Uvarovite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Uvarovite is one of the rarest crystals of the garnet group. It is a mineral which is available in fine sized crystals but can be beautifully carved and designed for ornament. The strong, deep green color of Uvarovite is powerful for physical healing, especially for Heart. This sheer quality makes it a more special crystal of garnet group. Uvarovite is also recognized as “Stone of Abundance” and “Growth Stone” after all it is an excellent merger of healing and balancing the anxieties of a life cycle.

Uvarovite provides an intense energy, and this feature only makes it a unique crystal to gift to someone special.  This beautiful green crystal illustrates the color of productivity, development, expansion, materialistic hike, and improvement. Uvarovite promotes individuality without being self- centered and simultaneously relates an individual with the universe. 

Where is Uvarovite found?

The glorifying green crystal is from the biggest garnet family, which is known for its rare mineral, crystal, and stones. Uvarovite was discovered in 1832 by a Russian statesman and amateur mineral collector. It is generally found in Finland, Iran, Norway and South Africa.

Healing Properties

Uvarovite–Metaphysical Properties

The Metaphysical features of the appealing Uvarovite green crystal are as follows:-

Ø Birthstone- Uvarovite is considered as the birthstone for Aquarians. It is believed that the use of Uvarovite crystals brings renewal, success in start-up’s, and lively health to Aquarians.

Ø Zodiac Stone- Uvarovite is considered as the zodiac stone for people who are born in between 20 April to 20 May. The green crystals bring prosperity and wealth to them.

Ø Color–The color of Uvarovite is similar to Emerald Green or can be said as dark rich green.

Ø Hardness–Uvarovite contains hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 on Moh’s scale.

Ø Crystal System–It contains an Isometric crystal system.

Ø Structure–It has a Cubic crystal structure.

Ø Chemical Composition:  The crystal is formed by the chemical composition of calcium chromium silicate.

Ø Index of Refraction–Uvarovite has an index of refraction of 1.865.

Ø Luster–The Beautiful green Uvarovite crystals have a vitreous luster.

Ø Specific Gravity–The specific gravity of Uvarovite ranges from 3.71 to 3.77.


Uvarovite–Emotional Healing Properties

Uvarovite has numerous Emotional healing abilities that’s why it has been named as “Enhancer Strengthener crystal”. Let’s have a glance-

Ø Promotes Individuality and Optimistic Approach of Thinking- Whenever an individual feels depressed and realizes that he is missing all the positive aspects or qualities required for survival, in such scenario the Uvarovite generates the feeling of being satisfied in what he is having but to get ready for a new start with an optimistic approach.

Ø Strengthens the feeling of Patriotism- The feeling of Patriotism strengthens which generate a positive attitude towards the nation and society.

Ø Develops and Boosts Self confidence- Sometimes when we will think that nothing is going accordingly to us then we lose our confidence and hope, but this crystal will help you to develop your self-confidence without consuming time and effort on thinking about the result.

Ø Creates the power of being Creative- Creativity and innovation are the mediators which help us to generate and move forward with our goals. Uvarovite enhances creativity and innovational powers and glorifies your talent.

Ø Generates the feeling of Self-satisfaction- Running for more and more has become a human tendency, but Uvarovite generates the feeling in user to be satisfied with what he has and believes what he has is adequate for him.

Ø Clear the path which distracts to achieve goals-Sometimes situations occur when we are distracted this beautiful green crystal shows us the correct path and gives us the strength to move ahead with it without any distractions.

Ø Eliminates the notion of being Incapable and weak and alone- The feeling "I am good for nothing" can bring a big downfall in someone's life it may be in health, wealth or sentimental. Uvarovite initiates with the power of being capable and self- sufficient.

Ø Enhancer of Strengths - Enhancers have perfect cubic symmetry internal crystal which helps to attain internal consistency. Just like as a “building block” whose perfect structure generates the capability to concentrate on goals and efforts which can prove fruitful in the future and develop confidence.

Uvarovite Spiritual Healing Properties

The chief spiritual properties and benefits of using Uvarovite have been listed below:

Ø Stimulates Kundalini- It sparks the Kundalini, which intensifies the capacity to manage between illusions and practicality. It acts as a bridge in deepening spiritual relationships and by making spirituality as the passion of life. Uvarovite helps one recognize the universal nature of an individual and its soul. 

Ø Heals the feeling of insufficiency - It heals the feeling of the shortage of elements which may be materialistic and insufficiency in all its aspects, but the wearer of this crystal will realize the truth of survival and opens the heart to know that the Universe provides adequately what is required without any complaints and demands.

Ø By surrendering to Universe, it leads to a sense of peace and satisfaction, recovers from the pain of being struggling to get satisfied with numerous desires.

Ø Recognition of the universal truth- This is also identified as a calm and peaceful stone, which helps in helpful in experiencing solitude without feeling alone. It helps us to know the infinite nature of the soul and heals the feeling of being complaining of lack and insufficiency in various prospects of life.


Uvarovite – Physical Healing Properties

Uvarovite features are not just limited to its spirituality and sentimental values, but it also accompanies the power of healing physical sufferings.

Ø Heart- Uvarovite strengthens the heart and other organs. Uvarovite Garnet strengthens the heart and provides assistance in quick recovery from heart problems and after surgery healing, it acts as a healing hand to the heart. It helps with disorders of lung and heart. 

Ø Allergies- Treatment of plant allergies and lung weakness, diseases, emphysema, such as hay fever is very effectively healed by this crystal. Uvarovite can be trusted for its anti-inflammatory quality to get relief from the symptoms related to inflamed scar tissue, wounds, rheumatism, and arthritis. The stone is also believed to provide good healing results in leukemia and acidosis.

Ø Sexual dysfunction- This crystal helps in balancing and in the treatment of the libido, sexual dysfunction in both the sexes.

Ø Detoxification-The Uvarovite crystal has a tremendous detoxification and anti-inflammatory effect. The best example of it is the fever-reducing effect. It has the power to detoxify the blood and the kidneys.

Ø Cell regeneration- Uvarovite may aid cell regeneration in recoveries after surgery. It supports the liver, pancreas, and strengthens bladder weakness. It can aid in cell regeneration majorly in treatments related to lung weakness. Uvarovite can help in regenerating and stimulating cellular functions also. It can also be beneficial in the treatment of disorders associated with the pancreas.

Uvarovite- Chakra Healing

Uvarovite works best with the heart chakra and for stimulating Kundalini. It purifies your heart and lets you choose the path of love and purity with self-satisfaction feeling. It also provides calm and empathetic vibrations in the heart; the green crystal controls the heart in the most positive manner. The feeling of Impossible is converted into I am Possible and I can do it. The positive energy found in Uvarovite is most suitable for heart chakra and thus, wearing this crystal does a lot of good in the wearer’s heart. This crystal also establishes a firm link between the mind and the heart. The positive effects of this stunning crystal can also be observed in the Kundalini. The crystal also helps in accepting life’s changes in a smooth manner. 

Uvarovite Facts

  • Uvarovite Garnet is known as “growth crystal” also in few places as this beautiful stone is a powerful conduit of the earth’s Life force of birth, development, and creation.
  • Uvarovite is a Safety talisman, useful in focusing our efforts to make sure we stay safe while traveling.
  • The meaning of Uvarovite is “Unexpected good luck” which can bring growth and prosperity to an area which you lack it.

Uvarovite Color

  • CleavageNone
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitEuhedral crystals, granular, massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive IndexOver the Limit 1.798-1.864
  • DiaphaneityTransparent, translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness) 6.5 - 7.5Â
  • SourcesFinland, Iran, Norway and South Africa
  • Chemical formulaCa3Cr2Si3O12
  • LustreVitreous
  • Color dark rich green
  • Chakra HealingHeart chakra
  • BirthstoneApril,May
  • Zodiacaquarius
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