Stunning Anchor Jewelry: A Unique Fashion Statement

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  • Updated On Jun 23, 2022
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Stunning Anchor Jewelry: A Unique Fashion Statement

“Fashion is an anchor of hope”

Symbol, emblem, insignia - no matter what you choose to call them, they all stand for truth and mysteries. Since eternity, they have been viewed as messengers of the universe. And among others that rose to popularity during the symbolistically rich Victorian era, the anchor symbol seems to have a special place. Why so? Because it signifies the most powerful human emotion - hope. Hence, the anchor continues to be an unparalleled symbol right from the Victorian epoch. And recently, when the trend of wearing meaningful jewels caught the light, the anchor was in the spotlight again. In fact, it’s safe to say that anchor jewelry is a unique fashion statement currently. So, stay tuned and read the article as we unfold every aspect of this latest jewelry trend and introduce you to some crazy anchor jewelry

But first, let us know a little more about the power symbol, shall we? 

Anchor Is The Symbol Of Everlasting Hope

  1. Its Deep Symbolism - By essence, the anchor is a hybrid of two symbols - a cross and a crescent with sharp edges, popularly called “flukes”. When the Christians were abstained from using the cross during the Roman persecution, it was the symbol of an anchor they decided to take refuge in. And since it partly resembled a cross, for them it became an ancillary symbol of hope and strength. 

    anchor charm natural blue labradorite 925 sterling silver pendant  anchor charm green arizona mohave turquoise pendant  anchor charm natural blue lace agate 925 sterling silver pendant
  2. Its Unique Meaning - Anchor depicts so many different meanings in so many different cultures. For the most part, it stands as a symbol of hope. Not only that, but it also manifests safety and security. Anchor also represents new journeys. Some consider anchor to denote masculinity. The spiritual meaning of the anchor symbol is the union of spirit and god. All in all, an anchor at its core presents faith and willpower.

Using Top 4 Healing Gemstones With Silver Anchor jewelry 


1.    Anchor Bracelets

Tennis bracelets look remarkably graceful - especially when married with flowy dresses. But anchor bracelets studded with gemstones? Nothing but a mind-blowing duo crafted particularly to add a dapple of elegance to your everyday look. 
  1. Suggested Gemstone - Topaz is known for benefiting the body in multiple ways. So get wholesale anchor sterling silver bracelets laced with Topaz and bless your insides in vogue. 

2.    Anchor Earrings

If you swear by minimal jewelry trends, this one is for you. Anchor earrings studded with tiny pieces of glistening gemstones are all that you need to amp up your look on a normal day. Best part? They go with every outfit ever!
  1. Suggested Gemstone - Turquoise is a gemstone for attracting calmness. Wear anchor earrings bespangled with Turquoise bits and stay calm while stirring chaos with your look.

3.    Anchor Pendants

Pendants are much more than just a piece of jewel, they are a beautiful way of expression. And if you wish to express feelings of hope, strength, and safety, anchor pendants are for you. Combine those with gemstones and you get hope and healing both! 
  1. Suggested Gemstone - Labradorite is the best crystal to manifest hope and optimism in life. Get wholesale anchor pendants studded with this gemstone and double up the power of hopefulness. 

4.    Anchor Necklaces

To say that a necklace is the crown of the neck wouldn’t be wrong - they really are so lavish! And entrusting this jewelry piece with a symbol as glorious as the anchor just elevates the opulence level of both the jewelry and the wearer. 
  1. Suggested Gemstone - Malachite is a crystal for battling several diseases. Wear anchor necklaces donned in malachite to bid adieu to your health’s nemeses.

Genius Ways Of Dashing Anchor Jewelry For Rocking Outfit:

  1. Layer it up - If you want to make a lasting impact with your outfit, try layering anchor necklaces. Experiment with contrasting lengths or make an arm party with bracelets of different textures and colors to land an impactful look.

    anchor charm natural purple amethyst 925 sterling silver bracelet  sterling silver 2.97cts anchor charm blue copper turquoise bracelet  anchor charm natural blue lapis lazuli round 925 silver bracelet
  2. Let your anchor do the talking - Choose anchor jewelry that complements your outfit rather than the contrasting ones. If your dress is elegant, and Aqua Chalcedony anchor pendant will do the magic. But, if your outfit is hot, go for a smoky Topaz pendant. Allow your accessory to deem your outfit. 
  3. Customizing never goes out of style - Customization can never go wrong. So for special occasions, consider customizing your anchor pendant or ring so that it perfectly captures the essence of the symbol on the occasion. Just imagine wearing a gemstone-studded anchor watch for a beach party. Such a mood, no?

Anchor Jewelry For The Win…

The anchor is an eternal symbol of hope. But only recently has it risen as a chic fashion statement. And now that you know all the hows and whys behind this, don’t wait any further. Sail along with this new wave of style and shop wholesale anchor 925 sterling silver jewelry like beautiful anchor pendants, earrings, and necklaces for women. Head to Gemexi to get your hands on some exclusive anchor, moonstone, and larimar jewelry collection wholesale right away. 

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  • Levi
    Aug 3, 2022, 6:31:34 AM

    Anchor obtains so many different meanings in so many cultures. The anchor is an eternal mark of positivity. But it has recently known as fashion jewelry. I love to wear this because it has the healing property of being positive.

  • Ferdic
    Dec 12, 2022, 9:12:57 AM

    Anchor jewelry is unique and attractive that's why it is popular and has healing properties.

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