Natural 39.45cts arrowheads quartz rough 50x26 mm fancy loose gemstone s4834

Item Code: S292-S4834

  • Model #S4834
  • Primary Stonearrowheads quartz
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • Color
  • Stylegemstones
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)39.45
  • Weight (Gms)7.89
  • Size: (inch)
  • Secondary StoneExotic
arrowheads quartz

Arrowheads Quartz

Have you heard about the Arrowheads Quartz or simply the arrowheads? Although chances are that most of you must have definitely heard about the same, yet for those who do not know about the same, let us tell you! Well, arrowheads are the sharp and pointed parts that are placed on the top of an arrow. Now, the arrowheads that are made of quartz stone are called the Arrowheads quartz or the Quartz Arrowheads. Today, wearing the arrowheads jewelry is one of the latest trends not only because of its chic and native look but also because the arrowheads are believed to contain many benefits for humans. It is quintessential to mention that the arrowheads can be made of different materials like Jasper, Quartz and more. We will be discussing the ...

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