Chic Styles to Wear Cargo Pants

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Chic Styles to Wear Cargo Pants

Traditionally, Cargo Pants are considered military wear and casual chinos for women who love to stay in style. Most of the people are fond of the old skinny jeans style, as they do not want to try something new that will make their casual style appear different. Exemplified with dull shades, loose fit, multiple large pockets, cargo pants seems more convenient than stylish. However, women can dress them up with some amazing styles.

We have always enjoyed cargo pants as be there guy style, with the new life of coming fall season, even wearing some extravagant sprawls and casual pants. You can also try some feminine items like high heels, crop tops, and jewelry, and this overall combination will take the style of cargo pants from sporty to classic.

Generally, the style of cargo pants is much similar to one another comprising large pockets, dull colors, and cotton or cotton blend material and it also vary according to the body type. Therefore, before buying any kind of cargo pants, keep in mind the basic rules of these trendy pants.


If you want to make a style statement in this fall season, then pull out your cargo pants, as here are some interesting ways to wear cargo pants with classic styles:


Cargo Pants with Silky Sheen


Draped shape and pattern of silky cargo pants, take your look towards professional. Wearing these kinds of pants with high heels, tie neck crop tops and a simple cuff bracelet will enhance your personal style. The gleam of silk and satin pants lends this fashion trend from a funky look to the polish style.


Street Style Cargo Pants


Pairing a sporty top and color block sandals with the trendy style of cargo pants will take your look from unfussy to finicky style. This street style comprises a chic combination of jazzy sandals, sporty top, modernistic cargo pants, and a snazzy cross bag, that makes you look comfortable and in style.


Cargo Pants with a Slouch style


Cargo pants with a slouch style appear startling, when paired up with ankle-length high heels, low slung fit that perfect team up with your tee and a tailored blazer to add extra glam to your personality. The slouch style in cargo pants is perfect for any casual party or for a night out with your friends.


Feminine Blouse with Cargo Pants


Wearing a pair of cargo pants with a chic feminine blouse and some unexpected accessories, give an extraordinary appearance to this street style. This street style gives a professional look, due to its formal pairing with a trendy feminine blouse and some formal accessories.


Soft Cargo Pants in Street Style


Active trends of street styles comprise a soft cotton cargo pants with a casual tee and simple accessories. These sweatpants give a bizarre sporty appearance, which will match up with your personal style. The sporty has never been so cooler, unless you team up these cotton cargo pants with your styling sense.

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