Roman Glass

Roman Glass - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

The Roman civilization has gifted many amazing things to the human race. From significant tips on architecture to some brilliant war techniques, the ancient Romans are remembered till date for many unique inventions and discoveries. One of such popular items includes the Roman glass. This creation of Romans is almost two thousand years old. It was used in various things including the flower vase, utensils, etc. At present, the very beautiful looking Roman Glass can be seen in form of exquisite pendants, earrings, rings and other jewelry forms. 

Where is Roman Glass found?

It is an important fact to mention that Roman Glass is not manufactured. It is available only in a limited quantity. The chief location that can be associated to the availability of this stunningly beautiful treasure is Israel. The reason is that Israel is one of such places of the world where a lot of climatic as well as geological procedures go on. Can you believe that the formation and preservation of Roman Glass took almost 2000 years when the particular soil contents and oxidation phenomenon came together to form this wonderful things known as Roman Glass? 

Healing Properties

When it comes to the healing properties of Roman Glass, let us tell you that no healing properties of Roman Glass have been discovered yet in particular. However, the fact that this amazing treasure of nature is about 2000 years old gives a unique feeling. In light of this fact, one can feel connected with the ancient era that provides glimpses of ancestors as well as the mystery of that period. Also, it is important to mention that the age-old procedure of formation of glass provides a convincing feeling that Roman Glass can help you in dealing with big transformations in your life. It can also help you to start something new in your life. It can also be helpful for people who want to re-discover their skills and abilities. 

Roman Glass Facts

• Roman Glass has been discovered at the archeological excavation sites of Israel.
• It is available in limited quantity.
• Roman Glass cannot be made artificially. 
• It has been found in form of pieces that once formed various objects like vases, pots, utensils, vessels, etc.
• Presently, the Roman Glass is used widely in the world of jewelry. You can find beautiful jewelry items like rings, pendants etc made of Roman Glass.
• The Roman Glass comes with a coating that got formed because of surrounding soil contents as well as the chemical reactions that occurred in the past two thousand years. 
• The coating on the surface of Roman Glass is called “Patina”.


Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Roman Glass have not yet been recognized clearly but it might possess the metaphysical attributes of “Natural Glass” as Roman Glass itself belongs to the category of glass. Keeping this reference in mind, it can be said that Roman Glass can help deal issue related to healing blockages. It can also assist in fortifying the blood flow in the wearer’s body. Natural glass is also considered to possess the energies of transformation. It is also believed that natural glass helps in enhancing the verbal skills and concentration powers. It also provides help and support for understanding the phenomenon of rebirth. The shades available in any glass are associated with the particular color energies. It is also an interesting fact to know that glass can be used both for reflecting the energy as well as to enhance the energy. It basically depends on your intention that how you want to use it! Use it for reflecting the energy when you want to stay protected from the negative vibes and use it as an enhancer of energy when you need it so around you!

Roman Glass Color

Roman Glass comes with a strikingly beautiful and refreshing aqua blue color with shades of white in it.

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