Wholesale lot of 5 Smokey Topaz Octagon Shaped Pendants in 925 Sterling Silver.

Item Code: W186-W186

  • Model #W186
  • Primary StoneTopaz
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorBROWN
  • StyleWholesale Lot
  • Design PatternPENDANT EARRINGS
  • Stone Weight (Ct)27.75
  • Weight (Gms)18.5
  • Size: (inch)1
  • Secondary Stone


The Topaz has a vast history of thousands of years that is connected to it. Some people believe that Topaz got its name from “Topazos”, which is a small island near Red Sea. Ancient Greeks obtained this stone from there, and they started calling the stones as Topaz. The Topaz is also a famous birthstone in which blue Topaz is great for people born in December and yellow Topaz for the people born in November. Generally, the colors in Topaz are not very hard to find, but the rarest and most sought-after of them all are found in pink and red. Imperial Topaz is considered as the most valuable and high-priced stone. It was named as imperial to honour the Russian royalties and czars because the Ural Mountains which were a leading p...

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