Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

The beautiful fossil of the mother nature, Sea Urchin speculate to hold the energies of the water currents. It idiosyncratically portrays the five-petal pattern and is found in all over the sea world. Sea Urchin regarded as the spiky mortals of the acquatic world and is often regarded as Sand Dollar. The spines of this charismatic and beautiful sea Urchins forms the appealing fossil that assessed to hold the healing properties. Sea Urchin is the remarkable species of the marine world and is first seen more or less 488 millions years ago. Sea Urchin wears the natural color and possesses the charismatic patterns that enhance its overall shape. The eminence of this alluring fossil contemplates holding the life force energies as well as allow the soul to step into the flow of life. Further, the energies of this sea mineral too liberate the pessimistic vibes from the emotional as well as intellectual soul to balance the future life. It too helps to clean the energy blocks fro the proper flow of the constructive vibrations. The vitality of Sea Urchin considered to enhance the spiritualism, moreover serve the soul to access the etheric planes of the Mother Nature to balance self. The fossiled spikes of the Sea Urchin acknowledge to strengthen the spirit, furthermore act as a symbol to describe the life. It too evokes the sensation to concede the power of wisdom in addition to loyalty. One of the members of the sea creatures, Sea Urchin, speculate to buttress the vivacious rules for leading a joyous life as well as attract the abundance for future living. It likewise holds the ability to magnetize the constructive energies from the surrounding aura and makes the living flourishing.

The vitality of this enthralling Sea Urchin not only heals the emotional and intellectual torso but too mends the distressful physical torso. Since ages, it is noted to proffer and infuse the potency to stabilize self as well as handle things with patience. Further, the vivacity too edifies discernment in addition to tenacity. The guiding energies of this sea fossil show the path to the soul to step on and accomplish the goals of life. It likewise helps the spirit to shine in the present world and contributes to growing strong for balancing self in the twists and turns of the life.

The sturdy and protective energies of the stone aside from healing the overall torso too cleanse the energy blockages to align the chakras in addition to the torso for stabilizing self within the surrounding environment. The water energies absorbed in the fossil of sea Urchin act as a protective shield to guard the soul against the negativity moreover resonated the water energies to cleanse the blockages. It too contemplates to evoke the spiritual consciousness likewise endorse love as well as the feeling of forgiveness. Further, the vivacity of the fossilized gem heartens the selflessness by centering the emotional heart and obliterating the off-putting energies from the aura. It too dispels the fearful sentiments and anger by yielding a calm and serene base for the synergy of enthusiastic and constructive energies. Fossilized Sea Urchin too balances and aligns the chakra of the torso along with the overall chakras. It too creates a proper linkage between the physical, emotional and intellectual body that serves to connect with the energies of the divine. The potency of this fossil gem too help to attain the higher meditative state due to its grounding forces. It likewise provokes the feeling to reach the desired spiritual state by stimulating the upper chakras of the spiritual soul.

The potency of Sea urchin as a gem too harmonize the electrical energy of the torso to maintain an equilibrium with the energies of the surrounding. Further, it holds the potential to stabilize the upsetting vibes of the emotional and intellectual torso as well as poise the earthic body. The potential of enthralling fossil likewise facilitates the right connection of overall torso with the divine to gain the deep spiritual understanding.

The exuberance of the compelling Sea Urchin fossil speculate perfect for maintaining harmony in life, moreover aligns the overall energies for proper functioning as well as grounding the free, useless energies. Aside from grounding the free energies, it too opens the heart and root chakra to imbibe the positive from the aura. It too elevates fear from the intellect and heightens the courage to face the challenges and move ahead in the life. The vitality of this alluring fossil too assessed as an excellent companion that heal and center the distressful energies as well as help to lead a purposeful life ahead.

Where is Sea Urchin found?

The fossilized Sea Urchin is extracted from the deep layers of the ocean present on the Earth.

Healing Properties

Sea Urchin fossils used as a potent gem fortify the torso in addition to the functions of the heart chakra. Further, the energies of this fossilized gem too proffer relief from the issues of arthritis, muscular problems and joint disorders. It too yields the soothing effect on the troubled liver and digestive system. The potency of this enthralling fossil gem bestow relief from the symptoms of headache, giddiness and spasms, moreover from the varied trouble of eyes. Since ages, it is utilized by the athletes, as it helps to build and protect healthy muscle and tissues along with the heart muscles. The energies of the water absorbed in the fossilized gem serve to treat hearing disorders in addition to the calcium deficiencies. Furthermore, it too helps in the assimilation of vitamins A and D along with the broken bones. The energies of Sea Urchin likewise proves to be beneficial in the dysfunctions of the spinal canal and the nervous system.  The powerful fossilized nugget mends the issues of the physical torso along with emotional and intellectual. It too assists the soul to get into the new phase and begin the new cycle.

Emotional Healing:

Sea Urchin fossil, a possessor of water energies, connects the soul to the vitalities of the Mother Nature and infuse the positivity of Ocean. It augments the communicative skill of the soul as well as enhance cooperation. The potency of this fossilized Sea Urchin promote the feeling of commitment, moreover compromise with certain things to give happiness to the people close to the heart. Further, it speculates as the best companion for healing in maintaining stable relationships. It too assists in foreshadowing the new and vibrant life by wiping out the stress and anxiety from the emotional and intellectual torso. It likewise calms down the disturbed emotional and pacify the emotional heart by acting as a profound accepter of the changes. The potency of this captivating fossil brings clarity as well as align the overall torso for attaining the psychic vision and fuel up the hidden intuitive abilities. It releases the fear and augment the imaginative skills. It too helps to explore the unknown self and calm down the upsetting emotions for attaining a self-growth. The fossilized Sea urchin is predisposed to hold the natural capability to annihilate the downbeating energy and instill enthusiastic vigor for living the future life joyously. As alleged, their home being the Ocean, that is concentrated in sea salt, sea Urchin have a protective covering in which negativity finds hard to clear a way into. Furthermore, Sea Urchins are deliberated to clutch the healing energies that heal, harmonize and cleans the torso in addition to the chakras.

Spiritual Healing:

The fossilized Sea Urchin dissipates unenthusiastic and down-beating energies and aligns the soul with the energies of the cleric. Sea Urchin is predisposed to mend the overall torso along with the chakras. It too inspires the psychic intuition and sensitivity in addition to imagination and adaptability. Since ages, it speculates as a potent spiritual healer and help the soul to connect with the divine efficiently. It too promotes cohesive energy and by wiping out the fearful sentiments it links the energies of the soul with the divine for understanding the real purpose of gifted life. It too brings luck and divination, moreover proffers the protective shield all around to save the soul from the off-putting energies of the surrounding aura. It brings new growth and assist the spirit in walking on the shown path.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Sea Urchin Often assessed as Sand Dollar holds the natural colors and can be seen in yellows hues, browns Moreover all the beige shades. The earthy tones of the fossilized Sea Urchin trigger the Solar Plexus chakra that evokes strength as well as help to gain personal power. The activated chakras too enhance the sense of self-worth, courage in addition to transformation. It too cleanse the blockages and elevates the electromagnetic pollution from the overall torso. Further, it releases stress as well as balance the overall torso. The triggered Solar Plexus Chakra too strengthen the intuitive abilities in addition to the concentration to gain confidence to express self clearly. Solar Plexus Chakra regarded as the 3rd chakra heals the physical torso by fighting the issues of infections in addition to the illness. Further, the reverberating vibes of the fossil to purifies and mends the internal organs. The fossilized Sea Urchin to evokes the feeling of joy, happiness by rooting out stress from the intellectual and emotional torso.

Sea Urchin Facts

  • The fossilized Sea Urchin that is also regarded as the Sand Dollar serve to boost up fertility by connecting the soul with the energies of the Mother Nature.
  • The fossilized Sea Urchin too helps to recall the past life and augment the experience of the shamanic journey

The fossilized Sea Urchin enhance the connection of the soul with the Mother Nature to endorse relaxation as well as tap the ancient wisdom for leading a prosperous life.

  • The fossilized Sea Urchin too infuses the sense of bravery and courage to express self clearly to others.
  • The fossilized Sea Urchin likewise help to access the Akashic Records and assist in communicating with the spirits of the ancestors.
  • The fossilized Sea Urchin contemplate linking to he energies of the Ocean as well as the energies of the sea living creature, Sea Urchin.
  • The fossilized Sea Urchin endorse the feeling of calmness, thus linked to the energies of the water help to encourage a sense of lightness when stressed.
  • The energies of the fossil sea urchin too proffer strength to the bones in addition to the nails and teeth.

Metaphysical Properties

The energies of the fossilized Sea Urchin infuse the capability to understand the desires and needs of others and connect them with their emotional heart. It too attracts new love and maintain the trustworthy relations with the people around. It too bestow the divine feminine power and help to overcome the past traumas. The potency of this enthralling fossil gem ground the upsetting energies and soothe the intellect along with the heart. The influential and protective energies of the fossil aside from curing the overall torso too cleanse the energy blockages to align the chakras in addition to the torso for stabilizing self within the surrounding environment. The water energies absorbed in the fossil of sea Urchin act as a protective shield to defend the person from the negativity moreover resonated the water energies to cleanse the blockages. It too contemplates to evoke the spiritual consciousness likewise endorse love as well as the notion of forgiveness.

Sea Urchin Color

Sea Urchin Often assessed as Sand Dollar holds the natural colors and can be seen in yellows hues, browns Moreover all the beige shades.


  • Cleavage
  • Other NamesSand Dollar
  • Crystal Habit
  • Streakreddish brown
  • Refractive Index
  • Diaphaneityopaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)NA
  • SourcesWorldwide, Madagascar
  • Chemical formulaNA
  • Lustremetallic or dull in earthy form
  • ColorYellow, brown
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra
  • BirthstoneJanuary
  • Zodiacgemini
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