Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Jasper is found in many different microcrystalline combinations and is said to be an earthy and powerful stone that has multiple healing benefits on a human being. Jaspers are known to make a person courageous, wise and strong. The silicon-dioxide quartz is mostly opaque and can be found in several colors. It is most commonly seen in the colors red, brown, yellow and green. In fact Red Jasper is considered a very powerful stone, one that is especially beneficial in aligning and awakening the root chakra. Poppy Jasper is a rarer variety of Jasper that very few people have heard of. It is a unique healing stone-colored black, red and yellow. A Poppy Jasper stone typically has a yellow orbicular stone with red concentric rings. It is not only a unique gemstone but also a highly effective healing stone.

Where is Poppy Jasper found?

Jasper is found in many parts of the world. In fact it is a commonly mined stone due to which it is one of the most common stones used in jewelry making. Large deposits of Jasper are found in India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Madagascar, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Venezuela and the United States. Many often get confused that Jasper looks like other Chalcedony stones such as Carnelian and Agate but you can distinguish the stone by its hardness and opacity.

Healing Properties

Poppy Jasper is a healing stone with numerous benefits for the physical body, mental health, and spiritual upliftment. However one must remember not to give this stone to a pregnant woman. If you are expecting do not wear this stone. 

  • Physical Healing – Poppy Jasper is considered to be a stone that helps the sexual organs to function properly. It also supports the body when you are suffering from prolonged illness. It aids recovery and repair quicker. Poppy Jasper is also known to help improve the circulatory and digestive systems.  
  • Emotional Healing – Poppy Jasper is known to be an emotional strengthener. You can feel the difference in how you think and act once you start wearing this stone. You can literally start thinking while on the go thanks to the effectiveness of this stone. If you are in a stressed situation and life seems to be going nowhere wearing this stone will help. Your organizational skills will also improve once you start wearing this stone.  
  • Spiritual Healing – It has for long been known that Jasper helps to balance not just the physical body but also helps ignite one’s spiritual sensibilities. Poppy Jasper helps to protect and ground a person while also facilitating astral travels. It also aids in dream recall.

Poppy Jasper Facts

  • Jasper is one of the most commonly used stones for jewelry making
  • Poppy Jasper is a rarer variety of Jasper
  • It has a yellow orbicular stone with red concentric circles
  • Helps to relieve stress 
  • Works to strengthen the immune system
  • Is not advisable on pregnant women
  • Helps become a doer in life
  • Helps awaken one’s spiritual side
  • Leads to astral travels

Metaphysical Properties

Poppy Jasper is considered a great stone for someone who is poor in communicating. The stone also helps remove negative energies from your body and increases your ability to improve yourself. It also eases nervousness and anxiety. You can feel an overall sense of happiness after wearing Poppy Jasper.

Poppy Jasper In News

Poppy Jasper Color

Poppy Jasper is typically a yellow, black and red-colored stone. You can see red concentric circles on a yellow and black orbicular band.

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