25.00cts natural green tourmaline in quartz 925 sterling silver pendant p13590

Item Code: P730-P13590

  • Model #P13590
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorGREEN
  • StylePendant
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)25.00
  • Weight (Gms)9.26
  • Size: (inch)1 3/8
  • Secondary StoneExotic

Tourmaline In Quartz

Tourmaline quartz exhibits the properties of Tourmaline as well as of quartz crystal. Tourmaline is known to purify a person's energies protect them from all negative influences, and the quartz part in the gemstone focuses the powers on the body. The coupling of Tourmaline quartz is a great protective tool that can help the user and control negative energy and convert into positive energy. Tourmaline in quartz stones does not come in any particular color and can be obtained in various colors like pink, blue, red and yellow. Further, they are also available in emerald green, neon blue, lime green, bluish black hues. Tourmaline in quartz is found in many shades that no other gemstone is found. Tourmaline in quartz makes the body strong...

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