Natural 4.85cts amber bone white cabochon 16x11 mm oval loose gemstone s1216

Item Code: S111-S1216

  • Model #S1216
  • Primary StoneBaltic Amber
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorWHITE
  • Stylegemstones
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)4.85
  • Weight (Gms)0.97
  • Size: (inch)
  • Secondary StoneExotic
Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber

Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic Amber has always been a fascinating gemstone. A treasure in its own, Baltic Amber has been the desired and much-loved stone of the noble class people in ancient times and was not affordable by common masses. The pieces of jewelries and trinkets made of Baltic Amber is soaring even today in the contemporary world of diamonds and rubies. Moreover, the beauty and the metaphysical properties of this incredible stone has not downgraded its admiration and standing amongst people. Baltic Amber is not exactly a stone but is basically fossilized mastic. Its high usage in jewellery has made it a gemstone. Its qualities of balancing the mind, releasing the negativity, easing stress, and aiding appearance has...

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