Muscovite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Muscovite is the most common mineral which belongs to the mica family. It is a very important rock-forming mineral which is present in the metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks. Similar to other micas it readily can be cleaved into thin transparent sheets. 

Where is Muscovite found?

Muscovite is having the ability to get split into thin transparent sheets sometimes up to several feet across and had an early use of making window panes. In the area around Moscow, Russia, Pegmatite was mined in 1700. These panes are called Muscovy glass and that term is thought to have been inspired by the mineral name of muscovite. It is also used as a gemstone because of its physical and healing properties and it is found in Russia. 


Healing Properties

This stone has the possibilities to help you even if unintentionally you are holding back yourself from living the life that might be more fulfilling for you.
It will assist you to look back in the past and learn from it while allowing you to unfold the innate gifts that you have in the present. 
Red Muscovite Stone
The vibrations of this stone will reflect back to your past which you need to be aware of. These incidents of the past are holding you back from living your life to the full potential. When you begin to recognize the truth of your life, the Muscovite will allow you to feel the deeper degree of unconditional love for both you and others. If you have not made any contact with your spirit guide then you can use the red and pink colored crystals of this gemstone particularly. This stone will aid you to find your heavenly spirit guide and to begin to connect with the angels. 
Inspires the Psychic Gifts and Spiritual Growth
These gemstones resonate strongly within the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, and it is a very powerful stone which will assist in solving your personal and professional problems. 
It is also useful in stimulating the mind and inspiring the higher functions of the brain. 
This strong resonance within the higher chakras, and in particular its vibration within the chakra of the third eye will help in amplifying the psychic powers. 
The energy of this stone may specifically assist you to develop the ESP, intuition as well as psychic visions which are also known as telepathic and clairvoyance abilities.
The energy of this stone will make you more open for receiving the information from the spirit and your spirit guides. Its vibration will help you in integrating and receiving the information from the future that will assist you in the present life. 
Muscovite provides a psychic protection and it is a highly protective stone which has a strong vibration. This stone is known as the spiritual insulator that will seal the aura and will prevent any type of psychic attacks.
If you are worried about any spiritual development work that will develop the contacts with the spirits that are not positive, then this stone will protect you when you are making contact with the spirit.
Helps in Left Right confusion and Dyspraxia
Muscovite will help you in alleviating in the left-right confusion and clumsiness. These are some of the most difficult on-going issues which individual suffering from dyspraxia is finding to be challenging.

Muscovite Facts

Muscovite is not resistant to chemical weathering. It will quickly transform the clay minerals as tiny flakes. It can sometimes survive long enough to be incorporated into the immature sedimentary rocks and sediments. 
It is formed during the regional metamorphism of the argillaceous rocks. Clay minerals are transformed into tiny grains of mica during the pressure and heat of metamorphism and this enlarges the metamorphism progresses. 
When the mineral converts into apple green color then it is known as fuschia. This happens when the chromium substitutes for the aluminum in the muscovite. If the rock is having a distinct green color then it is named as a verdict.
Russian are mining this stone as Pegmatite since 1700. They have used this mineral by transforming it into transparent sheets and used it as a cheaper alternative of glass for windows. 
Manufacturers are using grounded mica for making rubber. 

Metaphysical Properties

Muscovite was named in the province of Russia and it is the most common form of Mica. It is normally formed in the layered plates similar to the pages of the book. Colors are silver, brown, white, green, and purple, fuchsite, pink and yellow. The yellow variety of muscovite is formed in layers having a star pattern. It is known as star muscovite, star crystal, and gold star muscovite. 

Muscovite is able to enhance the self-confidence and has the ability to listen to your intuition. It helps in enabling quick thinking and better communication for ones feeling. You can use muscovite when you are in need to make a major life change and it will help you to make the final decision. This stone is best for overall wellbeing too. This is recommended for the students who need a boost during exams. This is definitely must for the students who are studying technical subjects, foreign language, and spiritual healing techniques.  

Muscovite In News

Muscovite Color

Muscovite sheets are having a pearly to vitreous luster on their surface. If they are held up in the light then they are transparent and nearly colorless. Most of them are yellow, green, light brown or having a rose color tint.

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