Pisces (The Fish) is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, which indicates those personalities who are seeker, and eagerly want to know the meaning of life. These folks are selfless, and they love to help others, without expecting anything from them. In horoscope, the Pisces brings many of the characteristics of other Zodiac signs, which comes before that.

The Pisces belongs to the Water element and devour a special mutable quality. The people, who fall under the Water sign, are sort of emotional and their feelings run deep in their heart. However, those individuals who comprises the mutable quality, knows how to go with the flow, and they can change themselves as per the situation.

The ruling planets of this astrological sign are Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is known as the king of the gods, while Neptune is believed as the ruler of the seas. This ruling planet duo provides some unique energy to the Pisces, which connects these folks with spirituality, thus the individuals who fall under this sign are believed to be spiritually oriented and generous.

Symbolized by a pair of fishes, the Pisces is the happiest sign of the Zodiac cycle. The Pisces men show many of the traits of the other signs, which make them liberal and innocent. These men are immensely interested to know the meaning of life and how to fill their life with happiness; that is why they are known as the seekers. Fortunately, these men have an amazing sixth-sense, which helps them to know what others are thinking or feeling. The inner focus of the Pisceans makes them mystifying and inscrutable to others. Sometimes it seems that the Pisces men live in two different worlds, as their mind runs in dissimilar directions.

Being a sign of the Water element, the Pisces men are kind, moderate, friendly, expressive and insightful individuals. Their fantasy world, in which they occupy themselves with their desires, imaginative ideas and thoughts, is more important than their real world at times. Outward appearances don’t interest these men, they always look for the inner soul of any person, and hence one can say that the Pisceans are the old soul of the Zodiac. They are true charmer, who drew others attention through their charisma. The Pisces men are considered as the lover of adventure and social gatherings, as they love to be surrounded by people. Discipline and restrictions is something that they avoid in their life.

Deeply romantic by nature, the Pisces men presents their true love with their selfless persona to others. These men do not believe in love at first sight, and they try to engage themselves in love slowly and steadily. Although, whenever the Pisceans fall in love, they fill their inner ocean with loyalty, devotion and honesty towards their loved one. Consequently, the Pisces men are truly romantic, and love to shower their warmth to their partner.

The men born under this astrological sign are often unproductive in their career, as they look for an easy way to be successful, and as a result, they get disappointment. Spiritual, creative and idealistic, the Pisces men are perspective and the most trusted friend. Moreover, their sensitivity is their strength as well as their weakness. Straightforward nature is something they comprises in their personality, but they don’t like to hurt others emotions. On the other hand, these men can’t say “No” to others, and this can lead them to a difficult situation for them at times.

The Pisces women can be known as ultra-feminine ladies, who are mysterious, spiritual and sensual personalities. They love to be in their imaginary world; hence sometimes it is very difficult to understand their dreams, as they are kind of vivid and not easy for practical world. Just like rivers and lakes, this Zodiac sign signifies deep emotions and strong feelings of the Pisces women. However, they often veil their passionate and sensitive persona from others. Religious, curious and gentle, the Pisces women are true dreamers, who love to be in their own intuition and chimera.

The women who fall under this astrological sign are mystical and imaginative, who are extremely talented in field of arts. The Pisces women have an inclination toward performing arts, writing, paintings and other creative activities, and love to express their feelings through these pursuits.

Love is all about glorious fantasy for the Pisces women, whose romantic feeling and desires take a ride in their illusionary world with spinning colors. They want their relationship to be filled with magic, mystery and astonishing waves of the blue sea. Therefore, one can say that these women are highly imaginative and love to be in their fantasy world. The Pisces women are devoted and honest partner, who feels complete after being in relationship with their loved one.

They do not make an effort to attract the opposite sex, as they are vulnerable and comprises exceedingly emotional quotient, to which men get attracted involuntarily.

Pisces Traits, Personality and Characteristics

The personalities, who came under this sign, are self-sacrificing, spiritual and very determined for their own journey. They are considered as the happiest among all Zodiac signs, as they acquire many of the characteristics of other astrological signs. They know how to go with the flow, without producing any waves. These folks are calm, submissive and friendly at the edge, but inside there is an ocean which is running immensely. The Pisceans are considered as the biggest dreamers of the Zodiac, as they love to live in their illusionary world and like to play with their fantasies. These individuals will never be a part of any argument, and this quality makes the Pisceans vulnerable.

The Fish is the symbol of this Zodiac sign, which indicates that Pisceans are fluid and easy-going. The twin fishes signify the dual nature of the individuals, who are born under this sign, since both fishes vary between realism and idealism, which is according to their reflective nature. These folks are gifted with amazing imaginative power, which has the capacity to take them to great heights. The Pisces-born are charitable and are always ready to make others happy rather than themselves. Compassionate is something the Pisces-born are blessed with, the people in need will always find a person who will help them in any way and i.e. Pisces-born.

The Pisces are ruled by the Jupiter and Neptune planet, which allows them to get closer with the spirituality. These folks are highly intuitive, who always think wisely through their sixth-sense, while taking a decision. However, they are kind of escapists, as when things do not go according to their plan, they start blaming their bad luck, rather than facing that situation. The Pisces-born are very creative, and love to engage themselves in creative pursuits, as they are quite talented.

The positive traits of the Pisceans, that they are, ingenious, empathetic, tolerate, enthusiastic, truthful and can adapt numerous situation with ease. While, their emotional, pessimism, over-sensitive and idealistic nature signifies some of their negative traits.

  • SymbolThe Fish
  • ElementWater
  • GroupTheoretical
  • PolarityNegative
  • Favorable Colors Sea-green
  • Chinese CounterpartRabbit
  • Ruling PlanetNeptune, Jupiter
  • Cross/QualityMutable
  • House RuledTwelfth
  • Opposite SignVirgo
  • Lucky GemMoon Stone
  • Pisces DateFebruary 19 - March 20

Pisces Stones

The birthstone which is recommended for the Pisceans are:

  • Pisces Birthstones

Those individuals who born in between 19 February – 20 March are considered to fall under the Pisces sign of Zodiac. The birthstone which is suitable for the Pisceans is glistening Aquamarine.

The birthstone Aquamarine is believed to be the stone of empowerment, which enhances the intuitive ability of Pisceans, and helps them in communicating their emotions with ease. Just like Pisces, Aquamarine stone also belongs to the element of water, which is considered as a powerful gem for stimulating inner harmony into the Pisces-born. This stone makes the Fish spirited through wisdom and learning. Determination, self-control and cheerfulness are some of the traits that bestowed in the individuals, who fall under this sign of Zodiac.

Moreover, Aquamarine is an amazing stone for meditation and helps the Pisceans in reducing paranormal activities, and induces surprises. Hence, one can say that, Aquamarine helps the Pisces-born in being spiritual.

  • Other stones for Pisces

The other stones which are apt for the Pisces-born are:

  • Amethyst: Amethyst is known as the calming stone, which heals the emotional feelings and nervousness in Pisces-born. This stone is very helpful, that makes Pisceans to differentiate between good and bad things. This stone stimulates the Crown Chakra and Brow Chakra.
  • Ruby: This precious stone helps Pisceans in getting rid of the relationships, that hurt them in past, as it is known as the gem of love and passion. It also encourages them to stay away from distress, suffering and anxiety. Ruby is very popular stone which is known as the queen of the gems.
  • Jasper: Stone of courage – Jasper, encourages the Pisces-born to be honest and strong in confronting situations. It also inspires them to move assertively in their life.
  • Bloodstone: This stone is an excellent crystal, which helps the Pisceans to feel stronger sense of determination and its energies helps them in connecting with their inner spirit.

The numerous other stones which appropriate for the Pisces are Amber, Ametrine, Labradorite, Calcite crystals, Charoite, Turquoise and Rainbow Moonstone.

Pisces Compatibility

The most compatible Zodiac sign with the Fish are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces itself. If Pisces and Cancer make a love match, then they will create a positive relationship between each other. Since, both signs are tolerant and sympathetic, and attract each other with their creative ideas. Though, Pisces and Scorpio make a splendid match of respect and understanding. Both these sign belongs to the water element; they have an imminent into one another’s minds and hearts. Furthermore, Pisces and Pisces is the match of two honest, sensitive and emotional signs, which have a deep spiritual connection between each other.

On the other hand, the least compatible astrological signs with the Pisceans are Aries, Gemini and Leo. Aries are extremely aggressive and harsh for sensitive nature of the Pisceans; hence it will be difficult for them to understand feelings of one another. Pisces-Gemini, both of these signs have different point of views and ideas, as rational and logical is the approach of Gemini to solve a situation, while Pisces relies on their intuitions. Additionally, Leo is the strong and assertive sign of the Zodiac, whereas Pisces are quieter and reserved by nature, which indicates their different personalities.