Aquarius (The Water-Bearer) is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, which symbolizes those personalities who are grounded, compassionate and want to improve the world. The Aquarius-born are very imaginative, who always think about improvement and development. In horoscope, this astrological sign is all about wisdom and gaining knowledge.

This sign of Zodiac, is strongly associated with the air element and comprises Fixed quality in their character. Since, these folks belong to the air element; they are prone to give importance to intellect than to action. Fixed quality, lead the people of this Zodiac, to gain self-confidence and inspires them to move patiently toward their goals.

The ruling planet of this Zodiac is Uranus, which is known as the strangest planet of the universe. This planet is related with brilliance and helps the individuals of this Zodiac to release their tensions. These folks have the social principles that are needed to carry us for the improved world.

Determined and forceful, the Aquarius men are intent on making the world a better place. This extravagant approach for mankind, make these folks different from others. These men love to spend their time for others, and always come up with new and innovative ideas, which can lead development of this world. They often keep themselves occupied, as they feel bore if they are not doing anything. Intellectual, humanitarian and visionary, the Aquarius men have the propensity to develop extremist thoughts in others, and even though, other loves to support them in their great cause.

The men who came under the Aquarius sign, are basically eccentric individuals, but they are very soft-spoken and well-mannered, who draw others attention very easily. If these men have set their mind to work for the betterment of the world, then no one can resist them. Developmental actions interest them a lot, and they never deny working for a social cause. The Aquarius men can be unpredictable at times, since these folks never come up with fixed pattern ideas. However, they always hide their feelings and emotions from others that is why their reactions will be intricate at times.

Associated with air element, the Aquarius men are excited, enchanting and enthralling, who will accomplish their desires with their logical and scientific ideas. They are highly spirited for creating a better world. The men who fall under this sign, believes in making a difference and, they are selfless and altruistic.

Love is all about a light-hearted game for the Aquarius men, who tends to unveil the charm of relationship with their charisma and flirtatious character. Possessiveness is something they do not devour in their personality, seeing that they consider their partner as equals. The Aquarius men are believed to be the most honest and committed persons to their partners. They are enthusiastic, witty, affectionate and social. Nevertheless, they don’t get easily close to anyone emotionally. Thus, they are considered as a detached personality, but once they set their minds, they are ready to devote themselves to their family and friends.

Besides, the Aquarians are surrounded with lots of friends and associates, but only few are the actual friends to them. However, they tend to value a true relationship, as they comprise a loyal persona.

Elegant, self-determining and sociable, the Aquarius women have a great strength to overcome the most difficult tasks. Non-conformist is something, which is allied with the personality of these women. They have a blunt nature and strong beliefs, which allows them not to accept that which is not right according to their principles. They are often ready with new activities and never hesitate for making world a better place. Though, they love to make an effort for the betterment of the society and make others cheerful. Consequently, they are very popular among their friends and relatives because of their astuteness, understanding and friendly persona.

The women of this Zodiac are strongly associated with the air element, which signifies their light-hearted nature. These women need their emotional space to get along with anyone; otherwise it is very difficult for them to open up easily in front of anyone. These women tend to set their bars high, and same they expect from others. Therefore, they get emotionally disappointed very easily. The Aquarius women are considered as born intellectuals and have ultimate leadership traits. Knowledge is something that they love to share with others, which help them to develop their comprehension.

The Aquarians tend to be impulsive and impractical. Likewise, it is very difficult to predict the actions of Aquarius women at times. These women love to live there life with their own rules and principles. The Aquarius women like those people who admire their imaginative thoughts and ideas. However, if you are dealing with Aquarius women, then you need to be patient, as they become little temperamental at times.

Love is the only thing that these women never take too seriously; they make their relationship interesting by performing many roles with their partner. They are not tending to fall in love very easily. However, if they get affected with true feelings, they give their best to make their relationship strong with their loved one.

Aquarius Traits, Personality and Characteristics

Aquarius-born are considered as the perfect representatives, which includes qualities such as humanitarian, benevolent and enthusiastically interested in improving the world and making it a better place. Aquarians are imaginative thinkers, who are full of confidence and love to spend their time in development for others. These folks are excellent communicators and equally good at practical things. Aquarius-born consider new activities as an opportunity, hence they are very willing to start that with full keenness. They might encircle with lots of people, buy the reality is that they have very few friends in their life. Strong and attractive individuals fall under this sign of Zodiac.

This astrological sign is symbolized by the Water-Bearer, who is believed to shower others with their new and innovative thoughts. The mind of these individuals are come up with amazing ideas and always eager to work for the betterment of others. They get really happy when rest of the world appreciates their inventive and original ideas, and it will increase their enthusiasm more. Though, sometimes these folks lose their temper, if anyone disagrees with their thoughts. Generally, these individuals are considerate and kindhearted, and they like when things go at their recommended way. Furthermore, they always prefer to be financially and emotionally independent.

The Aquarians tend to have good sense of humor, and love to lighten up the environment with their humorous nature. Popularity is something; these natives are gifted with, as they are very loyal towards their friends and close ones. However, sometimes it is very difficult to predict their activities, as they detach themselves, whenever they feel like. 

Interested in social activities, humorous, intellectual, kind, resourceful and sovereign are some of the positive traits which describe the strengths of the Aquarians. While, inflexible, insolent, isolated, obstinate and extremist are some of the negative traits of the Aquarius-born.

  • SymbolThe Water-bearer
  • ElementAir
  • GroupTheoretical
  • PolarityPositive
  • Favorable Colors Turquoise
  • Chinese CounterpartTiger
  • Ruling PlanetUranus,saturn
  • Cross/QualityFixed
  • House RuledEleventh
  • Opposite SignLeo
  • Lucky GemTurquoise
  • Aquarius DateJanuary 20 - February 18

Aquarius Stones

The stones which are recommended for the Water-Bearer are:

  • Aquarius Birthstones

Those individuals who are born in between 20 January – 18 February are considered to be fall under the Zodiac sign – Aquarius. The birthstone which is recommended for the Aquarius-born is gleaming Amethyst.

The birthstone Amethyst is very powerful stone, which is believed to cure insomnia and other sleeping problems. It also treats the issues related with heart, lungs, skin and stomach. Amethyst is well known as the calming stone, which helps Aquarians to manage their anger. The emotional healing effect of this stone helps the Water-Bearer to differentiate between good and bad things. Furthermore, this stone is very helpful for those Aquarians who are facing counteractions of their addictive habits. This stone allows Aquarius-born to guard themselves against negative activities such as telepathic attack, ill-wishes and many more.

  • Other stones for Aquarius

The other stones which are suitable for the Aquarians are:

  • Garnet:  Garnet endows Aquarius-born with protective power and soothing energy, which stimulates courage and faith against negative situations and increase the positivity into their life. This stone also helps Aquarians to lighten up their scary dreams while sleeping.
  • Aquamarine: Aquamarine is considered as the powerful stone in providing remedial relief to the Water-Bearers. It stimulates the energy from heart to throat, and relaxes those individuals who are phase conscious.
  • Amber: This stone is considered as an amazing natural antibiotic for the Aquarians. It allows them to heal the issues that are blocking their spirits and fills sweetness and harmony into their life.
  • Jasper: This stone is very popular for healing problems related with stomach, intestine and gynecological for the Water-Bearers. 

The various other stones which are fitted for the Aquarius-born are Blue Obsidian, Cryolite, Iolite, Labradorite, Moss Agate and Suglite stones.

Aquarius Compatibility

The most compatible astrological signs with Aquarius are Gemini and Libra. When Gemini and Libra make a love match, then this duo will enjoy a magnificent inspiring rational relationship. Since, Gemini loves the visionary and inventive personality of Aquarius. Though, the love match of Aquarius and Libra can strengthen the bond between two of them. Both these signs are connected with each other mentally and emotionally.

However, the least compatible Zodiac signs with Water-Bearer are Taurus, Cancer and Virgo. If Taurus and Aquarius are coupled up with each other, then they might face some difficulties in their relationship.

Aquarius-Cancer, both these signs of Zodiac are opposite to each other, as Cancer follows an emotional approach toward life, while Aquarius is kind of innovative and eccentric. Furthermore, Aquarius and Virgo, both these sign need lot of regulation to make their relationship better.