14.33cts heart natural brown tiger's eye 925 silver adjustable bangle t91589

Item Code: T4630-T91589

  • Model #T91589
  • Primary StoneTiger Iron
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorBROWN
  • StyleBANGLE
  • Design PatternADJUSTABLE
  • Stone Weight (Ct)14.33
  • Weight (Gms)13.65
  • Size: (inch)2 3/8 - 2 4/8
  • Secondary StoneExotic
Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron is known to exhibit the combined metaphysical properties of brown colored tiger’s eye, Hematite along with Red Jasper. The mystic features of this cabochon succour its holder to stay grounded, poised as well as centered to take on others feelings and emotions. Further, recognized for its colossal eminence, this lusty nugget resonates within the lower chakra and promote vitality to the overall torso of its bearer. If an individual feels emotionally exhausted or mentally and physically burned out, then he is counselled to put on this charismatic golden-tinged Tiger Iron. It takes in the propensity to ground all the earth energies to the wearer’s overall torso. It facilitates its holder to unearth the audacity just to up...

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