Tangerine Lemurian Quartz - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Tangerine Lemurian quartz is one of the best gemstones with qualities that are found hardly in any other gemstone. It is a gemstone that brings you fantastic willpower and a rare ability to perceive things from a broad perspective. 

Tangerine Lemurian quartz will help you bring the necessary skills that are essential to perform your daily tasks fast and on time. It boosts energy by connecting with your inner self deeply.

Tangerine Lemurian quartz is an excellent tool in influencing the chakras that are responsible in shaping the emotional base of the personality. The gemstone soothes creative energy. The gemstone is soothing and energizes the body.

Where is Tangerine Lemurian Quartz found?

The primary sources of Tangerine Lemurian quartz are found in Madagascar and Brazil. There are several sources of Tangerine Lemurian Quartz occurring in nines in Brazil (in Joaquin Felicio). During the 1940s, great American miners are said to have worked in the land of Brazilians opened mines in the mount Serado Cabral near Joaquin Felicio. Diamantina zone in Brazil is an essential source in Brazil. 

Healing Properties

Tangerine Lemurian quartz crystals are great healers and can be used to get out of any mental condition. The gemstone has used the healing of many ailments like issues in blood circulation, spinal alignment problems, making the functionality of veins better and enabling and overall growth. It works like a great tool to remove the diseased part and clean it up. 

Tangerine Quartz can overcome the chaos of the world. By this, you know the underlying facts and how the world works. The gemstone balances the chakra in the sacral region and results in an additional amount of positive vibration. It would also help you boost your creativity. The best part is it can heal the past injuries that you got because of the various issues in personality and other items. 

Tangerine Lemurian quartz is the best tool for the healing of shock or trauma that jolted your life. It can help you in situations when you need help as compensation for the loss that you sustained in the past. 

The gemstone is of great value for people who are in the quest for proper weight loss plans. It is also very supportive in the treatment of disorders in the reproductive system and HIV. It can help in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and pain in the lower abdomen.

Tangerine Lemurian Quartz Facts

The gemstone occurs in different number f striations on alternate sides. 

Tangerine Lemurian Quartz is so named because of its color varying between red and orange-red. 

Tangerine Lemurian Quarts is a mineral comprising silicon dioxide in the quartz group. The color of the gemstone is because of the differing amounts of iron oxide. 

Metaphysical Properties

The gemstone is said to have gone deep into the earth many ages ago. The gemstone is a great boon – and is likely to bring you the best quality vibration. The gemstone will enable you to reach the pinnacle in your spiritual pursuits. This, it will do by connecting the central part of the brain that brings out the relevant change. Also, if you are skeptical about your luck, because of the evil deeds you executed in the past, the gemstone will banish all such karmic effects that are likely to bring you misfortunes. The misfortunes could strike in the form of financial disasters, personal injury or any other sort of trouble affecting you or/and your loved ones. Thus, Tangerine Lemurian quartz is a gemstone is one that changes all the misfortunes into great luck and protects you against all the potential troubles that could hit you. 
Tangerine Lemurian quartz is considered best as it upholds our connection to the spiritual world and it has been used for centuries. A gemstone is a great tool if you wish to activate the Chakras. It will remove all the blockages that are happening on the way to your progress.  It will affect the heart chakra and will bring positive changes in the emotional body and will bring about relaxation at a deeper level.
Tangerine Lemurian quartz is an excellent gemstone to heal issues that affect your inner self. It will help you understand yourself and will teach you how to grow and be more adaptable to the society. It will make you endowed with forgiveness, and you will feel relax once you start to overlook the traumas that you got in the past. 
The gemstone will boost your strength and persuasiveness. You will develop a considerable amount of patience. 
It protects you from all the thoughts that are likely to harmful to yourself. You will stay focused on your career, business or elsewhere. 
Improves creativity 
You will grow in your creative ability and remove the low self-esteem that you are suffering. 
When you have the tangerine Lemurian quartz crystal, your life and worldly energy will remove all the blemishes in your mind with respect to others.
Tangerine Lemurian quartz helps build your wealth
The gemstone gets rid of all the hurdles that are coming in your way to prosperity and will lead you to get great advice from yourself. You wisdom itself will help you make significant decisions in your business. It will play a supportive role in maintaining prosperity. It will get rid of all the sorts of narrow outlook which could otherwise the limit your prospects to become wealthy. 
Tangerine will soothe your self-respect
The gemstone will strengthen you from inside will help you use the inner strength and fulfill you hope and reach the goal. 
Makes love relationship smoother
Tangerine Lemurian quartz is said to affect the solar plexus chakra (the energy center that influences your personality) by shaping your self-respect, sense of empowerment, and the ability to do things beforehand. 
The gemstone will bring you the comfort, strength and warmth and vitality. And, will increase your inquisitiveness and you will feel great to experiment with new things without creating a negative impact. 
Makes you understand your personality
It will also help you accept all the strong as well as weak points about yourself. It will bring you new hope and sets free the guilt, shame or a sense of anger against yourself.
Wearing tangerine Lemurian quartz will bring you the best results in your life. It is likely to work wonders. 
It is a gemstone that is going to help you with your physical mental and emotional stress. 
You find your productivity shot to a higher level because of the positive vibration. You will find yourself friendlier towards others.
A great aid in meditation
You can use a Tangerine Lemurian quartz grid as a helping tool during meditation. You need to sit generally as you do in meditation. You need to keep the network such that each point is facing you. It will boost your energy and will enable you to bear the pressure in emotionally stressful situations. 
You can transmit the healing energy to a large number of people. Even people in at a great distance where turbulent weather or political condition prevails.
Banishes the chaos around you
When you wear it in the form of a pendant studded with it, it will pull you out of the morass of chaos and confusions in your life at any moment. 
In your life, often there might be situations that are related or unrelated to the main event. The side events will make lose focus from the main event and will overshadow all around and create a lot of confusion. Tangerine Lemurian Quartz is likely to help in the situation by making you get a clear view of the situation. You will be able to tackle the situation elastic.
You can attract people
Tangerine quartz will help you understand people better. You will be now more open and ready to communicate with people than you did early. You feel the need and urgency of the amity of all. To fulfill this, you will try to offer great things who befriend you. 
Will bring you joy
Tangerine Lemurian quart will elevate your state of mind, and your energy level will skyrocket. By this, you can confront any challenge in life. 
The beneficial effects of combination
You can use the gemstone in conjunction with the ruby sugilite, smoky quartz, red jasper, rose quartz, opal, lapis lazuli, jade, nebula stone, or kyanite enhance dream will help you get your dream come true.

Tangerine Lemurian Quartz In News

Tangerine Lemurian Quartz Color

Tangerine Lemurian quartz occurs in diverse colors. Each color exercises significant influence on the life of humans. We will mention them here briefly.

Tangerine Lemurian quartz is available in different colors to include, smoky, tangerine, blue, yellow, and clear.

Citrine Lemurian brings great attributes that are useful in your professional life. It is used to bring a new balance in emotions in life.

Blue Lemurian accounts for your being in work. It will help you reach your goals as you struggle to achieve them. It will stimulate you to walk the righteous way instead of taking recourse to contrary views.

Smoky Lemurian is also called shadow healer is a great tool to clean up the effects of bad luck. It enables you to use your ability and creatively for the good of others.

Pink Lemurian is useful – brings you happiness by removing the bad luck from your life.

Tangerine dream Lemurian is a variety of the gemstones that get rid of any of the potential misfortunes that are in store for you. It will bring significant changes in your life and will make you feel great.

  • Cleavagenone
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.544 - 1.553
  • DiaphaneityTransparent-translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)
  • SourcesBrazil
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous
  • Colorclear, pink, smoky, tangerine, yellow and blue
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra,Sacral chakra
  • Birthstone
  • Zodiac
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