Capricorn (The Goat) is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, which signifies hardworking, determined, and ambitious personalities. These people are blessed with an energetic mind and amazing awareness. Capricorns are sort of practical and realistic by nature, thus they covers the way to their goal step by step. In horoscope, this Zodiac sign symbolizes the achiever, who struggles a lot to reach at the position they want, whether it takes lots of time and effort.

This sign of Zodiac belongs to the Earth element and encloses an extraordinary Cardinal quality. The association of this Zodiac with Earth element signifies an outstanding quality and i.e. their practical nature. All their actions are preplanned and they can’t tolerate failure, as they give their best while reaching towards their aim. The folks with cardinal quality, are full of verve and strength, and posses a desire to be fulfilled anyhow.

The ruler of the Capricorns is the ringed planet Saturn. This planet indicates restrictions and limitations. Since, it symbolizes that these folks get, what they deserve in their life. Capricorns are capable enough to achieve their success, as they are gifted with two immense qualities, maturity and consistency.

The Capricorn men are probably the most interesting Zodiac sign, according to the psychological perception. These men are sort of career-oriented, and they struggle as hard as they can to achieve success in their life. They are very conservative and prefer to be in discipline in their life, though they don’t like those individuals who are not strong-minded towards their aspirations. They feel protective for their emotions and finances, as they don’t believe anyone very easily. Thus, if you want to get closer with the Capricorn men, then you have to put lot of effort to prove your reliability. 

The Capricorn men may appear slightly detached and tame, but one should never underestimate them. It may take long for them to share their experiences and open up in front of anyone; consequently it can be very difficult for them to connect with anyone emotionally. The qualities which can sum up the personality of the Capricorn men are ambitious, strong-minded and realistic. The men, who fall under this Zodiac sign, have a propensity to exploit their energies in a resourceful way and they always come up with the practical and acceptable views. The Capricorn men take their relations very seriously, and execute their parts very proficiently.

The Capricorn men never commit a relationship very easily, unless they have a string feeling for it. They are not flirtatious and never play games with their partner, as they take love very seriously. True love is something, that they consider the most important thing in their life. However, when they find their special one, they work very hard to keep that relationship, which indicates that they are extremely loyal towards their partner. The Capricorn men do not like to waste their time in playing mind games, even though they are immensely romantic and always try their best to make their partner feel special.

Intelligence, integrity, sincere and self-dependent are some of the qualities which they utilize hard in achieving their objective. Moreover, these men can be witty at one moment and grumpy at the next. Thus these kinds of mood swings can lead them to behave irresponsibly, which can affect other things. 

The Capricorn women are known as the powerhouse of the Zodiac, for the reason that they are capable enough to climb every mountain and reach at the top. These women are simple, single-minded, and always perform their tasks assertively. They do not believe in fantasies, but they like to live in the real world, where they can achieve their success through their hard work. If they set their mind for any task, then they give their best to complete it anyhow, as they comprise determined personality. The Capricorn women are conformist and extrovert, however, they desire for security, authority and growth, and they are always ready for trying new things.

The women of this sign are optimistic, therefore their lively way of dealing with challenges is always ready to execute. They have a propensity of handling their profession as well as their home efficiently. They are independent and have enormous leadership skills, sometimes which can turn into the jealousy of others. The women, who fall under this sign, will kick out if aggravated, despite the fact that they loses their temper, however they prefer an uncomplicated way for obtaining their result. These women believe that everyone should get equal opportunities, thus they have a strong sense of justice and fairness.

The Capricorn women neither believes in love at first sight, nor do they like to play games and be flirtatious with their partners. They take love very seriously; hence when they find their special one, they try their best to make their relationship more strong.

On the negative side, these women are prone to negativity and gloominess, if they face any failure.  On the other hand, the Capricorn women set lofty principles for themselves and through their creative and determined quality; they managed to achieve their success.

Capricorn Traits, Personality and Characteristics

The people who are born under the sign of Capricorn, signifies stability, balance and wisdom through their personality. These folks are well known for their determination, and their prominent qualities includes, motivated, traditionalist, strong-minded, sensible and supportive. The Capricorn-born believe in hard-work, thus this is the only thought which leads them towards their success, though they are very dedicated to their goals. They make amazing team leaders and coordinators, because of their sense of responsibility and focused mind towards their work. They feel extremely satisfied when others respect their capabilities and qualities.

The symbol of this Zodiac, the Goat, symbolizes their desire to reach at the top of the mountain and harvest the benefits of their success, through their fortitude and uphill struggle. Although, after reaching at the top, the Capricorn might become domineering and egoistical. These folks get hurt by rejection; however their outer shell protects them from any problem. The Capricorn-born are aware, prudent and feel secure in their space, though they will act brutally to get what they want in life. These individuals love to be in discipline, and like those people who are focused towards their goal.

The element allied with Capricorn is Earth, which indicates their grounded and practical nature. These folks believe in reality, but sometimes they can be little greedy and acquisitive, as they just want a compensation for their struggle. Positively, the Capricorns are patient, once they set their goals, they immediately work hard to achieve it, no matter how much time it will take, but they do not lose their determination, which can cause annoyance for them at times.

The great strengths of the Capricorns are their patience, reliability, determination and the ability to defeat every obstacle. Though, these folks have a strong feeling that, whatever they decide is perfect and it is very difficult for them to change their views.

  • SymbolThe Goat
  • ElementEarth
  • GroupTheoretical
  • PolarityNegative
  • Favorable Colors Brown
  • Chinese CounterpartOx
  • Ruling PlanetSaturn
  • Cross/QualityCardinal
  • House RuledTenth
  • Opposite SignCancer
  • Lucky GemOnyx
  • Capricorn DateDec 22 - Jan 19

Capricorn Stones

The stones that are recommended for the Capricorn-born are:

  • Capricorn Birthstones

The people who are born in between 22 December – 19 January are considered to be fall under the Capricorn sign of the Zodiac. The birthstone that is recommended for the Capricorn-born is Garnet.

The birthstone Garnet is well known as a useful stone at the time of crisis, since it provides courage and self-belief to the Capricorns. This stone helps them to balance their energy system and supports the attitude. Garnet is considered as the lucky stone for love, success and fulfilling desires, and it helps Capricorns to walk easily on their path to success. It soothes the connection of Capricorns with spirituality, as it sharpens the perceptions of them and let them to come up new ideas. Stone of obligation, garnet reveals the aspects of understanding and devotion, and manages the flow of energy in the body of the Capricorn-born.

  • Other stones for Capricorn

The other stones which are suitable for the Capricorn-born are:

  • Turquoise: This stone is considered as the efficient healer that cleanses the negativity and inspires the Capricorns to get the feeling of benevolence, gratification, freedom, love and compassion. The capacity of the Capricorns is being boosted with this stone effectively.
  • Onyx: Onyx has a strong energy that will help the Capricorns to feel better, if they are not feeling well physically and emotionally. It activates the feeling of strength and helps them to recover very easily.
  • Ruby: Ruby is well known as the queen of the gemstone, and it spreads the feeling of love in Capricorns life, and let them to stay away from anxiety, distress and sufferings.
  • Lapis Lazuli: After wearing this stone, the Capricorns develop the strong connection between themselves and spirituality, since this stone helps them to purify their spirits.

The various other stones, which are suitable for the Capricorn-born, are Tourmaline, Labradorite, Malachite, Peridot, Topaz and Carnelian.

Capricorn Compatibility

Being a sign ruled by the Saturn planet, the perfectly compatible Zodiac signs with Capricorn are Taurus, Cancer and Virgo. Capricorn-Taurus, both these make a practical and sensible love match, as the both signs are focused towards their objectives and aspirations. Whereas, Capricorn-Cancer, this will be the celestial blend of great persistence and determination.

Though, if Capricorn and Virgo make a love match, then both of these sign will led to a smart and realistic relationship, as they both adores qualities of each other.

On the other hand, the most mismatching Zodiac signs with Capricorn are Aries and Gemini. Capricorn-Aries, this companionship will lead to a slow approach to conquest, as both of these sign are impatient and impulsive. Furthermore, it may be tough for Capricorn and Gemini to get along with each other in a relationship, seeing that both of them want to execute their own approach for life.