpio-born are amethyst, yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Rhodochrosite, Beryl and Rose Quartz.

Scorpio Compatibility

The most compatible Zodiac signs for the Scorpios are Cancer, Virgo and Pisces. When Scorpio and Cancer paired up with each other, the resulting relationship turns into the intense one, which is a combination of two passionate signs. Though, Scorpio-Virgo, both the signs tend to admire each other, and their relationship is sort of deep and loyal.

Moreover, when Scorpio and Pisces make a love match, then there will be a marvelous blend of respect and understanding. Since, Scorpios are very thoughtful and Pisces are optimistic by nature.

The least compatible Zodiac signs for the Scorpio-born are Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius. Scorpio-Aries both tend to engage in intense and serious arguments, thus their connection will be sort of confrontational and belligerent. Although, Scorpio and Gemini both need to understand and accept each other differences, if they want to make a love match. However, Scorpio-Sagittarius, the resulting relationship between both of these signs turns into the erratic and treacherous one.