Largest diamond sold at a record breaking price

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Record breaking diamond that weighs 404.2ct sold at £11.5 million. The Lucapa Diamond Company has recovered this diamond from its Angola project earlier this month. Sources claim that $39,580 for per carat for this white diamond is highest to date.

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The Lucapa Diamond Company that has recovered this record-breaking white diamond that weighs 404.2 carats from its Angloa mines is sold for £11.5 million. As per the company officials, the selling price of this record breaking white diamond, £28,556 per carat is the highest to date mined at the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola, the African nation. It is a type-IIa, D-color diamond and was the largest recorded diamond ever mined in Angola and the list of the world’s largest diamonds, it holds the 27th position. Chief Executive Officer of Lucapa Diamond’s, Stephen Wetherall proclaims that the sale of this single diamond for $16 million highlights the vast potential of the Lulo diamond field to generate frequently gemstones that are both large and of top-notch quality. The operator of the Lulo project, Lucapa holds a 40% stake in the alluvial diamond mining operations, while Endiama possesses 32% interest and the private Angolan partner, Rosas & Pétalas has 28%. Miles Kennedy, Chairperson of Lucapa in his earlier statement stated that the cash generated from the sale of this diamond would allow the company to expand its operations in the area.

Azuni’s launch of its trade only website is a big hit

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Azuni London, a famous jewelry brand based in London has launched a trade only website by considering the demands of it’s around 300 UK and overseas clients. The website is Magento based, an extensively used electronic commerce platform, and conforms to the layout of Azuni’s existing consumer website.

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Azuni London, London-based unique fashion jewelry house has recently launched an active e-commerce website in response to the demand for its loyal 300 UK customer base and overseas clients. The site is built on the Magento platform, as it is an expansively used electronic commerce program that adapts to the layout of Azuni’s existing consumer website. Andrew Robinson, a sales director of the Azuri London openly expressed that for a small company, Azuri holds a very broad geographical spread of clients across the globe. The list of clientele is from the UK, Europe, and from the China to the Russia. One of the biggest issues that the company has faced was the communication gap with its existing customers, as they could not provide information about the new product launch. He too added that they were unable to facilitate the repeat orders in-season even with the start of their printed catalog method. Soon they realized the scenario (internet boom) and the requirement of the marketplace, the company came to the conclusion of setting up its trade only site. He likewise stated that retailers are reinstating to online searches to support their traditional product search methods of trade shows to source product. Further, their market research shows that the retailers are happy to place repeat orders with existing suppliers through trade portal. Robinson adds that (.com) address of  has positively helped the company in getting the international trade and international site ranking.

Irrespective of Growth in Earnings Sotheby experiences a diminution in Profit

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In 2015 Earnings of Sotheby’s roses up but Profit goes down due to the certain charges related to the‘voluntary separation incentive programs’of the auctioneer. Sotheby’s delineates in its report that the proceeds have increased 2.5% to $961.5M at the close of the year 2015. Conversely, the profit goes down 63% to $43.7M. In November Sotheby’s sold the Blue Moon diamond of 12.03-carat at a record (world record) price of $48.5M.

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Non-cash income tax charge and after-tax charge (of $23.6M) that are related to the auctioneer’s ‘voluntary separation incentive programs’ late in the year 2015 causes the reduction in the Profit, as per the sources. Nevertheless, the revenue taken home by the Sotheby has increased 2.5% to $961.5M. Both the charges, i.e., non-cash income tax charge of $65.7M and an after-tax charge of $23.6M were make out in the Q4 of the year ended 2015. Granting to the statement stated on February 26, the diluted EPS (Earnings Per Share) fell from $1.68 to $0.63. As per the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sotheby has proffered ‘voluntary separation incentive programs’ to its staff (1,600-person global workforce) in Q4 that were borne by nearly around 5%. President and CEO of Sotheby’s, Tad Smith, proclaims that the company after a year of transition has a strong team with a clear directive to build a more reputable (valuable) business for shareholders as well as a responsive vocation for new and existing consumers. He too added that the company would probably have one or more difficult quarters as the firm ride through the current cycle. Further, the company plays carefully on guarantees and the capital commitments moreover watch its liquidity carefully to continue to invest in the people and capabilities that will power its future success. The company would too take the opportunity with its excess cash to buy back the shares.

2015, an indelible year for Berkshire Hathaway’s

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2015 seems to be an ingrained year for the Berkshire Hathaway with a perceptible jump in the Retail revenue. In the report illustrated by the Hathaway officials, the retail revenue rose up to nearly $8.8 billion in 2015.

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Berkshire Hathaway’s report states the improvement of the retail revenue of this American multinational conglomerate holding company by nearly $8.8 billion by the end of the year 2015. The statistics characterized in the report delineates the reason of the growth in the retail revenue. The leap in the retail revenue is due to the attainments of the Van Tuyl Group, which is nowadays regarded as Berkshire Hathaway Automotive along with the Detlev Louis Motorrad. The contribution of both the business calculated about $8.3 billion of gross. Further, the holding company yet did not divulge the total gross number for the segment that encompasses jewelry groups Ben Bridge Jeweler and Borsheims in addition to Helzberg Diamonds. Receipts from the retailing group and the group services together shoot up 64% to $23.47 billion. Thus, considering all Berkshire Hathaway enjoys the revenue increase of 8.3% to $210.82 billion. Furthermore, the Profit too shows an increment of 21% to $24.08 billion.

QVC in partnership with ‘Britain’s Next Top Model'

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Multimedia retailer QVC has associated with the top-ranked reality show Britain’s Next Top Model. QVC has connected to the show for a challenge that saw the optimistic adversaries produce jewelry ‘promo’ video.

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QVC, a Multimedia retailer, has united with the hit TV show Britain’s Next Top Model for a challenge. QVC joined the show to know what the likely challengers do to create a jewelry ‘promo’ video. QVC during the episode has challenged the remaining half a dozen contestants to fashion a commercial video in lieu of professional models. Each model is concretized with a diverse jewelry brand that American cable, satellite and broadcast television network, QVC sells. The jewelry pieces included a statement Diamonique ring along with a selection of Roberto by RFM jewels and hanging monkey Bill Skinner earrings. Moreover, to add weight to the contest a chunky Lola Rose necklace is too added in the jewelry pieces. Paul Burns, producer, and director from the QVC’s promotions team has helped the panel to make the final decision. As per the sources, it is the third time that QVC has teamed up with Top Model. 2016’s show aired last night on lifetime. All jewelry accessory/pieces used in the show can be purchased from the especially produced Britain’s Next Top Model microsite of QVC.

ONLINE shopping prevails over the HISTORIC jewelry stores

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Online shopping vanquishes the historic luxury jewelry stores working in the Tunbridge Wells High Street. Payne and Son Ltd that initially started as Payne & Son, a traditional jeweler's confining self in the 20th-century contemporary silver 20th century and commissions.

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Online shopping has overthrown the oldest luxury jewelers in addition to the Silversmiths, Payne and Son Ltd situated in Tunbridge Wells High Street. Further, the current online trend in the market forced the store to shut down. Payne & Son started in Kent in 1790 and then the company opened its outlet in the town 146 years ago. The jewelry store endured a bad Christmas due to increased trend of the online shopping. The store failed to compete for the longer time, thus forced to shut its doors. Granting to the studies of the Times of Tunbridge Wells, for Pane & Sons Ltd. Footfall and spend were 25% lower than 2014. Jo Wicker, the sales consultant, told the news about the factor, i.e., the internet sales that caused the outlet to shut down. Wicker sent an email to its customers stating that he and his colleagues (Denise M. Haigh and Gill Lambert) due to the ongoing economic troubles and the have-nots trading during the Christmas season left them no option but to close the doors of Pane & son. Payne & Sons Ltd is set to discontinue in the mid-end April 2016 in a hope to sell as much stock as possible.

LFW runway, showcase Becca Hulbert’s fashioned jewels

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Becca Hulbert crafts jewels for Peter Jensen’s London Fashion Week runway. Prize-winning, Becca Hulbert a British jewelry designer has associated with the fashion designer Peter Jensen to craft sculptural ornaments for his LFW week appearance at the ICA. Considering the mutual alliance with Hulbert in the year 2002, Peter Jensen approaches this top notch designer once again to design jewelry for his AW16 collection.

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Becca Hulbert, an award-winning British jewelry designer, has partnered with a known fashion designer Peter Jensen to create the luscious sculptural jewels for Jensen’s LFW presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Seeing the past association with Becca Hulbert in the year 2002, Peter Jensen once again contacted the jewelry designer to radiate his magnificence in his AW16 collection. The jewelry collection consists of silver and gold vermeil earrings decorated with the pearl details that was inspired by Peggy Guggenheim, an art collection in addition to the work of Alexander Calder. Alexander Calder art is always focused on the current high profile retroactive at Tate Modern, a modern art gallery in London. Hulbert shares his experience by expressing that she is delighted to go with Peter Jensen again as she is a big lover of his work together with that of Alexander Calder. She too added that she holds a keen interest in art and sculpture, so the fusion of this and fashion was a great experience for her. She justified it by saying she loved every minute she spent on her work and felt like getting a dream job. Hulbert got graduated from Central Saint Martins in the year 2000, since then her work has highlighted in many fashion publications (national and international). Further, her collection is sold at varied renowned jewelry and lifestyle stores along with the independent boutiques. Hulbert has too worked for the jewelry house Astley Clarke, and Pearl & Queenie for which she gained a Professional Jeweler Hot 100 Award in 2013.

Rings and Biscuit Factory shares a UNIQUE bond

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A Newcastle-based art gallery to celebrate the diversity of the simple rings, would publicly acknowledge them with a new jewelry exhibition that would feature over 150 inimitable designs this year in the month of March. The new spectacle will be launched with a special opening event on March 4, 6-9pm. Further, the Loop will run up till May 31.

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The Biscuit Factory, an art gallery based in the Newcastle shines the rings and draws the attention of millions of the art and jewelry lovers. The art gallery is eagerly waiting for March as then it will be commemorating the multiplicity of the simple ring with a new jewelry exposition featuring only one of its kind designs of over 150 bands. The Biscuit Factory would host the loop exhibition that would creatively display the work of 16 vetted jewelry designers of UK. Further, keeping aside the gallery’s usual jewelry collection, the unique bands would be presented as miniature artworks. All art objective would be for sale, further, some of the artists would also be purveying the choice for the commission. The collection would be focused on four themes, and they are classic and unisex along with precious and statement. More than 150 bands would be featured in the collection displaying a broad range of materials such as ceramic, resin, bones to the found gems. New to the gallery is Nia Davies, whose large ceramic rings are marked with vibrant color and grain to fashion 'true' statement pieces. Other highlights of the exhibition are the award-winning designs of the designers Emmeline Hastings and Patricia Gurgel Segrillo. Lauren Baker, the curator of the gallery, reveals that he, as a conservator is encircled by some of the most artistic and unreservedly magnificent jewelry the UK, has to offer. He too shows his salutation by adding that he is excited to see the return of Jade Mellor, a past exhibitor.

At HKTDC its Israel Diamond Pavilion chance to host 93 Companies

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Pavilion’s organizers proclaim that the Israel Diamond in the Gem & Pearl Show that will take place in March at the Hong Kong International Diamond would host 93 companies. In the statement stated on February 24, IDI group of companies, announces that there will be additional 10 Israeli exhibitors in the show in other locations that will start on 1st March and run till 5th March.

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At Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem (HKTDC) this March in the Gem & Pearl Show would host 93 companies, publicize the pavilion organizers. In the assertion expressed on February 24, Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies pronounced that other 10 Israeli exhibitors would show their presence in varied locations of the show. The show would start on 1st March and run till the 5th of March. Furthermore, the six Israeli companies, according to the sources will be demoing at the show for the foremost time. Many would be showcasing the specially crafted pieces of diamond jewelry. The pavilion that measures around 1,332 square meters would be placed at the Diamond Hall at the AsiaWorld-Expo. Besides, IDI would too host three terminals that read “Find Your Diamond” to allow and facilitate the purchasers to search a computerized database of goods provided by Israeli exhibitors in English and Chinese language. Customers can too access it on their smartphones if wished to. According to Israel Ministry of Economy, Hong Kong is the nation’s biggest market for polished diamonds after the United States, representing 27%of total polished exports in 2015. The IDE & HKJMA signed the MoU at the latest International Diamond Week held in Ramat Gan, committing to work together in China and Southeast Asia. Shmuel Schnitzer, president of the IDI, says that Hong Kong is a very significant market for them since it is the gateway to Asia. He too added that despite the current slowdown in China, both IDE & HKJMA think in the future of this market and are there to demonstrate their support.

Nikki Lissoni joins hands with Coe & Co for a window

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Nikki Lissoni, a fashion jewelry brand club together with the independent jewelry retailer Coe & Co to seal the conviction of store-within-a-store. Sourcing mentions that watching on from a tremendously successful Christmas with Nikki Lissoni, Coe & Co based at Scunthorpe has recently given to the brand’s first UK shop-in-shop area.

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Nikki Lissoni, a fashion jewelry brand has strengthened its partnership with independent Coe & Co that is based at Scunthorpe by sealing the in-store area. As per the sources Coe & Co experience the exceedingly successful Christmas with Nikki Lissoni and this motivates this UK based company to make their business relations stronger by offering the shop-in-shop area to the brand. Nikki Lissoni that focuses on interchangeable coins and the friendship motifs attracts the UK retailer Coe & Co to stock the jewelry range for its customers over the festive period. Scunthorpe, a town in North Lincolnshire based retail house reports this Christmas an increase of 78.20% Y-O-Y sales. Tony Coe owner of the brand, Coe & Co delightfully comments that the brand initially was a passive crawler but then with the excellent relations with the Micheline Graham, UK sales manager have developed a strong and an amazingly successful customer following. Further, the assistance of Micheline too helps them to achieve significant sales during the Christmas season. Today, the retailer can directly trade with the distributors in the Netherlands, which shows that the brand has considerably become one of its best-selling brands. He too mentions that the distribution chain is doing fantastically good along with the sales team, making both of them a real advantage (an asset) to the Netherlands-based brand, Nikki Lissoni. Nikki Lissoni that is now a member of CMJ would showcase its fresh line at the 2016 edition of Jewelry & Watch.

Nielsen shelve the ENDLESS in search of something NEW

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Jesper Nielsen has left his invention and creation Endless jewelry for the new concept that is his aspiration from the fast-fashion retailers. Further, just weeks after dropping he publicized his plans for a new jewelry venture through a social networking site, Facebook. The new project that will launch soon is named as Amazing Jewelry.

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Jesper Nielsen brainchild of the endless jewelry has pronounced his new jewelry business enterprise just weeks after casting off the Endless Jewelry. In the disclosure, he stated that the new venture is an inspiration from the fast-fashion marketer. Through the medium of Facebook, Nielsen reveals the trade name of the new business, Amazing Jewelry that would be launched soon. In the month of January, Nielsen invited the license and franchise partners from all over the world to show their interest in the new concept. The concept follows the standardized model that the fashion retail powerhouses such as H&M and Zara that to act in accordance with. Both retailers work under the stipulation of offering fashionable products at lucrative prices. Nielsen in his conversation elaborated that his concept “Amazing Jewelry” would aim at proffering the trend-based jewelry at prices up to 70% lower than opponents while upholding the same quality. He too stated that the prices of any jewelry item would not surpass US$99, and explains that the products will be taken from the existing  Asian manufacturing channels and the higher-priced brands. The only thing that differs is the reduction of the gross margin that the company maintains earlier. Further, Nielsen elucidates that all the ‘Amazing Jewelry’ outlets will be the “brand-only” jewelry outlet that is situated on the high streets or in shopping centers. He likewise confirms that the first outlet of Amazing Jewelry will open Copenhagen, Denmark this May with succeeding stores inauguration in Germany, Scandinavia, and the UK. Aside from this, he too corroborates his plans to launch in Russia and China along with the US in the year 2017.

Gem Shopping Network to unveil the Kashmir Sapphire

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Gem Shopping Network to spotlight the Kashmir Sapphire ring of 10 carats. In the assertion, it is told that the ring was one of the most expensive and classy items ever highlighted on a home shopping net.

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The red carpet that will be held on February 25th, i.e., tomorrow would spotlight one of the most exclusive and pricey jewelry items of the Gem Shopping Network. Further, the sources explicitly expressed that the gemstone jewelry presented is one of the most extortionate items on a home shopping network. In a live red carpet event, the company would showcase its ‘Jewel of Kashmir’, a 10.88 ct. Kashmir sapphire ring. In summation, the royal blue unheated gem is set in a platinum build up with a 2 ct. diamond on each side. The network recorded that sapphires of this excellence have sold at public sale between $2M to $6 million. Moreover, a 10.33 ct Kashmir sapphire in June 2015 at Christie’s Hong Kong was sold for $2.5 million. The emcee of the Gem Shopping Network, Sky Chung mentioned that Kashmir sapphire is not merely one of the most important gems the company ever had but is one of the most significant gems that the world will ever know. He too added that it is truly an honor as well as the delight to bring ‘unheated’ Kashmir sapphire of this quality to the clients of Gem Shopping Network.

Petra Diamonds experiences a drop in Rough Prices, faces a loss of $2M

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Petra Diamonds experiences a loss of $2.2 million in its first half that ended on December 31 while on the contrary a year earlier the company enjoyed a profit of $39.1 million. The miner functions the underground mines in South Africa such as Cullinan, Koffiefontein, Finsch and Kimberley. It aside from Kimberley Mines too acquires the South Africa’s Ekapa Mining from De Beers

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Petra Diamonds faces a loss of $2.2 million in the first half of the company that ended on December 31st the year closed. Further, the company that enjoys the profit of $39.1 million a year earlier now experiences the fall due to the drop in the rough prices. The chief executive officer of the Petra Diamond, Johan Dippenaar in the presentation to investors held on February 22 stated that the prices achieved by the miners fall about 20% over the last 18 months. A statement reported by the company’s officials clearly shows that the average bid prices on three of its four mines of South Africa were lower in the final six months of the year 2016 compared with the twelve months to June 30. Prices at the Williamson mine south of Mwanza in Tanzania improved if rare diamonds are considered into account, but declined without them. Dippenaar too mentions that their financial results have been impacted by the diamond prices achieved in comparison to the previous period. Furthermore, the company’s operations maintained a tidy net income margin from mining activities of 36% due to the robust economics of their mines and the favorable effect of the weaker Rand on the company’s cost base. Revenue fell 28% Y-O-Y to $154 million, but the production increased 2% to 1.6 M carats. Petra forecasts that the production would go up from 3.2M Cts. in the last fiscal year to between 3.3 and 3.4M Cts. in the year that will end on June 30, 2016. The production guidance shows 5 million carats for fiscal 2019.

Know ‘HOW’ NAJ EDF members outdo in sales

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Varying trade conditions allow the members of the National Association of Jewellers’ (NAJ) Executive Development Forum (EDF) in combination to exceed the retail sale of £41m. The growth in sales reports the boost of 4.7% in the preceding 12 months.

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NJA’s announced the combined retail sales of £41 million of its EDF members in the year 2015. The expansion signifies a rise of 4.7% in the previous 12 months. Conversely, the varying trading conditions faced by retail jewelers in 2015 was reflected in the largeness of the sales performances. 42% of NJA’s members proclaims that they experience the hike in business whereas 42% pronounce the drop in the sales. Further, rest 16% enunciate the flat retail sales. Michael Donaldson, facilitator of EDF articulates that the NJA’s members benefit not merely from the shared performance data in central areas like turnover, margins, product, and promotions, but from the shared cognition and experience that lies behind the individual operations, enabling others to minimize danger and maximize opportunity. He too mentioned in his statement that EDF authorizes the independent jewelers (owners and directors) to get in touch with the like-minded professionals in a confidential forum. NAJ likewise stated that the EDF forum promoted the supporting relationships that facilitate businesses to benchmark their business (company) with other jewelry businesses as well as build up strategic thinking to grow ultimately.

Have a Look…… Latest fetching travel-themed catalogue from Ntinga

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New traveled themed catalogue by a fine jewelry brand, Ntinga is prepossessing. The thought behind the travel-themed catalog was contrived due to the traveling the company performs in order to source stones and bring about the best jewelry designs.

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Ntinga, a fine jewelry brand has flaunted its new catalogue that features its attention-grabbing jewelry motifs in addition to a travel theme. The brands new catalog has been printed to emulate a passport. Moreover, this new catalog is published with a leather laminate cover. Howard Graham, managing director of Ntinga, says that the catalogue the company has produced is one of the “the most ingenious” in the field of jewelry catalogues. He too added that this catalogue would showcase the latest designs of Ntinga along with the information about jewel piece, the country of its origin as well as details about the gem used. The catalogue too holds the features that explain the company’s profile. New patterns portray the whole pool of the blue gems such as Paraiba tourmaline, sapphires and Tanzanite along with aquamarine adorned with diamond embeddings. The catalogue too holds its statement jewelry, i.e., jewelry embellished with the yellow diamond and brown diamonds. They are the diamonds in the jewelry designs that make the brand distinguished from others. Ntinga’s officials say that they would go along with the idea of travel (change of location) throughout the twelvemonth and would with the addition of world maps and many more things.

The CPI for U.S jewelry increases to7% in January

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The consumer price index of US jewelry has risen to 6.7% in the month of January than the preceding months as per the statics given by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data shows the increment of 2.9% than a year ago.

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Granting to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer price Index (CPI) of U.S for jewelry got a hike of 6.7% in the month of January from the preceding month. Further, the statics too reveal that it was 2.9% more than a closed year. The inflation in the jewelry prices comes together and in cooperation with the rise in the price of the polished diamonds in the month of January due to their insufficiency. Furthermore, considering the RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) for 1Ct. Diamond, the GIA-graded diamonds increases to 0.9 % during the month. Furthermore, while the study indicates that the advancement of 4.7% for 0.30Ct. diamonds as well as 4.5% of 0.50Ct. diamonds. In the meantime, the gold prices on COMEX has too increased to 6.4% between 31st December to February 1st, as per the data collated by Bloomberg. Granting to the U.S. labor data the watches then the CPI in the month of January has likewise increased to 2.6% than the preceding month and 0.8% than the closed year. Moreover, the Consumer price index for all metropolitan shoppers was unchanged, when talked about the Seasonality adjustments.

MID forefronts the 2015’s Top Diamond Exporters List

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As per the list divulged by the diamond controller of Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry, MID House of Diamonds shows its dominance in the year 2015, as it leads Israel’s top ten Diamond Exporters List.

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MID House of Diamonds locks the first place in the 2015’s Isreal diamond exporters list, according to the results unbosomed by the diamond controller of the Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry. The numbers indicate that the company has exported gemstone of net $191 million during the year 2015, granting to the statement portrayed by the controller on February 1. The list was created with the contribution and the statistics given by the top ten outbound shippers of the precious stones. Granting to the calculations, Leo Schachter Diamonds, who holds the foremost place in the last year's list, has rolled down to the number fourth position with net exports of $150 million in the twelvemonth 2015. In addition, Leo Schachter Diamonds in percentage show a declining graph of 48%. D.N. Diamonds, who stood in the fifth place, relished the strongest thriving of the ten leaders, as the company’s exports surged 25% to net $128 million. According to the data, the top ten exporters all together exported $1.13 billion of diamonds.The controller puts out a list of the Israel’s top net exporters of diamond annually. Moreover, this year it has limited its list to the top 10, but in preceding years the board has included a top 20.

Hong Kong Jewelry Club & IDE signs memorandum of understanding

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Yoram Dvash president of Israel Diamond Exchange and Hong Kong Jewelry Body signs the pact, memorandum of understanding to upswing the coactions between the two operations. In the sixth edition of the International Diamond Week, the MoU was signed. The week was held in Israel that was ended on 18 of this month and the pact was ratified at the IDE trading hall.

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Yoram Dvash, president of IDE (Israel Diamond Exchange), make the MoU officially valid with his compeer at the jewelry Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong Adam Lau, to augment the mutual aid between the two organizations. The MoU was signed by both the parties during the sixth edition of the International Diamond Week. The week was held in Israel that was ended on 18 of February, but the pact was ratified at the IDE trading hall during this International Diamond Week. As per the statement stated by the IDE on February 17, both the coequals’ wish to strengthen their relations as well as transactions among members. The statement further reads that the parties have concurred to act jointly in shared activities in China and the Southeast Asia. They likewise have the periodic consultations to promote topics of mutual interest to both parties and to underpin the commercial relationship between the parties. International Diamond Week too experiences the opening of the Diamond Technology Zone at the Israel Diamond Exchange by Professor Dan Shechtman,  Nobel Prize winner. Furthermore, the launch of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) laboratory in Israel in front of Susan Jacques, CEO, and president of GIA.

SEE How Successful Anne Cohen’s C6 is

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C6 sways the Jewelry & Watch (J&W) show, held last week by securing new stockists. The Audi Sports collection increases the interest of visitors, with existing stockists looking to append it to their C6 packages and larger retailers inquiring about it. The brand would next showcase its collection at The CMJ’s Spring Trade Event, run from February 21-22 at Birmingham’s Hilton Metropole.

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Carbon fiber, fine jewelry, brand C6 by Anne Cohen, a designer who crafted the beautiful C6 jewelry has reported a successful manifestation at Jewelry & Watch held last week, with new stories and developing involvement in the brand’s statement diamond jewelry. C6 wield the jewelry and watch show debut a fresh line of stud earrings distinctively designed for the UK marketplace. Further, they are fashioned with 3D cube along with the round carbon fiber shapes embedded with white diamonds. In summation, the brand too introduced the bijouterie from its mainline collection to offer it new heights to experience. Carbo VI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dovi Friedmann and an exclusive sole agent to C6 in the UK delineated the delivery of the Brand’s adroitness at a J&W show in a positive manner despite low footfall. He too added that the brand wins to ensure a new mark with the Jewelers’ Guild in addition to the other large account overseas. Withal, as per the statement expressed the brand is now in discussions with a large hotel chain in order to stock C6 by Anne Cohen across their 5-star hotels. In the show the brand has too experienced the inclination of visitors towards the men’s collection, with two high-end men’s e commerçants competed eagerly to sell C6. When talked about the rings Supernova and Stardust along with the Quintet drew the most care.

New in Market,, D-SRSP by Signet Jewelers

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With an approach and an initiative to dedicate to the continuous advance in the wholeness of the universal diamond supply chain, Signet Jewelers Limited has introduced the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol for diamonds. Regarded as D-SRSP, Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol for diamonds is a protocol that proffers better and improved transparency.

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Signet Jewelers Limited has established the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol for diamonds, the role of this protocol is to offer increased transparency along with the assurance to the incessant upgradations in the integrity and veracity of the comprehensive global diamond supply chain. The D-SRSP (Responsible Sourcing Protocol for diamonds) is a joint effort of the Signet that includes the expert opinions from diamond industry and civil society in addition to the governments. The experts advice are gathered from the some leading jewelry industries and groups such as De Beers Group, the United States Jewelry Council, Partnership Africa Canada and Rio Tinto. Further, some more prominent names that have played the critical role in launching the D-SRSP are Dominion Diamond Corporation, WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Bourses), International Diamond Manufacturers Association and Jewelers of America along with Diamond Development Initiative and the officials from OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). Moreover, Governments and the diamond suppliers of Signet from all over the globe contributes to the formation of this protocol. Mark Light, CEO of Signet illustrates D-SRSP by saying that it is built on existing diamond industry standards, including Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as well as the OECD’s Due Diligence Guidance for ‘Responsible Supply Chains’ to make sure the lucidity through a shared process that is realistic and feasible. The protocol entails suppliers to embark on assiduousness while sourcing diamonds to the Signet. A report by Signet reveals that they are encouraging the companies who are in the diamond industry to espouse the D-SRSP and use it in their supply chains.

For Public Sale, Stellar exports more than 3K carats from Baoulé Mine to Antwerp

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More than 3K carat diamonds are shipped from the Baoulé kimberlite project to Antwerp by the Stellar Diamonds for an auction. The gems would be cleaned and sorted out before the auction. In the statement stated on February 16, it is cleared by the functionaries that the public sale (auction) is envisaged to take place in the month of March.

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London-listed Stellar Diamonds, a diamond development company exported a pack of 3,341 carats from the test mining of its Guinea’s project, i.e., Baoulé kimberlite pipe to Antwerp for a planned auction. Further, in the assertion put forward by the company officials on February 16, it is preconized that prior to the planned public sale, preparatory work would be carried out that is sorting out and cleaning of the gemstones. According to the sources, this auction is the third sale of the Baoulé diamonds by Stellar Diamonds. The pronouncement too adds that based on the previous drilling results as well as current grade comprehended by the marketers the company is aiming a resource in the region of 3M carat diamonds at the mine. To date, the company has succeeded in recovering around some 8,830 carats of diamonds from its trial mining. In the year 2015, the sale of the two diamonds (extracted from the test mine) that totals 5,173 carats produced the revenues of more than $700,000.

JA‘s role in the 2016 CASE Awards for Design

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JA has started accepting the entries for its yearly “retail design” contest. The contest is to be kept at the Jewelers of America New York Spring Show that will run from 13 to 15 March at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. The CASE Awards honors the retail members of the trade body for their designs that meet the competition criteria.

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Jewelers of America have started the acceptation of the entrances for its annual retailer design contest. The competition would take place at the New York Spring Show and will run for three consecutive days in the month of March, i.e., 13 to 15 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. The CASE awards each year honors the best performance of the designers. The awards this year too acknowledge the retail members of the trade body for their charismatic designs that fill out the competition criteria. It means the designs that through the four traits, i.e., creativity, art, style and excellence to be in competition and obtain the ability to beat the competitor. Jewelers of America would take the entry forms until 19th February. The organization in its statement said on February 11 reveals the cash award of $500 for the winner who gets the first place along with the national media exposure. Further, the awards are open to the staff of Jewelers of America retail member companies. The four categories are open to applications; the first one is jewelry that’s retail value worths up to $2,000. The second that worth up to $2,001 to $5,000. The third that values up to $5,001 to $10,000 and the last category holds jewelry that worth over $10,000. In each category maximum of 15 entries would be accepted and the panel would judge the entries on the basis of its overall design along with marketability, quality of manufacturing and wearability.

Know WHAT Signet says about LSE listing

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Signet Jewelers publicized its plan to remove self from the official register of a London stock exchange due to lack of liquidity for its shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the LSE. Further, the company likes to reduce the cost connected with keeping the two listings.

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Signet Jewelers promulgated its plan to take the voluntarily delisting of the brand’s shares from the LSE (London Stock Exchange) due to the lack of availability of liquid assets for its shares on the bourse as well as streamline governance and reduce costs related to maintaining two listings. As per the stated on the February 16, it is reported that the U.S based board of jewelry retailers has resolved the petition for the annulment of a standard listing of common shares on the main market of London Stock Exchange. Further, the panel reviewed the Signet Jeweler’s stock-exchange listings last year and discovered that the total trades placed on the (LSE), i.e., London Stock Exchange in the year 2014 counts same in the trading done in the five days on U.S. exchanges. It is alleged that less than 1% of the brand’s yearly trading volume is executed on the London Stock Exchange, and the benefit of listing on the LSE is compensé by the regulatory burdens in addition to the monetary expense and time spent on the LSE-driven activity. Consequently, the jury resolved to delist the shares of the Brand, Signet  from trading on the LSE. As a result, the shares would remain to be sold on the LSE until March 11, and the termination will take force on March 14.

Have a LOOK at some 2016’s Heart fluttering Jewelry

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2016 is acclaimed by the jewelry artists, a year that is to enjoy the everlasting symbols in jewelry designs as well as jewelry marketplace, and are also the continuance of the heart. Every year designers find their way to lure the heart of the jewelry lovers by their winning designs. Like every year, this year too would see the magnetic jewelry designed with the involvement of the Heart shape.

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 In the year 2016 “The heart”, a symbol that is directly related to emotions, feelings and LOVE would be a first preference in the jewelry creators’ designs. Studied as an emblem of romance and love for a best friend, parent or children or even a pet, HEART rules the universe and every subdivision that is meant for sale. Heart as a symbol is speculated to transcend the time for every era of jewelry, thus, this year too jewelry market would experience the boom of Heart shaped jewelry presented by renowned designers. Noted jewelry designers this year represent the countless models of the use of versatile ‘heart’ in their creation to enhance the beauty, charisma of the wearing soul. The Heart never gets old, same way heart shape jewelry never gets old. Sleek, petite pendant with an integration of colored gemstones or detailed metal or any other concoction a jewelry lover could dream up is available in the jewelry market this year. On the Valentine occasion, the retail jewelry stores, as well as e-portals, are loaded with heart shaped jewelry, as a romantic gift at fair prices. Stuller, Inc., acknowledged as a prime manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and jewelry-related products, for 2016’s V-Day presented 14k yellow gold Double heart necklace in $325. Some other charismatic heart jewelry of this year are South Sea pearl and diamond heart earrings of Yoko London.

LARGEST DIAMOND…. New record, @ the books of ANGOLA

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Since the date Lucapa Diamond Company has recovered 404.2-carat diamond from its alluvial mining at Mining Block 8, Angola is enjoying its name in the 'diamond record' history. The company officials stated that the diamond is graded as type-IIa, top-tier and a GIA grade diamond on a scale of D (colorless).

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An Australian Diamond Company, Lucapa reveals the recovery of the largest diamond from its project in the African nation. The largest recorded diamond that is set up in Angola weighs around 404.2-carat and is marked as type-IIa, a top level D-color diamond according to GIA color grade. Angola is enjoying its name in the record diamond history since when Lucapa Diamond Company has recovered this largest gem from its alluvial mining at Mining Block 8. In the statement stated on February 15 the company, Lucapa that is too listed on the Australian Securities Exchange asserted that the diamond is the biggest ever to be given away by an Australian company as well as the 4th diamond that weighs more than 100Ct. to be extracted from Lulo to date. According to the sources, the Mining Block 8 that started in 2015 in the month of August has birthed more than 60 ‘large diamonds’. Previously the largest diamond recovered from Lulo was approx 133.4 carat. The earlier Angolan records show the recovery of  217.4-carat Angolan Star diamond from the Luarica mine in the year 2007. Lucapa Diamond Company controls the operations of the Lulo as well as holds the 40% interest in the mining operations of the alluvial diamond. The national diamond company of Angola, Endiama E.P. holds 32% interest while Rosas & Pétala, a local private partner has 28%. The chairperson of Endiama E.P., Antonio Carlos Sumbula proclaims that the Lulo diamond field sets an instance of what the company would like to showcase to promote international investment in Angola’s diamond mining industry.

SEE what NRF predicted this Valentine

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8% fall is expected in the jewelry sale on this Valentine week. On V-Day special season jewelry sales experiences Y-O-Y slope, resulting a business of $4.45 billion as per NRF’s (National Retail Federation)survey.

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Spending on jewelry, this Valentine season is likely to fall by 8% as per the survey by National Retail Federation. NRF in its survey proclaims that U.S consumers, who on every occasion prefer to gift jewelry to their beloved, unlikely 2015 now showing less interest in jewelry this Valentine’s Day. Thus, the total market dwindled to $4.45 billion sales according to Prosper Insight’s survey. Further, the Analytics found that where 21.1% respondents wished to buy jewelry on Valentine day for their beloved in the year 2015 now contracted to just 19.9 percent. A sudden decline in the sale of jewelry, puts an adverse effect on the jewelry industry of the U.S. In the year 2015, the market has earned $172.38 in the Valentine season, but in 2016 the earning has shrunk to $166.08 means the market faces a fall of 3.7% in the jewelry sale. Matthew Shay, CEO and President of the National Retail Federation in his statement that has stated on the February 3 portrays that as Valentine is falling on Sunday (a holiday) so it could proffer a positive boost in the spending especially in spending the discretionary needs. He likewise added that Low gas prices in addition to the guaranteed promotions from large and small retailers lure the consumers as well as motivate them to select the perfect gift for their love mates.

Jubilee Pipe Now glitters with its 121.96-carat Diamond

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ALROSA finds the diamond that weighs approx. 122 carats from the Jubilee Kimberlite Pipe of Russia. ALROSA’s business unit MPD (Aikhal Mining and Processing Division)while processing recovers the 121.96-carat Diamond from the plant No.14. The shape of this transparent yellowish diamond is octahedral.

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A Russian group of diamond mining corporations, ALROSA enjoy the recovery of 121.96-carat i.e. approx 122 carat diamond from its Jubilee kimberlite pipe. Acknowledged to play a starring role in the world diamond mining by volume, ALROSA business unit, MPD (Aikhal Mining and Processing Division) extracted this stone from the plant No.14 while processing. A transparent crystal that has 31.28 х 30.00 х 28.57 mm dimension possesses an octahedral shape. In the statement stated on February 11, the company aside from its size and shape too reveals the color of this diamond. The tint of this alluring diamond is somewhat yellowish. Further, the inclusions in this beautiful diamond are olivine, graphite as well as sulphide. The history of the Jubilee pipe is quite an impressive as the company has recovered some stones that lie within the range of 50 to 138 carats from its deposit from the beginning of the year to the present. Last year in the month of December the company has extracted out the diamond that weighs around 105.6-carat from the Jubilee Pipe (mine).

UK jewelry segment NEEDS to brush its skill

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Blemishes in the reporting system of the Diamond grading shows the shortcomings of the UK jewelry sector. IIDGR (International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research) survey’s divulges the chasm in the attitudes in the ‘Uk’s market diamond grading reports’ that clearly indicates the polarity between the clients’ need and the reality of the UK diamond market.

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On the 4th of December, 2006 the UN General Assembly has passed the declaration, resolution of supporting the Kimberley Process and taken it as a global initiative to prevent the "conflict diamonds" from the civil unrest and the funding conflicts. The topic would be highlighted by the imminent release of the actor and producer, Leonardo Di Caprio’s film "Blood Diamonds." It has asserted that around 95% of UK purchasers would wish to get an independent grading report while purchasing a diamond, but up till now only 42%, in reality, receive one. International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research in its survey proclaimed the disrupted approach of the UK market towards diamond grading reports, as the document clearly portrays the distinction between the consumers wants and the reality of the UK diamond (jewelry) market. The officials of the De Beers stated that the findings would provide clarity to the commonness in addition to the demand for ‘Diamond grading reports’ in the UK market by uncovering the extent to which buyers are not receiving the desired reports. More than 80% retailers believe that an ‘independent diamond grading report’ enhances the confidence in their customers as well as in them while 56% states that this report would increase their faith in the worth of the diamond.  Further, around 91% of respondents says they would boost up their confidence in buying the diamond.

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