The fifth sign of Zodiac is Leo is the most masculine sign, which symbolizes the Lion. In horoscope, Leos have the character of making a lasting impression on others. Giving respect, born leaders, ambitious, affectionate well-being, willing to jump into battle, depicts some of the features which are associated with the nature of Leos.

The Leo sign of Zodiac belongs to the element of fire and has an extraordinary fixed quality in their nature. The individuals with fixed quality are very strong-minded, firm and definite, who works peacefully to achieve their objectives.

The ruler of this sign of the Zodiac is the Sun, which follows reactive principle in horoscope. They exude supremacy and dignity and they are full of the enthusiasm to reach at the top at their selected field. Determination, empathy, loyalty and to motivate others are the biggest strength of Leos. Although, stubborn, criticism and dominate are some of the weakness for Leo-born.

The Leo symbolizes the Lion, which is the sign of pride and grandiose. A Leo man signifies strong sense of reliability and objectivity to shine. Their presence makes them perceptible wherever they go. Extroverted, dignified, warm and enthusiastic are the major aspects of a Leo man.  They act like natural born leader, kind and provide motivation to others as well. If they set their mind on something, then they work very hard accomplish that thing anyhow.

Leadership quality, their positive attitude and their tendency to work hard plays an important role to make them unbeaten. They are aware of their strength and sometimes this leads to laziness in their approach towards their ambitions. Appreciation and admiration is something a Leo man wants to boost their energy. The Leo men don’t like to open their cards in front of anyone or they don’t like to tell anyone about their plans. Hence, if anyone wants to get things done by them, then he or she should be polite and compose.

Love is devastating, extravagant, spectacular and impressive for the Leo men. They fall in love very passionately and deeply, and shower their partner with love and affectionate. When they find their special one, they devote themselves purely for their loved one. Since, the lion is associated with fire element, and then this is no surprise that they are very romantic in nature. Without pleasure, there is no life for the Leos; they will do anything for their partner to fill their life with pleasure and gratification.  

The Leo men have an interesting quality and i.e. sleeping and relaxing hard, since they always transform from a lazy lion to active one. Egoistic is a negative eminence in the Leos personality, hence if you are dealing with the Leo men keep in mind to respect his views and make sure you are not hurting their fragile ego. Generosity, caring and bounteousness are some positive traits of the Leos personality and they never forgive anyone easily who hurt their ego.

The three things that the Leo women need in prosperity are attention, respect and appreciation. Sometimes, they can be arrogant and pretentious, since these are the basic persona of Leo-born. On the surface, the lion symbolizes confidence and aggression in their personality, thus they conduct themselves similarly. They are passionate, good-humored and vigorous, but eventually, when they are hot-tempered they love to appease with compliments and gifts.

Leo women have the most powerful presence with some affirmative traits such as warm-hearted, adoring, impetuous and profligate. They are not very fond of money and luxurious life, but they love to live in that lifestyle that matches with their preference.

The Leo women are ruled by the Sun, which indicates courteous, bighearted, dazzling and dedicated personality, who can easily draw other’s attention towards them with their inner charm. But instantly, they never tolerate any kind of misbehavior. These women are fine blend of intelligence, wittiness, smartness, strength, appeal. They do not need to impress anyone; it already ensues with their feminine charm. Sports, outdoor and prescribed activities attract the Leo women, since they don’t like to live in a restricted area. Creativity is something they love to do, thus it is very easy to find the Leo women in the field of art and theatre, where they can express their thoughts and draw attention of others.

In a relationship, these women are very faithful and expect their partner to be an equally loyal, exceptional, amiable, and truthful. The main characteristic of the Leo women is their warm spirit and enthusiasm. They are very generous and have a propensity to treat their friends splendidly. The women of this sign fall in love with someone very easily, and feel extremely blissful in love.

Leo Traits, Personality and Characteristics

The Leos love to be in limelight, thus there are many ways for them to make their future in performing arts. They are extremely talented and they have an essence to be dramatic in their nature. Confidence and their presence make others to feel confident too is an outstanding character of Leos. The personality of Leo is warm and action-oriented are the special qualities which are different from the other Zodiac signs.   

The Sun is the most important point in Leo’s horoscope – the centre of the universe. Likewise, Leo believes that they are the centre of the universe and love to be admired. Leo-born is very energetic in nature and spread positive ambiance to others. These individuals are always very popular due to their big heart and helpful nature, since they kindly confer love and affection on others. The enthusiasm of Leos is never-ending and they determine hard to achieve success.

However, Leo-born don’t get easily dispirited by any bad situation, they always try their best to reach at the top. Further, their self confidence, straight forward thinking and dynamic nature, magnetize the attention of their friends and loved ones. They tend to demand honesty from their close ones, even though they are reliable and trustworthy folks.

Furthermore, stubborn, egoistic, dominating, possessive and impatient are some of the attributes of Leo-born which can be considered as negative points. It takes lots of time to convince a Leo-born, since they are kind of obstinate. Besides, creativity, idealism, leadership and full of ambitions are some of the attributes that are proved positive for Leo-born.

  • SymbolThe Lion
  • ElementFire
  • GroupIntellectual
  • PolarityPositive
  • Favorable Colors Gold, Orange
  • Chinese CounterpartMonkey
  • Ruling PlanetSun
  • Cross/QualityFixed
  • House RuledFifth
  • Opposite SignAquarius
  • Lucky GemRuby
  • Leo DateJul 23 - Aug 22

Leo Stones

The stones which are suitable for the Leos are depicted as follows:

Leo Birthstones

The individuals who are born between 23 July – 22 August are considered to fall under the Zodiac Sign of Leo. The birthstone that is appropriate for the Leos is sparkling Peridot.

Peridot is the birthstone for the August-born and, since Leo occupies the larger portion of the month August, thus Peridot is considered to be the finest birthstone for the Leos.

The Leo-born are full of enthusiasm and affectionate. Similarly, Peridot is considered a stone of good spirits and majesty. It protects Leo-born against negative feelings and mends the liver and gall bladder as well. The green crystals of Peridot gem work as a stimulant for the body, as Peridot stones help Leo-born to refurbish their health physically and emotionally. If the Leos wear Peridot, then it will help you to set free from the feelings of exasperation, annoyance, and jealousy.

Other stones for Leo

The other stones which are appropriate for the Leo-born are:

  • Diamond: Diamond is believed to be the master healer for the Leos, which unites one’s mind and body. It is known as an uplifting stone, which intensifies the superiority of other crystals. The intense energy of Diamond strengthens the emotions during the disturbing situation of Leo-born and also helps them in their bad state of mind.  It is also used in a therapeutic manner, which releases Leo's mind from emotional issues.
  • Onyx: Onyx is considered to instilling self-confidence and buoyancy in the Leo-born personality. It is used to sharpen their senses and encourages them for a healthy egotism.
  • Carnelian: Carnelian helps the persons of this Zodiac, against jealousy, anger, and offense. It enhances the concentration of the Leos and removes exaggerated thoughts.
  • Sardonyx: This stone works as a highly protective stone, which symbolizes confidence, happiness and optimism. It also boosts self-control and the personal power of Leo-born.
  • Ruby: The queen of gems and the most dominant gemstone in the universe is an excellent healer for Leo-born. The splendid red color of Ruby grants a sense of strength and spirit to the Leos. It motivates the Leos in moving on and getting rid of the relationships that hurt them.

The various other stones which can be apt for the Leo born are Garnet, Citrine, Amber, Crystal Quartz, and Danburite.

Leo Compatibility

The most compatible signs of Zodiac with Leo are the Lion itself, Aries and Sagittarius. Leo-Leo, both are affectionate, vivacious and self-centered individuals, they will cooperate with each other very proficiently. Though, Leo and Aries, both are independent and self-motivated persons, who are concerned with their own creative work and interests. Further, Leo-Sagittarius is an excellent combination of passion, liveliness and pleasure which signifies amazing magnetism between them.

Although, the least compatible Zodiac signs with the Leo are Scorpio and Taurus. Leo-Scorpio, stubborn and proud are the common traits of both, hence both of them tend to resist each other preferences. Moreover, Leo and Taurus are obstinate and inflexible sometimes, thus will never make a good match.