The fourth sign of Zodiac, Cancer (The Crab), is all about deeply intuitive, emotions and protective ones. This makes it a Sign of caring, domestic and affectionate ones.

The ruler of this Zodiac Sign is the Moon, which is also related with deep feelings and loving nature. In horoscope, moon also indicates the mother. Cancer-born people are kind of familiar in nature, and love to enjoy their time with their family and friends. Generally, if there domestic life is calm and peaceful, then they feel really pleased.

The Cancer Sun Sign belongs to the water element and has a special cardinal quality. Cardinal quality represents strong leadership, initiative, enthusiastic and confident, who are always ready to prove their abilities and try new things. People with this eminence don’t wait for the opportunities; they just want to create their fortune by their own.

The Cancer man remains in their shell, and when they feel they are prepared enough to face the world, they come out with new enthusiasm. Cancer-born is introvert, thoughtful and reserved, and open his heart for his close ones. Reserved nature is one of the key characteristic of their nature, since they would not tell everything about themselves in the initial few meetings. However, ruled by the emotions and their deep feelings, these individuals are very friendly, selfless and full of concern for their close ones.

The utmost importance for the Cancer men is their home and family, and they feel little protective towards them. Besides, the Cancer men want a peaceful and quiet life with their family, to motivate themselves for fulfilling all their desires. They are great listeners and eventually give fantastic advises. Sentiments is the another special element of Cancer men, which they express by collecting memories. They are strong enough to make changes by their own, but sometimes they easily change according to the situation.

Generally, they feel depress and become sad at one moment and be quite witty and entertaining in the other. Hence, if one is dealing with a Cancer man, then he or she needs to be extremely patient and calm. Their intuition plays an immense role in times of stress. Always polite and sophisticated personality, these characteristics signify their gentlemanly manners.

However, they are not rude or offensive. They have a propensity to build a shield for their feelings and emotions. They are very conscious of their clothes, looks, possessions and even their close ones, and they are very particular about what they like or what they want. They normally prefer a familiar life rather than adventurous or thrilling life. Therefore, people think that they are cool on nature and unexciting.

Relationship and love is the definitive ambiguity to the Cancer men, that they always trying to achieve. However, their reserved nature and introversion makes it complicated for Cancerians to allow them to fall in love, and when they meet with their special one – which may take a while, as they are very particular – the Cancer men will try to fulfill all demands of their partner.

Infidelities are something which they can’t tolerate, therefore they soon leave their relationship to endure their hurt feelings and work towards the resolutions.

The Cancer women are ruled by the Moon, which signifies their affectionate and caring nature towards their family and friends. Sometimes she can be stubborn and her expression can be confusing for others. Therefore, if you are dealing with a Cancer woman, then you need to be calm and compose. If anyone criticizes Cancer women they merely take it personally, and they will never forget these things easily.

Most of the time, it is observed the women of this Zodiac sign doubt to every single thing and preserves negative kind of attitude. Cancer is the first Zodiac sign which belongs to water element, which grants them an intuitive power and imagination.

The Crab likes to live in their shell, likewise, Cancer women protects their emotions and innermost feelings with a shield. They don’t open their heart easily in front of anyone they meet. If they feel hurt, they bound themselves in their shell, where they are not reachable. However, they never plan to take revenge to that person who hurt them. Hence, if anyone want them to be in their life, then they should give them love and affectionate.

Family, relations and friends are the high priority for those women, who fall under this sign, due to their homely and domestic character. Wherever she lives, she will make that place her home and be little protective towards her home and family. A Cancer-born will adapt all the things which interest them, but generally she doesn’t like changes.

Moreover, she is an excellent money saver as she knows the value of money. Shrewd investor is something she signifies with her nature. 

Cancer Traits, Personality and Characteristics

Paternal and maternal instincts are the most important possession of Cancerians. Their personality seems complicated, but not likely they are conservative and home-loving people. Although, their symbol the Crab has a hard shell, this indicates their sensitive and soft nature under the shell, and due to this, harsh words from others hurts Cancerians a lot, but eventually they come out with the same enthusiasm to play again. Further, they don’t let anyone to know their problems and innermost feelings very easily.

Family and friends are the most important concern for Cancerians, as they are strongly associated with maternal nature. They tend to have large family and love to cherish their close ones. They lose their temper rapidly, if something that seems inappropriate to them. These persons are determined in nature and have strong will power to get their way, and their qualities like kindness and gentleness assists them to accomplish what they want. But if that still doesn’t work, then they go back to their shell or home and starts feeling anxiety.

In astrology, Water sign symbolizes emotions, and Cancer is the major constituent of water element. Therefore, Cancerians have deep emotional feelings that flows like a river. Frequent mood swings is also one of the character of water sign, thus sometimes their emotions flows smoothly, and sometimes still like as in a lake. On the bright side, Cancerians value a sense of security, therefore, they are good with money.

The great strength of the Cancer-born is the ability to protect their close ones. Honesty, trustworthiness, flexibility, understanding and sensitivity are the strong qualities of Cancerians. Accordingly, they use these qualities to perform their best and fulfill all their dreams.

Unpredictable, clingy and egotistic are some of the weaknesses of Cancer-born. These individuals have a tendency to doubt other’s intentions, so they investigate each and every thing about others. 

  • SymbolThe Crab
  • ElementWater
  • GroupEmotional
  • PolarityNegative
  • Favorable Colors White, Silver
  • Chinese CounterpartGoat
  • Ruling PlanetMoon
  • Cross/QualityCardinal
  • House RuledFourth
  • Opposite SignCapricorn
  • Lucky GemPearls
  • Cancer DateJun 21 - Jul 22

Cancer Stones

The stones which are suitable for those people who fall under this sign are as follows:

  • Cancer Birthstones

The people who are born in between 21 June – 22 July are considered to fall under the Zodiac Sign Cancer. Pearl, Moonstone and Ruby are the birthstones that are suitable for Cancer-born.

Though, Cancer covers the larger portion of the month July, therefore the most relevant stone for Cancerians is considered to be Ruby. Dedication, honesty, audacity and delight are some of the characteristics which are allied with the birthstone of this Zodiac sign. Ruby is believed to enhance generosity and bring success for Cancerians. The combination of Cancer and Ruby presents vitality, confidence and strength.

The other two stones which are suitable for Cancerians are Pearl and Moonstone. Pearl is considered as an amazing enhancer for sexual energy and cures ear diseases, while Moonstone is believed to be an amulet into Cancerians body and mind, which makes them to recover, what is lost.

  • Other stones for Cancer

The other stones which are appropriate for Cancer-born are:

  • Amber: An amber stone exhibits honey color that adds sweetness and peace into the Cancerians life. It also reveals the matters that are overcrowding one’s spirit. 
  • Carnelian: This stone helps in healing the back problems, neuralgia, arthritis, and boosts the healing of bones and ligaments. It also improves concentration and removes superfluous thoughts from Cancer-born minds.
  • Emerald: Emerald is one of the most significant stone in the world. It is an outstanding emotional healer for Cancerians, since it is believed to heal the calamity and heartbreaks. Emerald is also known as the stone of ambition and motivation, which leads Cancer-born to spiritual journey and divine love.
  • Rhodonite: The crystals of Rhodonite are well known for their ability to bring emotional healing and release Cancerians mind from blocked energy by stimulating the heart chakra.

Cancer Compatibility

The most compatible Zodiac Signs with Cancer are Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo. Cancer-Scorpio is potentially is one of the best matches between Sun Signs. Both of these signs can resolve their hard-shell attitudes, and as a result they will discover a satisfying and pleasing relationship.

Cancer-Pisces, emotions of both of these Zodiac Signs, flows very deep; therefore, both of them will understand each other feelings. However, the best compatible sign with Cancer is considered to be Taurus, since they both tend to be nurtures for their family and friends. Additionally, if Cancer and Virgo make a love match, then the result will be a strong and down-to-earth relationship.  

Moreover, Aries is the least compatible Sun Sign for Cancer. Cancer-Aries are not believed to do well, though Aries are impatient and intolerant.