Pollucite - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

The human race has been embracing the beauty of the gemstone from the ancient time itself. The ancient royals always had the best gemstone placed in their crown for the highness and protect themselves from all the unwanted. The beauty and the valour of the various gemstones are beyond any beautiful illustration. Each one of them contains different properties and thus, different healing capacities too. While some are known to treat the physical illnesses in people, the others remove the negativity in the body in the form of removing toxins and other harmful aspects. Though things seem to be quite easy to achieve, sometimes they might actually not be. 

To make life and other aspects of life easier and less complex, the ancients have bought in various gemstones into play. Right from the times immemorial, people are known to wear gems that best suits their need and got things settled in place. One such wonderful gemstone is the ‘Pollucite’ which is best known to remove completely the physical toxins away from the body. It has been successful to the full extent in serving the people as desired. Ranging in the colors grey to white, the pollucite is one of the precious gems ever. 

Healing Properties

  • No more breathing trouble – There might be people that suffer from a blockage in the flow of air in the body. This happens due to a lot of bodily factors. In such cases, pollucite provides help and relief.
  • Clears out the body from metals – The body under various conditions tend to get accumulated with heavy and harmful metals. The body doesn’t work as desired in the presence of these notorious metals inside. So, the best thing that can be done about this is to wear the pollucite stone. Another important thing to be noted here is that there should also be more intake of water into the body to facilitate the process of flushing out the toxins. 
  • Relieve yourself from old pain – Are you finding it hard to get yourself out of any old pain? Well, it is now easy to relieve yourself from pain because pollucite helps alleviate the pain. 
  • Relief from top to toe – Facing any trouble in your body? Pollucite will take care of it. Anything, you name it, the gem will take care of it. This is so because the gemstone is believed to provide an overall soothing effect on the body of its wearer or user. 
  • Intense flow of energy – The body and the various chakras in body work with the flow of energy. Energy is said to flow from positivity and peace in the body. This gem gets in the much-needed peace to you. 
  • Bid goodbye to chronic ailments – Chronic ailments of the body are the most annoying ones as they persist for a longer time and cause immense trouble to the person. Sometimes barely medication cannot do any help as the effects of the medication do not last long. But the pollucite has healing capacity enough to cure chronic ailments too.

Pollucite Facts

  • Across the world, there are reserves that produce Castorite and Pollux stones. These are well known to produce the ‘Pollucite gemstone’ in a combination of these two stones.  
  • Pollux is known to be the immortal son of Lord Zeus and the pollucite is named after him. On the other hand, castor gives his name to one of the mineral gemstones which is named as ‘Castorite’. Thus, both of these together produce the pollucite gems. 
  • Originally found in huge cluster plates, the pollucite goes considerable amount of processing to get what we see today in the jewelry stores. Primarily, the pollucite gems are used while meditating as it helps the inner soul to focus on oneself and finally attaining the much-needed peace. All the people that have been seeking some help in protecting their family realm and history are always suggested to have this gemstone around. Apart from this, the environment around us is quite polluted with various toxins and impurities that are bad for the health of both humans and animals. So, the ancients have discovered that the pollucite is capable of removing the toxic substances from the natural environment. 

Did you know that the pollucite gemstone is best for creating a connection with the angelic presence in life?! Well, you got that right.

Metaphysical Properties

The pollucite is best for all the people from the creative fields like the cinema, sports, art etc. This gemstone has turned out to be lucky for all the people that wear it. It also works effectively on the upper and the lower heart facilitating good health to you. The pollucite gemstone is regarded as the best cleanser of both the mind and the body. For years now the mining activities in Canada have been the primary source for the extraction of the pollucite gemstone. 

The clear and white body of the pollucite gemstone is known to reduce the stress levels in the body of the person. Powers up the body with the help of meditation. Though this gemstone is a precious and rarely available one, the demand for the same has not come down. Be sure to check the quality of the gemstone with the help of various aspects like the clearness, color hues and so on. The pollucite gemstone transforms into beautiful crystal when seen under perfect light settings.

Pollucite Color

The color of the gemstones is one primary feature that helps in determining and distinguishing from the other gems. The white, grey and creamy hues of the pollucite gems are considered to be most common ones. There are also other color hues in the pollucite gemstone – they being pink, blue, violet, peach, etc. 

The gem is mostly transparent in nature which enables to see through the clarity of this gem. The pure color and the clarity aspect of this gem is said to be the reason behind the working on toxins. Large reserves of this gemstone are found in Canada when there were different mining activities taking place. Thanks to the mining work for having found this wonderful gemstone that works for real.

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