Lepidocrocite- Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

You may have faced situations in life where you have had to control your mind and focus on the important event that’s right in front of you. Sometimes it is easy to focus and stay determined, but there are also times when the mind starts playing tricks, becomes over-active and refuses to focus. It is at such times that you should seek the help of mysticism. While there are many explanations of mysticism (as there are equal number of non-believers), it cannot be denied that certain stones, crystals, fortune-telling et al can change the course of one’s life. If you haven’t yet been influenced by the strong vibrations of crystals and gemstones, you are definitely missing out on something. 

There are over 200 recognized gemstones and crystals in this world. Some are very popular while others are barely known to a few. Lepidocrocite is one of the rarer stones that has only found prominence in the recent years. It is an iron oxide-hydroxide mineral that has an orthorhombic crystallized structure. One of the main reasons why Lepidocrocite hasn’t till now been popularly used in gemstone jewelry making is because it is quite a soft stone measuring only 5 on the Mohs scale. But with increasing sophistication in jewelry making techniques, Lepidocrocite is increasingly being used in jewelry making. It is an iron-rich crystal because of which the mineral is most commonly found in reddish-brown hues. An interesting fact about Lepidocrocite is that its crystallized formations can be found inside old and rusted steel pipes and water tanks. But it is most commonly found in mines which have rich deposits of iron and iron-ore. 

Where is Lepidocrocite found?

It is most significantly found in Madagascar and also in varying quantities in Spain and India. It is also mined from Brazil where it is known by the name Kokoshanite. Sometimes it is also known by the name Red Fire Quartz. 

Healing Properties

One of the reasons why Lepidocrocite is gaining so much popularity among gemologists and gemstone-jewelry enthusiasts is because it is believed to have several healing properties. Below we shall be talking about some of the healing properties that Lepidocrocite is believed to possess.
Physical Healing – Lepidocrocite works immensely well on the heart chakra which also means that it leaves a positive impression on the heart. It helps heal problems related to the heart. It is believed that Lepidocrocite also helps the lungs to function properly as it aids in oxygenating the cells. The stone leaves a positive impact on the liver and the reproductive area. It is especially suitable for a woman who is undergoing hormonal shifts or suffering from pre-menstrual depression. The stone helps to stabilize her feelings, making her calm and in control of situations. If a person is healing from drug or alcohol abuse, this stone is believed to be helping in bringing the person out of depression. 

Emotional Healing – If you have had a traumatic or abusive childhood and continue to feel that it hampers your adult life, seeking help is always better. As a healing stone, it is believed that Lepidocrocite helps to heal a person who is emotionally damaged because of a traumatic childhood. The stone aids to release the trauma that is trapped within yourself for years so that you can acknowledge and deal with it. The stone is also helpful in dealing with issues of ADHD and hyperactivity. The loving and positive energies of the stone helps in sustaining romantic relationships. Thanks to the stone, you can feel closer to your partner and have open, free conversations far more easily. The stone helps free the communications channels that may otherwise hinder conversations with your partner. Since the stone works closely on the heart chakra, it also helps forgive your partner. The stone makes a way to your heart opening it for your partner to read and understand.

Spiritual Healing – Since one of the primary functions of the stone is to help deal with fear, it also means that the stone brings a wearer closer to Divine energies. The stone helps you delve deeper into spiritualism thus bringing you close to yourself, especially emotionally. The positive energies of the stone are beneficial if you choose to meditate with it. 

Chakra Healing – Lepidocrocite works on the heart chakra, making the heart stronger and more positive. The stone helps a wearer communicate better and also leads to a healthier life. 

Lepidocrocite Facts

Lepidocrocite is a crystal that is rich in iron
It is composed of iron oxide-hydroxide 
It has an orthorhombic crystallized structure
Also known by the names esmeraldite or hydrohematite
It measures 5 on the Mohs scale and is quite a soft stone
Most commonly found in reddish-brown color because of the iron content 
Lepidocrocite can form inside rusted old steel pipes and water tanks
But most commonly found in iron-rich mines
Also found in mines that have rich deposits of Amethyst
It is most commonly found in Madagascar and also in varying quantities in India and Spain
Lepidocrocite helps those suffering from ADHD and hyperactivity
It is an emotional stabilizer
Works on the heart chakra
Helps build and maintain romantic relationships
Helps during meditation
Wards off negative energies, replacing them with positive vibrations

Metaphysical Properties

Lepidocrocite is a useful gemstone that has proved to be helpful in treating several things. One of the main reasons why the crystal is gaining popularity in today’s world is because more and more people are dealing with issues to stress, depression, hyperactivity, and ADHD. Dealing with mental and emotional problems is probably the toughest, especially when open conversations are so limited. There is no harm in trying alternative solutions if you are dealing with hyperactivity and ADHD. Lepidocrocite is an effective crystal with metaphysical properties capable of treating these emotional and mental issues.  

Lepidocrocite Color

Lepidocrocite is typically found in reddish-brown hues primarily because it is rich in iron. Sometimes Lepidocrocite is also found within Amethyst but in such cases its color changes to purplish-red. 

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