Vanadinite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

If asked what is the one thing that can help mankind from all sorts of troubles? The answer can be none other than ‘Gemstone’. Now, this is because they are naturally occurring substances in their crudest form in Mother Nature. They not only enhance the look of the person sporting them but also protect the person from various evils and negativity. True that the gemstones have a lot of demand which is sometimes the productivity doesn’t meet the demand scale. 

There are many gems around the world. It is a well-known fact that each one of them has different physical properties and healing aspects. Each person is required to use a different gemstone as per their birth month. There are some gems that are not determined by the month of the birth but instead everyone is free to use them on a regular basis for everyday benefits and goodness. Speaking of the present gem, the ‘Vanadinite’ is a bright red hued one. This gemstone is the most beautiful one even in its crudest form. It is said that different chemical reactions and transformations have been the reason for the vanadinite formation. It is easy to identify this gem among the others, the reason for this can be told as the color and the structure.

Healing Properties

You will be astonished to know all the healing properties of this gem in particular. 

  • Women’s stage of menopause -  Women are said to go through a lot of pain and pressure just right before the menopause. It takes a lot for the women to take the pain. So, the vanadinite is good for women especially during the menopause stage as the gemstone is believed to soothe down the symptoms of this stage so that the females feel comparatively comfy and face the situation with courage. 
  • Hormone production – Sometimes a lot of irregularities in the functioning of human body arise just because of the reason of hormone imbalance. The vanadinite gemstone will regulate the hormones in the body and help the body to stay healthy with normal functioning. 
  • Absorption of minerals and nutrients – Absorption of various nutrients into the body is important. The body grows well when the minerals get absorbed in the right way. The vanadinite gemstone helps in the proper absorption of the minerals.  
  • Enhancement of reproductive functions – Reproductive function is one of the prominent as it is the life-giving process in the body. This function is enhanced and taken care of with the help of vanadinite stone. 
  • Feel the sacred vibration in the divine chakras – The chakras in the body are the process of energy and the sacred energies. The better functioning of the chakras, the better is the health. It is also not easy to regulate and enhance the power of the chakras in the body, but it is easy when you have the vanadinite gemstone at your side. 
  • Boost the creative side – The vanadinite is mostly used by all the people that are from the creative field. The gem is said to enhance the creative mind in such people and brighten their career perspective. 
  • No more emotional blocks – It deals with any kind of emotional blocks in any person and makes him a better person.

Vanadinite Facts

Here, are some of the interesting facts of the vanadinite gemstone. 

  • This gem is said to be from the family of apatite. It contains oxygen, vanadium, chlorine, and also the lead as some of the elements among the others. 
  • Elements like the chlorine and vanadium are said to be pressured by the downward flowing water and thus forming this beauty. So, it is observed that the vanadinite gemstone is found mostly at the places where vanadium is mined out. 
  • The downward flowing water is said to influence the color, structure, gravity of this gem. The vanadinite undergoes a lot of processing which in turn enhances physical properties like the color, mass, surface, etc. 
  • The luster of vanadinite is just so perfect. Some researchers have shown that there are over 600 other places where the vanadinite is found extensively. 

Metaphysical Properties

The vanadinite gemstone is for the zodiac Virgo. Have it placed in contact with the skin and see how your problem of asthma gets vanish. The vanadinite gives you all the much-needed motivation in life. 

It helps in pursuing life goals with ease. Life is not interesting when the mind simply thinks in a simple manner. The vanadinite gemstone helps the mind to think in a better way and thus help in grab the best life opportunities. Success is what everyone is back off. The very same success makes the person over confident sometimes which is clearly not a good sign. To help yourself to stay grounded, the best thing to be done is to have vanadinite by your side. This gemstone attracts wealth just as you have always desired for. 

It is always important to maintain this gemstone clean. For this, cleaning the gem with clean water is advisable. It must also be put away from the reach of children. Shop for your vanadinite gemstone right away!

Vanadinite Color

Abundantly available across 400 mines in Mexico, United States, Namibia and so on, the vanadinite gemstone is just not available in the bright red hue but there are other color shades too including the shades of orange-red, yellow, pale yellow, brown, white, colorless, and red-brown. Sure, that each of these gemstone colors has the same working as the red colored vanadinite. The body of the proceeded gem looks uneven and shiny. The overall look of this gemstone is very attractive. 

Coming to the clarity of this gemstone, the vanadinite is a red stone that is transparent and sometimes opaque in nature. This gem is considered to be the secondary one as it is mainly found in the oxidized ore deposit zones. 

Though, it is said that the vanadinite gemstone is found across four hundred various zones in the world, it is considered to be one of the rarest gemstone ever. It is observed that the vanadinite gemstone is hard to cut into various shapes other than the hexagon shape. The hardness index of this gem is 3 on the scale which makes it a better one

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