Shell - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Fomenting or say piquant to mind, Shell spark off the intuition, adaptability as well as sensitivity and imagination of the soul. The creatures or the species found in the seas and world’s ocean, Shells suits best for the multitudes born under the zodiac sign Pisces. Found in different multi-colour, the peach of the shell mesmerizes the attention of all. Shell a well-known creature that is most desired to be worn in jewelry contributes to escalating the clarity mostly intellectual than emotional. Shells too yield the cognizance into decision making. The eminent forces of the shell not only assist in fostering synergy between others and self but too within the inner self. The high standing of the shell in the world of organic gems, it beheld best to offer cohesive energy and power for the groups working together. Further, predisposed to hold the healing potential, shell treats the issues related to ear (hearing disorders) in addition to the calcium deficiencies. Additionally, it cures nervous system, dysfunctions of the spinal canal as well as the broken bones. Shells holds the strong potential to enhance the assimilation of the vitamins such as A and D. Every person loves the ocean and the rejuvenating forces of the sea. It is proven that ocean covers a large part of our planet; the context is that it possesses the natural healing attributes that are vibrational and powerful to mend the overall body. The magnitude of the sea holds so impressive ability that contributes to obliterate the off-putting energies along with the depressing emotions. Sea shells acknowledged as the core of the ocean born in the deepest beds of the ocean makes them unique and most reverberating nature’s stone. Holding this enigmatic and charming natural shell heals the emotional wounds and the aching heart, as said it speaks to the inner soul directly and guide to chose what is right. The energies of this captivating shell assessed best for the children as its vibrating forces allow them to understand and show their capabilities. As per the beliefs of the Hawaiians, shells are predisposed to clean mind along with physical body and soul. The energies that interlink the inner and outer soul of the person can be purified by wearing or carrying shells. The spirit of the individual is what that makes him alive, what he is to the world and to the self-holding the powerful shells helps to understand the real self as well as the true longings. Shells offers a charisma, a charm that makes every wearing soul a peerless spirit. Shells originated in any form helps to revive the lost vitality as well as restore the deteriorated physical health. The spirituality or say spiritual health can too be enhanced by using the energies of the shell. The aptitude of the sea shell release out the negativity from the overall body and create space for the positive energies to come and make the life peaceful. Furthermore, grown in the salty water, sea shells create a strong conservative base all around that too shields the wearing individual from the negative energies present in the surrounding. Often recognized to control and harness the free flow of torso’s energies, shells likewise enhances the Reiki healing flairs according to their appearance (size and shape). The gentle but rigorous healing abilities of the shell equilibrate the overall body by harmonizing the chakras and aura.

The healing aptitude of the shell is similar to the Dolphin Reiki, as they both a wave energy that palpitate around the overall body to root out energy blockages in addition to the negative energies. The healing properties of both works on the emotions, past karmic issues as well as phobias of the wearing or undertaking or receiving person. Shells proffers an uplifting experience when used as it realigns the energy by absorbing the positivity of the surrounding world. The vast and diverse shapes of the shell provide a wonderful as well as powerful affirmative, constructive experiences to a wearing soul. Shells bestow peace in addition to tranquillity in the life and guides the right path to move on for gaining the prosperous living in the future life. Shells healing potential creates an enriching and inspiring aura that helps to release off-putting emotions from the intellect, inner soul as well as the overall body. A treasure of sea, shells always uses the natural flow of energies either of the surrounding or the body to get rid of the emotional upheavals.

Different types of shells show their effects in a different way though they all possess the ability to remove karmic imprints along with the etheric cords for heartening results.

Vole shells:  

The conch shape of the vole shell develops the feeling of peace, serenity, love as well as beauty and compassion. It is beneficial for the people to work with the vole shell when struggling with the emotional issues. The energies of the Vole shell pacify the nerves and hearten the calm behavior. 

Tonna Selacosa:

Tonna Selacosa shell aids in gently opening the intuitive capability for psychic connections. It too works as a boon companion when need assistance in perplexing relationship to make it serene. The healing properties of this alluring seashell enhance communication skill along with cooperation and commitment. It too allows the wearing person to compromise with the desires and the situations in order to provide harmony and balance. Tonna Selacosa often recognized as a shell that improves the skill to express self clearly in all ways (in words as well as in deeds).

Striped Fox (Banded Tulip):

Striped fox shell that is too regarded as Banded Tulip of Floride allows the shell lovers and its wearers to understand both the facets of the situation and react accordingly. Its beauty shines through its positive energies gained by the power of its residing creatures and of the ocean vibes. It is believed to be a perfect gift for those who have survived the upsetting experiences of life.

Fig Shells:

Fig shells on the physical level, speculate to reinforce the immune system as well as rejuvenate the overall body for its proper functioning and maintaining the balance within the surrounding. The wealth of salty water, Fig Shells brings a fortune in life in terms of the physical health by helping in the assimilation of the proteins. Athletes or people pursuing sports as a career should wear Fig Shells as these shells increase the strength and boost up the stamina.

Conus marmosets &Florida Cone:  Both these beautiful shells incorporates the beauty and potent vibrations of the salty sea. The strong elemental bond of these two shells with the Mother Earth in addition to its healing potential makes them unique among all other shells. A close connection of shells weather conus marmoreus, Florida Cone or any other shell they possess vibes of love, beauty, care and compassion along with gentleness and peace.

Pacific Treton:

Pacific Treton has been used in the religious, spiritual ceremonies for myriad ages. Also regarded as the rears of seas due to its charismatic shape, it since years is employed by the Native Northwest American Indians for offering prayers and cleansing their inner soul.

Green Abolone(ruff back):

The green hue of the shell boost up the intuitive level as well as contributes to provoke the psychic vision and its development while promotiong the strong forces of imagination. The soothing vibrations of the Green abalone calm down the distressing emotions and heal the inner emotional self for achieving growth of the self.

Florida welk & Lightning Whelk: 

The similar properties of these two shells heals the overall body as well as align the chakras for equilibrating the body within the surrounding environment. Assessed to resonate within the Third Eye Chakra, the energies of these two fascinating shells also turn on the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. As acknowledged to trigger the Third Eye Chakra these two shells kindle the psychic intuition. Within the heart chakra, the energies of these two shells gently clear the negativity and release sorrow, the emotions of fear from the heart. The solar plexus chakra re-instill the power of self.

Tiger Cowrie:

it releases the anxiety in addition to the stress-related troubles. Further, the potency of the stone gives relief from physical problems like arthritis, joint and muscle disorders. It too cures heart and the issues related to digestive system.

Tibia Curta:

Tibia Curta, a potent shell is a birthstone of the October born people. Analysed to offer relaxing and rhythmic energy, it soothes the overall torso as the high energies of this magnetizing shell produces the calming sensation like the waves that crash on the sea shore offers a soul relaxing crashing voice. The appeasing shell reduces irritability along with stress that in turn stir up the life energy of the cells.

Wite Spindle and crossed ribbed venus:

Wite Spindle is a treasured shell of the salty oceans that grants flexibility to the wearer as well as yiled the ability to accept the clean vibes, oxygen for the efficient functioning of the physical body. Beautiful and a possessor of the energies of nature, shells stir up the emotions to attain balance and harmony in the spirit. The resounding vibes of both these enthralling shells aid in expressing the posititve emotions apparently imbibed in by the soul as well as obliterate the negative emeotions permanently from the life. It makes the wearing person relax and controlled.

Egg Cowrie:

Appreciated for the primordial memory recall, Egg Cowrie stimulate the suppressed beautiful memories of the childhood in a healthier and a balanced way. It too releases the feeling of being unloved, uncared along with the anger for serene living. The energies of this shell too relases the emotional and physical pain from the intellect and body.

Orange Lions pow singles: It is out of the ordinary in assisting memory as well as the dream recall. It makes the person relalize the painful moments and the pain that is closed in the heart or in the subconscious realm to overcome it completely and start a new life, a new beginning for a better future. It too attract the universal love and helps to connect with the posititvity of the universe. Since ages, orange lions pow singles are considered a protective shell.

Celoy Oyster & rock oyster:

Both of these oysters acts like a mother shell that will safeguard its wearing individual from the of-putting energies dispersed or say absorbed in the aura. The motherly potential of these two compelling shells contemplates tremendously protective for children. Moreover, its grounding energies and reverberating vibes of both of these oysters bestow physical and spiritual shield for vulnerable youth who do not care to guard them against the unconstrictiveness of the surrounding.

Apple Blossom Shells & Butter Cup Shells: 

These two shells holding the similar potential keeps the propensity to express their feelings clarly to others and imbue the creative quality and positivity from the environment. Customarily, these two shells are too reviewed to offer guidance to its wearer. The energies of these two shells allow the soul to magnetize the shell’s divination, learn about self, understand potential and hidden talents.

Haitian tree snails: The forces of this magnetizing shell provide the strength to the wearing soul to saty calm in the present life force as well as in the underlying situations. The resonance of the shell too predicts the upshots for the person of his future. It enables the spirit to gain better insight in addition to the clarity to make better choices for self as well as his life and the people related to the wearing individual.

Yellow land snail and sunray venus: 

The yellowish-brown, yellow hue of these shells hold the attributes of both shell and its color thus activates the first, fourth and the fifth chakras of the body for maintaining balance and gaining opulence.


Sundial shells are relatively unique in being noticeably disc-shaped shell, flattened and in showing a lenticular edgewise appearance. Shell belongs to genera, Architectonica and is believed to be associated with the Sun God and "The Sun" of the Tarot Card.

Strawberry tops Shell: 

A beautiful object of the ocean, Strawberry tops Shell evoke the calm and composing feeling in the inner aura of the soul. As a soothing shell, the energies of this shell gives a clear and calm vibes to enhance the positivity for attaining the highest meditative state. Granting to the history recorded, the vibes of the shell was remarkably respected and beloved across continents and civilizations.

Green tusk shells:

 It is supposed to serve the reasons principally as a personal embellishment, and as an essential part in ceremonial matter possessing talismanic distinctiveness.  Green tusk shells are reviewed as the best amulet for completing a task with eagerness. The invigorating forces of this shell root out the negativity from the environment and endorses honesty along with integrity.

Purple turritella:

The mauve color of the Turritella enhance the charisma of the wearing soul in the world around. It too attracts the constructive energies of the universe to make the soul what he really is. It ward off superfluous energies from its wearers aura and thwart any positive energy to move out from the torso. The purple hues of the shell too purify the surrounding space, and the water features incorporated into the shell also build up the living qualities of water in a soul of a wearing individual.

Urchin spines: 

Urchin Spines, the shells often regarded as a symbol of the energies of the universe or the cosmic powers activates the wearing individual’s memory to inherent health and felicity. An emblem of beauty and perfection, it is a nature’s treasure that assist the soul in discovering the secret potwncy of the world as well as self.


Telescopium as its name symbolize telescope that holds a capability to see the distinct future. Further, the energetic vibes of this shell represent the powers of three goddesses in one or say the stages of the women life in one. The first phase is a beautiful young woman who is unmarried and is bold, independent, self-absorbed as well as seeking as birth. The second phase of women, a most beautiful phase of life as a birth-giving the mother who is unified, creator, who fosters compassion as well as consistent. Last but not the least it signifies the third phase of a women’s life that is of death and renewal the Crone that holistic, unknowable and remote. According to sacred rites, Telescopium shell is employed to purge the world of negative energy.

Epitonium scalare:

A possessor of the talismanic or say spiritual characteristics, Epitonium scalare shells regenerate and heal the power of the soul from resounding vibes of nature. Evidence proved that Epitonium Scalare boosts up the oncentration of the weaing individual for making the strong grip on the artworks.

Cypress Aurantium:

it is an onderful shell that strengthen the energies of the inner soul along with the natural surroundings and the universe around to attune and revive self-powers. The shape of the shell heals Kruin Chakra of the human body, and as identified to be connected with the throat chakra, it improves the communication skill as well as provide clarity to the thoughts.

Spondylus imperialism: 

The energies of this enthralling shell tune the energies of the wearing individual with the forces of Nature and Universe.  It too grounds the spiritual and physical body for boosting up the intuitive level. Spondylus imperialis work to calm an overactive brain

However stimulating new ideas it also energizes the imagination. Nautilus shells are known as a stone of transformation and are useful for support while going through a period of change.

Muraex pectin Venus comb:

The potent vibes of this shell brings the feeling of well-being and relaxation due to their strong relation with the ocean nd its waves. It too arouses the senses of the waeing individual as well as helps the soul to feel the comfort and gentleness of the aura. Further, it infuses love and make life serene.

Tibia fusus:

It is higly recognized shell due to its eminent properties to attract good luck and happiness in the life. In many cultures, it is often regarded as an amulet of good fortune as well as a perfect gift to be gifted to the loved ones. It too brings prosperity in the life.

Oyster cluster or Rock Oyster shell:

Oyster shell kindle psychic development in addition to the intuitive qualities and prop ups the imagination in a healthy way.

Paper nautilus: 

Soothing to the distressed emotions, it promotes cooperation and assist the free flow of feelings. It brings harmony in relationships and helps the soul to stay connected with family.

Conus aulicus:

It strengthens the ovrall body as well as the functions of chakras especially heart chakra. Further, on the physical level the energies of the shell boost up the immune system and muscle tissues. The potent vibes of the shell too improve the assimilation of the proteins and vitamins. It helps in the digestion, arthritis as well as joint disorders. The resonating vibes of this alluring shell help to cure allergies along with all other skin troubles.


Large and a well-known family, Cockle is made up of edible bivalves, they reside in both shallow as well as the deep water of all over the world. This shell is suitable for spells of love, friendship, family, and emotions.

Apple Murex:

Closely related to the Triton Shells, Murex Shells can be used to mend female issues such as menstrual problems, fertility as well as other female sexuality issues.

Turkey wing and Gaudy Asaphis:

Both these shells are relaxing and calming as they root out the stress from the overall body and heart along with the irritability. Further, these shells gently stimulate the spirit energy of the cells of the wearer as well as increase their flexibility and the ability to accept oxygen and use effectively.

Conch and Alphabet Cone:

the gift of nature, both these shells soothes the upsetting emotions as well as make the soul more balanced and poised. Further, the energies of these shells help the soul emotions apparently either negative or positive.

Banded Tuip and Pelican Foot:

The energetic vibes of these two shells stimulate suppressed memories as they both are known for their original mind recalling ability. They teach the soul, the real meaning of love. Further, they release the pain, anger in addition to the resentments.

Worm Shell, Transverse Ark, and Auger: All these shells assit in memory in addition to the dream recall. They will also clear up its wearer on the irritating divisions of the self that are hiding in the subconscious realm. Moreover, they help one tap into and experience the comprehensive love source that connects all organisms. Since ages, they are regarded as the powerfully protective gem shells. Like a protective mother all three shells safeguard one from negative energies by either dispersing or absorbing them from the air.

Sand Dollar, Sunrise Tellin, and Buttercup: Motherly energies infused in these shells due to the power of the ocean vibes are protective and create a shielding aura around physical and spiritual planes.

Bleeding Tooth, calico calm, and Florid Starfish: A gift of an ocean to humans, all three shells physically heals the soul by obliterating the symptoms of dizziness as well as a headache. Further, the energetic ocean vibes of these shells cure the issues of spams and the eye troubles.

Where is Shell found?

The magnetizing shells are extracted from the bed of the beautiful sea and oceans of the world.

Healing Properties

Shells acknowledged as a beautiful object of the mother nature too holds healing properties. All these shells invoke calmness, thus regarded to be soothing, bright and refreshing. Shells hold the energetic intent for the speculation. Granting to the history recorded they were exceedingly cherished and treasured across continents and civilizations. All the shells are assessed to dole out some purposes principally as a personal adornment. Furthermore, as an essential part in ceremonial matter these captivating shells too possess the spiritual characteristics.Since ages, they are too acknowledged as the best gem for completing a task with enthusiasm. The different but refreshing energies of the shell obliterate the negativity from the environs and encourages honesty in addition to the integrity.

Physical Properties:

The healing properties of the shells are reflected in the human energy field and are the symbol of the masculinity and the femininity; it presents the wearer the strength, balance and renews the physical energy. Shells hold the healing values for diseases, like speech and communication, the neural system by delivering the cationic charge to the neural network and degenerative diseases.

The human energy infused in the shell assists in RNA/DNA structuring as well as re-building. It is known to furnish information for nuclear development amid stabilizing the calcium-magnesium balance in the physical structure. It takes in a fortifying action cure the troubles connected with the nervous system also do good for the joints, bones in addition to the spinal cord.

Emotional Healer:

The wisdom of these shells endorses growth and haleness in the heart of the wearing soul. Further, the vibes of the shells assist the wearing soul to remain conscious of the correlation between the past and present.  Shells too aid the wearing person to comprehend that discovery and expansion for leading a serene and balanced life ahead. Shells open up the new doors and unfold the most beautiful span of future by letting go the past. Doubtless, it is reputed as an excellent, lively shell for restoring energy, optimism and a sense of purpose. Moreover, passed out in spirals over the body and the ring, shells release the lingering sad memories effectively as well as the apprehension over past failures. Shells also help dissolve negativity from others and as a bridge they contribute to conquer the addictions of gambling, alcohol, etc.

Spiritual Healer:

By reducing stress from the overall torso, shells imparts a greater sense of wakefulness. Shell holds the potential to accelerate the healing process of the spiritual body. Further, the energies of the shells are predisposed to signify water and the moon that liberate the soul from all social restrictions. Furthermore, shells make the wearing soul more expressive, calm as well as soft-hearted. Shells symbolize the unity and understanding to assist the wearer how to express self in a relationship. Shells too proffer strength to the soul in order to equilibrate self within the surroundings. Magnetic energies of the ocean’s gift,  shells balance the larger magnetic field that surrounds the human body. Often, shells also make the vision of the wearing person clear and trigger the third eye chakra that in order activate the intuitive ability and spiritual insight. Contribute to heal the emotional and spiritual body, shells align the chakras and restore the lost vitality. Historically, shells are worn to benefit the soul to understand the divine purpose of life as well as gain the spiritual knowledge.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Shells holds a propensity to align and balance all the seven chakras of the body. The energy rays stimulated by these lively shells of the ocean tend to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra that are acknowledged as the energy distribution center and the chakra of relationships. The high vibrational energies of the shells also trigger the crown that help to makes a strong connection with the cleric and the powers of the cosmos. Shells too regenerate the nature from their resonance or sound that creates an aura that purifies the surrounding in addition to the inner soul of a person. Furthermore, these alluring shells heal Kruin Chakra of the human body and align the throat chakra that enhances the communication to express self clearly to others. The reverberating energies or say echo of the shells tunes the wearer’s soul with that of the nature to attain the spiritualism. Shells work to quiet an overactive brain, however stimulating new ideas, it also stimulates the imagination. 

Shell Facts

Cowry shell acceptance inspires the Greek colony of Lydia to create a first metal coin of cowery’s shape in 670 BC.

Cowrie was regarded as the principle currency in purchasing slaves in Benin in the year 1522.

In late 1867 cowrie shells were used as a currency for the payment of oil seeds.

A shell species Cypraea monetary also known as ‘money cowrie’ inhabitant to the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean served as currency in many regions of Asia.

Even today shell money is utilized in purchasing brides in some countries of the Solomon Islands.

The hue of the shell is imperative as Pink shells are seen as most valuable than other colors like orange, brown, white and dark.

Some shells can be heat-treated to get a more valuable or say desired color

Chrysanthemum shell also is recognized as the Spiny Rock Oyster is one of the most highly prized shells.

Metaphysical Properties

Shells are predisposed to clean mind along with physical body and soul. The energies that interlink the inner and outer soul of the person can be purified by wearing or carrying shells. The spirit of the individual is what that makes him alive, what he is to the world and to the self-holding the powerful shells helps to understand the real self as well as the true longings. Shells offers a charisma, a charm that makes every wearing soul a unique spirit. Shells originated in any form helps to revive the lost vitality as well as restore the deteriorated physical health. The spirituality or say spiritual health can too be enhanced by using the energies of the shell. The attitude of the sea shell release out the negativity from the overall body and create space for the positive energies to come and make the life peaceful. Furthermore, grown in the salty water, sea shells create a strong conservative base all around that too shields the wearing individual from the negative energies present in the surrounding.

Shell In News

Shell Color

Shells are seen in off-white and pale pink tones along with many other diverse colors such as orange, brown, white, and black.

  • Cleavage
  • Other Namesabalone,olivella, conus, and marine bivalves
  • Crystal HabitMassive and granular
  • Streakoff-white
  • Refractive Indexnω=1.768–1.772 nε=1.760–1.763,"
  • DiaphaneityTransparent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)2-3
  • SourcesChina, the Mississippi River Valley, Sumeria or Europe, Egypt, England, Germany, China, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and North America
  • Chemical formulacomposed of polymorphs of calcium carbonate
  • LustreWhite
  • Colororange, brown, white, black and pink.
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Solar Plexus Chakra,Sacral chakra,Third Eye Chakra,Throat Chakra,Heart chakra,Crown Chakra
  • BirthstoneDecember
  • Zodiaccancer,pisces
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