Birds Eye

Birds Eye - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Bird’s eye stone with its gracious designs and patterns like an eye of a bird is a stone of peace. It imbues the nourishing energies of the Mother Nature. The dark mystic circles which look like a bird’s eye soothes the troubled minds and spirit of the wearing individual. As one of the more exotic stone, it is known to be a rare orbicular variety is a life energizer. The slow, steady frequency of this eye catchy stone tends to expand one’s ability to focus, by acting as a spotlight it helps to meditate also allow releasing the negative beliefs or opinions created for others. Stimulating the Heart Chakra, it has a propensity to draw wisdom from one’s consciousness on a continual base. Trusted to glimpse the origins of life with primordial life energies, it egg on to open the heart the loving self.

With the heartfelt quality, Bird’s eye stone is traditionally believed to receive the love of others in return. The unique artistry of this captivating gemstone radiates the harmonious energy that resonates with the primal self. A sedimentary stone, it is a form of Rhyolite which allows one to see the bigger picture of a situation. It aids to communiqué, bring the clarity to what is being said and read. Being a rock of fortification, renaissance, it is what which carries a broad-spectrum healing along. As a magnum opus of the originator, its bold, primitive-style is aligned with the electromagnetic energies of the planet. The bird eye shape of this stone set on the fire an awareness of the spiritual connection a person holds with all living matters.

With an utmost caretaker eminence, it is used for endowing grounding, strengthening and nursing the wearer. Its mere presence can balance the whole aura of the environment with the carrier of this boulder. Perceptible to all ancient civilizations, it is worn by pastors, head of state and monarchs. Sacred stone for its powerful protection with eye’s focusing qualities, it is admired and used in many cultures. With a deep earthy hue of colors, it got its tinge from the oxides of the iron. Recognized as an excellent scrying stone, it possesses the power to carry one deep into an altered state of awareness and facilitates prophetic dreams and imaginations. Often swirled with dark patches it is concurrent with the nobility of intent and intention, it conveys the courage to speak out against iniquity and to risk unpopularity to defend the vulnerable. With clear crystal inclusions, it is  remarkable for attaining emotional stability, increases vivacity, and promotes self-assurance in addition to artistic inspiration.

Where is Birds Eye found?

Birds Eye stone is originated and found worldwide, and an extensive variety of Jasper stone is set up in the western regions of the United States, Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, Wyoming, South America and Washington.

Healing Properties

Liable to build a strong and astonishing connection to earth it provokes the wearer to celebrate the joy of life. It is often used to invigorate the emotional state and help the one to bring hope, positive energy. Because of its varied traits it represents transformation, change, and improvement. It triggers ingenuity in entities who are ready to lead and formulate things materialize in their lifetime.

Physical Healing : By stimulating the body, it is thought to boost the immune system, supports the digestive system and help to renew the cellular growth and DNA. It is best known to rejuvenate the skin as it cleanses the body toxins as well as incorporate the vitamins, minerals to nourish the skin along with the whole body including hair and nails. Wearing or carrying it along can help to benefit the jaws, teeth furthermore give strength to the stomach. Specifically, useful as a gem elixir it calms down the vomiting sensations, nausea next to  alleviate stress by inducing serenity. It is a superb stone for sustaining the physical bodies as well as in eliminating the negative energy. The earthen energies bring strength and renewed energy while helping one to see and endure these frustrating or painful experiences faced during the life span. This talismanic stone lend a hand to reduce the fondness for alcohol. Believed to increase fertility, it aligns the energies of the chakras especially Heart and Navel Chakra. Staunching blood flow it is contributing to happy pregnancies.

Emotional Healing : Birdseye stone forms a global form of red, cream, gray and pinkish colors. These beautiful forms and colors heal the emotional strain of the wearer by infusing some gentleness and  cheerfulness in the wearing person in society to make him believe in his own capacities.

As the bird’s eye it aids the wearing individual to be focused and sharp minded, it addition it to provides the strengthening energy for the emotional body by relieving stress and creating a calm stability. With the strong vibrations, it creates a special aura as well as invites the feelings of compassion, modesty, and even liberality. Imparts courage encourages one to be honest with oneself, it gives the reminder to play harmoniously with others. It clears out the negative patterns of the intellect and spirit. The stone of recovery and regeneration, birds eye brings vitality and novelty in life.

Spiritual Healing : Bird’s eye provides a calm, harmonious energy for meditation and connects to the spiritual wisdom that exists in nature. It motivates the wearer to believe in the sacredness of life and to celebrate moments of beauty in the extraordinary way even in the darkest days of the life. Through dream work, it aids the holder of the stone to find harmony within the self, and with others. By helping to retrieve the spiritual knowledge it makes the individual believe in “being human”. As a calm stone, it brings the harmonious energy which is ideal for grounding also ease the transition to a meditative state.

Because of its spiritual healing properties and drawing upon the wisdom of ancestral energies, it becomes a central aim to start the right. This particular stone attuned to the intent of the session. A rock of spiritual confidence its patterns to adjust the inner peace inherent in one’s nature. It promotes happiness and activates the ability to draw prosperity and abundance to the wearer’s spirit. Used to uncover karmic lessons it is highly protective against psychic danger or negative entities faced by the wearer in his past life and if will face in future.

Heals and Balances Chakra : Birds Eye stone represents the change, sparks creativity, variety, progress in individuals and make things happen in the carriers life. As a stone of resolution, it helps to resolve the unresolved state of affairs. Speak out the communication of all kinds it helps to emphasize the highest truth, wisdom and great for meditation. Ought to balance the /Yang energies, it frees the wearer from his own shackles moreover mix up with others. It makes people learn how to enjoy one’s latent excellence in order to  move forward towards the future, on the other hand, will hearten responsiveness in each moment. Primarily connected to the solar plexus chakra along with the throat chakra, it stabilize and energize the spiritual over and above the physical body. Putting it over each chakra in turn it boosts up the chakras by cleansing and realigning them all. With the diverse layout, it lends the wearer to the energy of associated with the Heart Chakra. It regulates the adorable interaction of the wearing individual with the external world and also controls what one embrace and resists. It is said to inculcate the balancing ability of the wearer so as to properly deal with the environment. Birds Eye stone deals with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, help the wearer to understand the cyclic nature of the emotions, and accept the changes.

Putting it over each chakra in turn, it will realign the chakras and the human surrounding aura. While balancing the yin/yang energies it lines up the substantial physical, poignant and mental bodies with the etheric realm. 

Birds Eye Facts

Some Facts about Bird’s Eye

  • A form of Chalcedony, Bird’s eye stone is made up of silicon dioxide with a number 4 numerical vibration.
  • With a Trigonal Crystal System, it has a chemical composition exactly same as of Volcanic Rock.
  • Believed to activate all chakras it is a stone of protection and grounded with the energies of the mother earth in addition to mother nature.
  • Traditionally, used by the  Shamen it is a supreme nurturer and ensure safe astral travel.
  • Each color has its own energy and the shape in which occurs adds the special healing effect to the stone, the varied bird's eye-like shape, make the wearer focused also help him to go ahead in spirit with an aim of success.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Grounded to the energies of Mother Earth, it dispels the negativity and brings in the positive aura to the surrounding.
  • Help regain foothold aligns the chakras and promotes a sense of well-being.
  • Enhances the mental process, brings clarity, resolve the conflicts and balance the spiritual levels.
  • Focus on the feelings of deep happiness it aids quick thinking endorses organisational abilities through to the end of the projects.
  • Supposed to egg on empathy, communication and heal the prolonged illness as well as re-energise the whole body.
  • Help to develop a positive outlook on life and help the wearer to see the positive side of every situation.
  • Said to revitalise the circulatory system, digestive and sexual organs, along with the mineral content of the body.

Birds Eye Color

Bird's eye is composed of light colors ranging from yellowish brown to pink. With a theme similar to granite, it stands for change and advancement.

Bird's Eye Colors

  • CleavageNA
  • Other NamesNA
  • Crystal HabitMassive microgranular quartz
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.54
  • DiaphaneityOpaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5 to 7
  • SourcesUnited States, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, Wyoming and Washington
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous To Greasy
  • ColorRanging from yellowish brown to pink
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra,Heart chakra
  • BirthstoneJuly
  • Zodiacleo
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