The first sign of the zodiac, Aries are the leaders of the pack.  They always are in the first line, and get the things going.

Aries is denoted by the symbol, Ram, which is both good and bad in some or the other way. This sign is ruled by Mars, which is considered to be the god of war. The aggressive, bold, and courageous Aries never lack vitality, they always summon up their strength to stand up and get go.

The element that this zodiac sign uses is the fire element, and indeed they are fiery in their actions and strength. Their burning desire, enthusiasm, and zeal never fade out.

An Aries man is full of vigor and enjoyment, and hates to sit dull and depressed in a bad mood. Romancing an arise man will make you feel that you are somebody who us very special, however, consistency is something which is not allied with the personality traits of this zodiac. Rudeness is something that is not at all tolerated by them. Rude actions or rude behavior hurt them a lot, and then an Aries man is the coldest and the most hurt person on the earth. To get back the comfort zone and the previous warmth, one will have to start from the scratch to harmonize with Aries man.

Aries men are helpful in money and emotional matters. If they will help someone with money, they will also let no stone unturned to make them cheerful and happy. The generous Aries men does not get much affected or disappointed when their desires are elongated or their needs does not get fulfill on time. If any relationship is not working well, he will try again to add an effort, but if it breaks up, he will gather all the bits and pieces of heart and will move on again.

An Aries man is very expressive in nature and expects same from his partner. The lady that he expects to be in his life is indeed the one that he reads in novels and fairytales. In love, he is faithful and honest. He never gets indulged into acts of infidelity and cheating behind back.

Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries men love to move in their life at their own terms and pace. The guy having Aries as his zodiac never interferes in others work until and unless not told to do so, he always minds his own business. The workaholic Aries never hide their ambition, and will work very hard to reach towards the goals that he has set for himself.

A born and natural leader, the Aries man feels pleasure and zealous in taking up new projects. The strong characteristics of these guys make them a go-getter, self-starter and independent. They dislike repetitive tasks, and hence are found in or must be the part of professions, like lawyer, stockbrokers, professional athlete, dentist, or doctor. The spirit for adventure and the ambitious attitude of Aries men can help him in being an ideal entrepreneur. 

The rallying call of almost all the Aries women is “let’s get going”. The enthusiasts and the zealous, Aries women in much like the Aries men when it comes to leading and handling a whole group. They love to be on the front row, and like to initiate everything from projects to parties on their own. These naturally leading and fearless ladies are gifted with the attributes of energy, charisma, and dynamo.

The women with Aries as their zodiac look forward for new situations and opportunities to prove their skills and dexterity again and again to the whole world. The playful and adventurous Aries women are always famous amongst their family, kids, friends, and relatives.

Being governed by the fire sign, there is always a burning passion in the Aries women, which indeed makes them a seducer in the game of love. However, the partner that she chooses or want must be strong and a perfect match to her personality otherwise none can stop her to lose interest from a mismatching guy fast.

The major need of an Aries woman is independence, which also makes her an apt person to handle own financial needs and matters. Having control over the financial resources is a vital part of her life, although money is never a real concern for her, but she handles every matter related to money wisely. An Aries woman definitely uses a bank account, but is quite satisfied to hide the money under mattress or in wardrobe, which can access easily.

Generosity is a wonderful trait that is handled without prejudice by both Aries men and women.

Aries Traits, Personality and Characteristics

The people who are born under the sign of Aries are joyful, passionate and enthusiastic. If any task is happening around them, they will love to be the part of it rather than being a spectator and watch it. The hunger of doing something more and adventurous never let them sleep, and opens up the doors to new opportunities and chances. There are various positive and negative traits that Aries have them in themselves. The positive personality traits of Aries are that they are courageous, versatile, positive, lively, and passionate. For Aries, however difficult the situation is, they never take a back foot, and take the challenge head on. One can say that the Aries people are the Jack of all traits.

The positive attitude that Aries possesses always keeps them above everyone, and gives them a psychological advantage over everybody.

As prevalent that nobody is perfect, the people of this zodiac sign are also not perfect, they also have various flaws other than just having positivity and positive attitude.

Aries are stubborn and arrogant in nature. Sometimes, some Aries people have also been seen leaving things in the mid-way. The active and enthusiastic Aries sometimes do not use their energies in the right direction, which makes them bit indiscipline as well. In fact, the Aries people are impulsive and intolerant, which makes them a hasty decision-maker. This negative trait of their personality does not let them think even twice.

  • SymbolThe Ram
  • ElementFire
  • GroupEmotional
  • PolarityPositive
  • Favorable Colors Red
  • Chinese CounterpartDragon
  • Ruling PlanetMars
  • Cross/QualityCardinal
  • House RuledFirst
  • Opposite SignLibra
  • Lucky GemDiamond
  • Aries DateMar 21 - Apr 19

Aries Stones

The stones that are recommended to all the people falling in Aries sign are:

  • Aries Birthstones

The people falling in Aries range are born in between March 21 to April 19. The main gemstone for people who are born in March is Bloodstone and those who are born in April is Diamond. Hence, one can say that there are two birthstones for the zodiac sign of Aries i.e. Bloodstone and Diamond.

The birthstone diamond for Aries is believed to conduct the energies of this zodiac with the energies of planet Mars. The loyalty and fidelity factors of the Aries people are made stronger by the energies of diamond as diamond is considered as an effective stone in increasing inner strength and strengthening relationships. It enhances abundance, clarity, and balance in the Aries folks. The creativity and imaginative power of Aries are also armored by the diamond as it is considered the healer of crown chakra.

The second birthstone of Aries is the Bloodstone which is considered to be an amazing energy booster, and the never-tired Aries can gain many benefits from this stone. This stone is considered as the enhancer of bravery and courage, and also instills the feeling of self-esteem and self-worth so that the person learns to respect himself first rather than expecting from others. Bloodstone is known to heal the heart and base chakra. When the Aries feel lethargic, inactive and weak, Bloodstone can readily come to their rescue.


  • Other stones for Aries

There are various other stones also that are considered great for Aries, which are:

Ruby:  Ruby is a stone that can help Aries when they somehow get lost in the worldly matters so much that the sight of their goals becomes hazy and indistinct. Ruby increases the intuitive power and the creativity to a larger level that already exist in bits and pieces in the Aries. Ruby also helps in keeping the excitement and vigor of the Aries maintained.

Garnet: This gemstone is helpful in increasing the confidence and positive thinking of the Aries and prevents the loss of their outlook and perspective.

Carnelian: Carnelian is a gemstone for Aries to reduce their negative traits. Aries can rise above from negligence and carelessness by the high vibrational energies of Carnelian. It helps the Aries people to be on track and not get easily influenced by over-ambition and daydreaming.

Other than these there are various other stones as well which may prove to be advantageous for Aries, like Amethyst, Jasper, Kyanite, Hematite, etc.

Aries Compatibility

Being a sign ruled by Fire element, the safest signs that are perfectly compatible with Aries are Leo and Sagittarius. Both these signs make a great compatibility match with Aries as they are much identical to Aries in possessing qualities of enthusiasm, passion and inner- strength. However, if compared Sagittarius upbeats Leo because they can easily handle the independent and space-desiring qualities of Aries as they themselves are like that.

On the other hand the two most mismatching star signs with Aries are cancer and Capricorn, out of which cancer is the worst choice. Cancerians desire deep emotional security and they are extremely sensitive, which is a little difficult for the fun-loving Rams to handle.