Sphene/titanite - Meaning, Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Sphene crystal is known for its stunning radiance and extraordinarily beautiful look. Found in a few alluring shades including yellow-green, green, brown and orange, the sphene crystal gets its name from the word ‘sphen’ which is a Greek word meaning wedge. 

Sphene Meaning or History

If you have been wondering why Sphene is named so, let us tell you that it gets this name because of its formation which relates to its meaning – ‘wedge’. It is interesting to know that when sphene crystal is cut with acumen, it shows tremendously beautiful scattering or diffusion of light that can be compared with the best of gemstones.

Sphene has been in use for a long time. Sources suggest that sphene was used even in 1787. It was given the name sphene in 1801. Before that, the crystal was called titanite because of the presence of titanium in it. The name titanite was provided by Martin Klaproth while the name Sphene was given by Rene Just Hauy who was a mineralogist from France. Finally, it was during 1982, when CNMMN (the International Mineralogical Association Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names) decided to use the name titanite for this crystal.

The interesting fact about the sphene gemstone is that it is called by both names even today and is recognized and coveted all over the world by both these names – sphene and titanite!

Now that you have enhanced your knowledge on titanite stone meaning or the sphene meaning, it’s time to proceed further for more info!

Where is Sphene found?

The Sphene comes from several places around the world including Sri Lanka, the USA, Mexico, Kenya, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Austria and Canada. Remember, Madagascar, Mexico and Canada are considered the chief locations for the titanite stone.

Healing Properties Of Sphene / Titanite Stone

The sphene spiritual meaning and the sphene healing properties are quite significant and impressive. The gemstone is known all over the world for its exceptional ability to bring its user or wearer closer to spirituality. It helps you understand the spiritual concepts and realm so that you actually know what spirituality is all about. The lucidity in thoughts lets you get closer to the spiritual and divine world. The stone makes sure that you do not get deviated in between. Sphene is also a great choice for people who want to improve their mental abilities. It also aids in attaining emotional balance. The gemstone is used for improving memory, power of concentration, strengthening intuition and for improving communication skills too. Hence, the stone is a great option for people who are fighting some sort of mental illness. Those who have weak bones can find relief and strength through the use of this stone. It will prevent the weakness in bones and will bring strength to them.

The flexibility of muscles can also be attained with the help of titanite crystal. It is also worth mentioning that this crystal also provides relief, healing and solutions for problems related to mouth and teeth. The overall immunity of the body can also be strengthened using this amazing natural gemstone. This simply means that when you have sphene jewelry or the sphene gemstone you will have minimum or nil chances of falling prey to any disease. If anyone is facing the problem of low count of red blood cells, the use of sphene is often advised by the gem experts and astrologists. It is also a great option for someone who is looking to get the right balance between the red blood cells and the white blood cells.

Apart from the above healing benefits, the sphene crystal has also been found helpful for treating various types of skin irritations and diseases. The problem of swelling is also addressed well with the use of this beautiful gemstone. 

Sphene Facts

  1. The titanite stone or the sphene crystal comes from the mineral group of titanite and that’s why it is rich in titanium. 
  2. The Sphene crystal or the titanite is the only member of the titanium mineral group which is considered and used as a gemstone. 
  3. It is also interesting to notice that this crystal is referred to as Sphene by gem professionals while mineralogists often refer to it as titanite because of its rich titanium content. 
  4. The crystal is found in a beautiful range of colors including green, orange, yellow, and brown. The crystals also display a lovely tint of other shades sometimes. 
  5. It is believed that titanite stone is a superb option for bringing lucidity in thinking process. 
  6. The hardness of sphene is 5 to 5.5. 
  7. It has a clear cleavage.
  8. While its hardness might be low for the jewelry purposes, its amazing appearance as well as the sphene spiritual meaning and sphene metaphysical properties make it quite a demanding option in the jewelry world. 
  9. Anyone who wants to learn any new concepts or theories should have sphene at his or her side as this crystal aids and supports learning. 
  10. It is also a great option for those who want to improve their creativity and imagination.
  11. The style and perfection of cutting, the presence of any sort of inclusions and several other factors can affect the value of this crystal to a great extent.

Metaphysical Properties Of Sphene

  1. Struggling to get organized in life? Try using the titanite gemstone! It helps you become more organized and disciplined in life and naturally, you become more productive and perform well in the long run with the help of such life skills.
  2. The sphene crystal is often used in meditation as it stimulates the solar plexus and lets your mind concentrate in the perfect manner. 
  3. Whether you want to attain knowledge or affluence in life, having this stone by your side will let you achieve beautiful things that you have always wanted. From inducing prosperity and wisdom in your life to increasing your power of focus, sphene will certainly help make your life better! 
  4. It is even worth mentioning that the power of attracting knowledge in sphene is so strong that if you go close to a person who is already carrying or wearing this crystal, the knowledge of that user or wearer will be passed upon you! 
  5. Many times, most of us remain dissatisfied with what we already have in our lives! We keep on craving for more and thus, we never feel content. The use of sphene nurtures satisfaction in your life and thus, you start feeling content and happy. 
  6. Titanite is the stone that aids in achieving the emotional balance. 
  7. It also brings in relaxation and peace of mind by warding off the tension. 
  8. Remove negativity and break your negative thought process with the help of this lovely crystal. 
  9. Bring spirituality and sensibility to your behavior and attitude by wearing sphene. It is the stone that makes its wearer more religious, disciplined, spiritual and sentimental. Making you understand the spiritual world, this crystal brings you closer to the divine realm. 
  10. If you are combating to get a strong determination in your attitude, use the sphene gem. 
  11. Enhance your speech skills and elocution with this wonderful gemstone. 
  12. The gemstone is also known for improving the mental abilities of its wearer or user. 
  13. Those who want to strengthen their sixth sense and inner conscience must wear this crystal as it is believed to induce and improve the same. 
  14. The gemstone is also quite helpful in the professional world as it is loved for its ability for inducing and promoting teamwork and cooperation. 
  15. In the long run, this crystal also helps you achieve the objectives of your life. Be it personal goals or professional ones, sphene makes sure that you attain them as expected. The gemstone is believed to provide the right guidance to its wearer so that he makes the right choice and takes the right decision in life for proceeding smoothly toward his or her objectives of life. 

Why Would You Use Sphene?

The sphene crystal is one of the most important gemstones when you are looking for natural stones that stimulate your solar plexus. Stimulating your solar plexus, this gemstone ensures that your mental abilities get improved. The power of concentration, good meditation, quick learning, and attainment of knowledge are all related to the stimulation of the solar plexus and wearing sphene gemstone, thus, helps you achieve all these abilities and strengths. The crystal is also revered for its amazing ability to stimulate the third eye chakra, which means that you will get many benefits related to mind powers and abilities. 

If you wish to get prosperity in your life, you must wear sphene jewelry. Again, the wealth of knowledge can also be gained with the help of this stunning gemstone. 

It is also worth mentioning and remembering that the strong power of determination and an organized attitude lets you move mountains! When you have a strong willpower, you will not leave your path of persistence even in the most challenging situations. By wearing the beautiful sphene jewelry or sphene gemstone, you can get a strong willpower as well as self-discipline and organizing competencies in life. 

The stone promotes the sense of taking the right action at the right time. It gives you clarity in your thoughts and lets you think clearly and logically. 

Sphene Color

The beautiful shades in which this crystal can be found mainly include brown, yellow, red, green and dashes of other shades. Sometimes the crystal is called by the name of its particular color, for instance, the bright green titanite stone is often called the chrome sphene as it has the chromium color agent. The chrome sphene tops the list of the most coveted sphene crystals. The red sphene is referred to as greenovite as it has manganese impurities.

  • CleavageDistinct on [110], parting on {221}
  • Other NamesSphene persists as the informal name for titanite gemstones or Strontium Titanate
  • Crystal HabitFlattened wedge-shaped crystals, also massive
  • StreakReddish white
  • Refractive Indexnα = 1.843 – 1.950, nβ = 1.870 – 2.034, nγ = 1.943 – 2.110
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent to transparent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)
  • SourcesSphene found in Sri Lanka, USA, Mexico, Kenya, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Austria and Canada
  • Chemical formulaCaTiSiO5
  • LustreSubadamantine tending to slightly resinous
  • ColorGreen, Black, Yellow, Grey, Brown, Color correlates with Fe content: green and yellow due to low Fe; brown and black due to high Fe.
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra,Heart chakra
  • Birthstone
  • Zodiacsagittarius
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