Obsidian Jewelry

Why Obsidian Jewelry Looks So Impressive?

The black color is full of glamour and uniqueness. When this color is found in a gemstone called Obsidian, the charm gets enhanced even more! Obsidian gemstone is a very impressive and distinct stone that is formed when lava from the volcanic eruptions gets cooled down inside the earth. The speed in this cooling procedure of lava stops the crystallization process and what we find are rocks with solid volcanic glass. This black beauty called Obsidian can be transformed into alluring jewelry items that embed uniqueness and beauty.  

Important Facts Related to Obsidian

Obsidian was respected and valued in many ancient cultures. It was one valued as an important trading material that could be used in making sharp edged spears, arrows etc. The material was also used in jewelry, weapons and mirrors too. It is said that protects a person against all sorts of negative energies by absorbing all negativity in its black color. It is a helpful stone to get rid of addictions and to reduce uneasiness. It is also regarded as a powerful psychic protection stone. Obsidian eases pain and supports healing of wounds also. It is also said and believed that Obsidian helps in communicating with spirits and may help develop power of foretelling.

Important Sources for Obsidian  

Significant Obsidian sources include Canada, Chile, Georgia, Greece, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Peru, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Argentina, Scotland & US.

Emphatic Obsidian Jewelry Styles

The beautiful ornaments made out of Obsidian can be set into wonderful trendy patterns as well as influential ethnic designs. The necklaces, earrings, pendants or rings made out of Obsidian look marvelous. The stone is generally found in black color but some specimen can also exhibit brown hue dappled with black, black hue with a golden or silver sparkle or the light brown hue. The diaphaneity of this stone is translucent.  

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