Rainforest Opal

Rainforest Opal - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Rainforest Opal is known for its spectral delight, like a rainbow it flashes its radiance of green hues. Commonly known to inspire love and happiness, this green colored rainforest opal contains nontronite along with nickel. Fundamentally, it is recognized for conveying energy and fast recovery from sickness. It is a stone of phenomenal fire. Rainforest as its name, rain and green trees, plants all around, it is a gem helps the wearer to unburden the heart by providing assistance in relationships. The green tints of this wonderful gem have the ability to bring spiritual perspective to the wearing individuals mind. It too has the ability to filter the information which adds meaning to the day to day life. It has a propensity to activate the heart chakra as well as utilize wood energy. It too holds the energy of prosperity which is good for wearer’s health and family.

It has an eminence of Mother Nature, the lust and verdant greens of this magnificent gem encourage the feelings of gratitude and service to others. With the popular shades of green, it is best known for its potent prosperity. It carries a regenerative energy and said to be fruitful for those wearers facing money related issues. It on the other hand also helps the wearing individual to enter in new business endeavors which promote monetary growth. It infuses love, romance in the life of the overburdened wearer. It boosts the passion in personal relationships. As a soothing jewel stone, it aids the wearer to balance mood swings, in addition, to enhancing trust in his own feelings. Said to awake both psychic and mystical qualities, it releases fear by sending comforting support to the grieving wearing individuals. On a physical level, it facilitates to perk up the memory, ease the birthing process, cool a fever and fight infection.

Ancient people believed this stone to be sacred and powerful for providing protection. As a healer of the spirit, it is also a stone of courage furthermore wisdom. It is a greenness of glory, it is the most reliable stone to balance obsessive tendencies and restore harmony to the emotional body. The nurturing shades of green encourage growth in all terms (spiritually, emotionally and physically). It is supposed to support new beginning of the life or the life new part, as it helps the wearing person to focus on the present by relinquishing injustices of the past or anxieties about the future. Its green color is lovable as it is soothing to eyes. Highly acknowledged for its beauty, it is an extraordinary creation of Nature as its color energies resonate with the human mind and tends to calm down the wearer by bringing order to chaos. It is trusted to support spirituality and thought, centering and concentration, and balance in all facets of the holder’s lifetime. By absorbing meaning information, it helps to boost aptitude and discernment ability in the holder of this charming gem. It is too known traditionally to expand the awareness of the wearer in order to boost the mind for spiritual and psychic consciousness. It stirs creativity and clears negative energy from the surrounding environment of the wearing individual. The carrier of this mesmerizing gemstone will feel the freshness to the chakras. It instigates new ideas, novelty, and quick thinking. On the whole, it is believed to heal the Heart Chakra which in turn helps the wearing individual to rise from the subconscious state of mind, it is too acknowledged to pacify the emotional body. By understanding the issues of the carriers heart, it nurse back both current and past impediments. Rainforest opal has a tendency to release emotional trauma as well as help the holder to fly away from the slavery of addictions or the things which are not good for future life. Believed to harmonize the wearers mind with his heart, it helps him to make true actions which are of benefit in further lifespan.

Where is Rainforest Opal found?

97% of the supreme quality Opal and its varieties come from Australia. Other sources from where these charming opals are extracted out Brazil, Peru, USA, Mexico, and some parts of Africa.

Healing Properties

Rainforest Opal is predisposed to the wood energy which is attuned to the liveliness of growth and new commencement of a life. It too deals with the sustenance of a wearer in his lifespan. As a grounding stone, it is too ideal for removing the stressful situations from the holder’s life. By easing depression, it instils the sense of calmness. It is proved to be a best antidote for relieving stress and restless thoughts from the mind. Traditionally, it is too worshiped for its happy dreaming superiority. As a protective stone, it creates a shield all around the holder to guard him against the negative energies present in the aura. The vibrant green tints help to control the mood swings as well as promotes a peaceful stillness in the mind of the carrier of this gem. It is considered to be highly beneficial while venturing in shamanic work where stealth is needed.  Known to resonate with the energies of the mother goddess, it is linked with the planet moon for its emotional support along with serene. It is good for pregnant women as well with the mothers experiencing the empty-nest syndrome. It is too a seductive stone, as it is linked to the eroticism and fiery desires of the love of the carrier. It is helpful in amplifying feelings moreover aid integration. It is renowned for its lightness, love and dynamic creativity, apart from this it is also known to draw negative energy away from the wearer’s aura. As a perfect stone to augment thought and concentration, it nurtures the intelligence by improving memory furthermore retention of the acquired skill. It is also believed to open up the mind to gain new possibilities for betterment in life.

  • Physical Healer

Known to benefit eye, skin, it with the natures energy used to balance the water content of the body. It is good for kidneys as well as in purifying the blood, it too helps to reduce fever and regulate insulin production in the torso of the wearer. Energies of the mother goddess help the wearing girl to effectively overcome the problems related to menstrual also with hormones related concerns. By encouraging the formation of the new blood cells in the bone marrow of the wearing individual, it aids in calcium absorption. It is easing stone for childbirth as well. It too deals with the troubles related to bones, teeth, nails and hair. The wearer of this gem helps its carrier to have a look at his diet so as to maintain the proper figure. Known to resonate within the heart chakra, it too helps to deal effectively with heart surgery and attacks. By preserving the ideal health of the wearing individual, it is useful in treating disorders of the stomach also circulating a soothing energy throughout the intestinal tract. It cures ulcers, colds, flu and mental illness too. It is an exceptional gem which help to nurse back the disturbances of brain wave to health. It is known historically to draws off pessimistic influences that cause ill health. It also normalizes hormone production as well as plummeting infertility and impotence.

  • Emotional Healer

 Rainforest Opal is a wonderful treasure to provide support and heal the emotional knock-back of the holder. It shows the wearer his true self, true image. Its green nature’s energy helps to bring thoughts on the real ground in order to evaluate them. It too helps to trounce the past emotional state to lead a better life further. Life goes on and so the experiences, it helps the holder to understand this phrase and guide him to move on. By cleaning the past wounds and fears, it facilitates the wearer to go all the negativities he gained from the past appalling experiences.

It helps the wearer to start over again with a new passion for living life more positively and loving those around. It infuses creative and spontaneous, which gives a wearer an understanding that he has an unlimited potential to face challenges beautifully furthermore start living a new phase of unexplored life. Rainforest Opal provokes the heart so that loving thoughts can be re-connected again as well as spontaneity and genuineness in relationships can be brought to life once more. This mesmerizing stone heartens joy which further helps to reinstate harmony to the emotional torso.

  • Spiritual Healer

Rainforest Opal is the best means of transport to bring spiritual light into the wearer’s surrounding aura. By supplementing cosmic realization, it is too believed to awaken the psychic and mystical qualities. It is known to be a great shamanic guide. As a stone with the energy of green nature, it helps to increase communication with the divine. By awakening the heart energies, it provides peace to the wearer’s mind as well as help to open the heart to the love. It provides the freedom to the wearer to be self and help to learn the true gift of life is openness, love. It further encourages the wearing individual to rejoice the beauty of moments.

  • Heals and balances chakra

Green shades of this mesmerizing gemstone heal the heart chakra by eliminating blockages, congestion of the emotions and of the chakra. It helps to balance yin-yang energies in order to raise kundalini vigour. This chakra helps the wearer to be the self in the ever changing mulish environment. It helps the carrier to be in control in a relationship even it is going off track. Green energies, by dissolving blockages and by re-balancing the heart chakra, helps to understand the wearer’s own need and emotions clearly. This chakra when balanced helps to deal with the outgoing tide of emotional relationships as well helps to accept the changes in the kinship. It too helps to regulate the interaction of the holder with the external world moreover infuses the feelings of strength emotionally.


Rainforest Opal Facts

Some facts about Rainforest Opal

  • In 2008, NASA announced this stone to be a part of the Mars planet.
  • Green energies of the rainforest opal are considered to be luckiest among its variants.
  • Rainforest Opal symbolizes purity which instills innocence and hope in its wearer.
  • It is a birthstone of the October born people.
  • Rainforest Opal is considered to be exceptionally lucky for the people in love and relationships.
  • Apart from assisting the wearer emotionally and mentally, it is too believed to calm the inner soul.
  • Rainforest Opal helps to understand the wearer, himself clearly as well as help to connect him with his consciousness and subconsciousness.

Metaphysical Properties

Rainforest Opal is known to be a valuable stone and is derived from the Sanskrit word "upala”. They are revealed to the people around 4000 years ago and since then, they have created curiosity among people for its effective qualities. The amount of impurities present in them makes these opals even more stunning. They are made up of hardened silica gel.

The hardness of this gem is measured to be in between 5.5 to 6.5, and this hardness depends on its structure. It is traditionally believed that it has a propensity to freely absorb water.

Rainforest Opal Color

Extracted out in green in color, its green resonating energies are proved to be beneficial for rejuvenating the emotional strength. This vibrant energy helps to cleanse the negativity which in turn promotes emotional healing and recovery. These color energies are considered helpful in loving kinships. The green color of this stone has the ability to filter information for the mind and for a better life in the future. The green color of this stone also acts as a spiritual healer.

  • Cleavage
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitIrregular veins, in masses, in nodules
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.450 (+.020, -.080)
  • DiaphaneityOpaque, translucent, transparent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5.5 – 6
  • SourcesAustralia,Brazil, Peru, USA, Mexico, and some parts of Africa
  • Chemical formulaSiO2•nH2O
  • LustreSub vitreous to waxy
  • Colorgreen
  • Chakra HealingHeart chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiaclibra
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