Payment Options

How do I pay for a Gemexi purchase?
Gemexi offers a safe and secure mode to make a payment for your order, PayPal. Your PayPal account details and information remain confidential and private. Gemexi believes in the PayPal security system, thus chose it as the desired payment gateway for payment. PayPal uses the best encryption to protect your card information.

Are there any veiled charges when I make a purchase on Gemexi (Octroi, Sales Tax)?

Absolutely NOT, You don’t have to bear any implied or indirect charges when you make a purchase on Gemexi. The prices (cost) you see on our product pages after DISCOUNT are precisely what you pay for the item.

We offer free delivery for all your orders and also offer Express shipping in just $4.99.

Why only PayPal and not any other payment mode?

PayPal uses most secure encryption than any other alternative, as it fetches the card details such as 16-digit Credit/Debit Card number and the 3 digit Card Verification Value in a most secure manner and keep the information confidential.

Are there any hidden terms and conditions for a PayPal payment?

No, You only have to pay what you see on our product page. Once you hit a payment, you will receive thanks note from our end, and from then and there onwards we will be liable to furnish you with the correct order details and tracking process. We will process and deliver your order for shipment to the address provided.

What is 30 Days Return Policy?

Please take the time and go through our Return Policy.

What is Shipping Policy?

Please take time and go through our Shipping Policy.